Day 1 – 2010

Hey there, it's me Utterson…..yeah that entry was weird anyway today is a special day for my friend Henry Jekyll. Yes, the famous Henry Jekyll blah, blah, blah. Anyway today's his birthday and I've been thinking of what to give him. Yeah I know I'm supposed to get the present a couple days BEFORE the party, but Jekyll's just not the talkative type so we never know what he interests are.

Anyway after I go to the party I might as well write in this Journal again, since I got nothing else to do. Also, since I have like 5 hours before its time, I might as well tell you how I met Henry since I just got this a day ago.

It was when I was 13 that I met him at school, he was only a year younger and we got along perfectly even though we had nothing in common. He was into science, I was into criminology. His favorite book genre is Science Fiction; I'm more of a mystery fan. His favorite movie is The Thing from Outer-Space, mines the Maltese Falcon.

He went to Medical school, I went to Law school. But for whatever reason we were still the best of friends and Jekyll then became my best client as well, strange huh? Anyway well even though I still have about 3 hours left (Hey, this writing thing takes longer then it looks, and I'm now acting like this Journal is alive again.) I think I'll just watch TV to pass the time.