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I dare Eggman and shadow to kiss with french tounge! ...

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Ash giggled, "It is so simple... ALL I HAVE TO DO IS-"

Sonic suddenly uppercutted her, "Don't tell them just yet! Let it play out man!"

She rubbed her swollen cheek, "FINE! Just GET them HERE!"

The blue hedgehog sped away and the orange ferret set up the plan.

In less then an hour; Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Cream, and Eggman were crowded into the college dorm room.

"Whats wrong Mr. Sonic?" Cream asked with her Chao, Cheese, hovered next to her.

Tails joined her, "Yeah, whats up?"

"Propably something stupid." Knuckles huffed, "How he got Shadow here though, is beyond me."

The alluring white bat agreed, "I'm with you there Hot-Head."

"Don't worry, its not stupid!" Ash stood deviantly infront of them all, "We are going to play... KISS OR BE KISSED!"

"I'm gone." Shadow headed for the door.

"NO!" Sonic and Ash held the door shut, "Don't leave yet!

The dark hedgehog stared daggers into their eyes, but he sighed, "Whatever."

"D-does this mean I might get to kiss Sonic?" Amy whispered into Rouge's ear.

Rouge snickered, "Maybe."

"Ummm... I have badniks to build, so I'll just-"

"SIT DOWN EGGY!" Ash pointed down, and Eggman sat down then and there, "Thats better!"

"Ok, so, how do we play Kiss or Be Kissed?" Tails asked, sitting down next to Knuckles, "Is it like spin the bottle?"

"Or seven minutes in heaven?" Rouge said slowly, getting alittle bit closer to the red echinda, who blushed and looked in a different direction.

"Not quite..." Ash smirked evilly.

They all sat in a circle, with the exclusion of Shadow, who leaned against the wall.

"In this hat, there are 8 slips of paper, 4 of which are marked, which with a different color. Pull a marked slip and you have to put on a blind fold, stand up and wait. The 4 remaining guys will redraw and if they get that person's color, the have to kiss them." She pulled out a top hat with paper inside.

"Wait a minute!" Eggman stood up angerly, "There are 9 of us! Who's not playing?"

"Obviously me." Ash shrugged, "Shadow has to play."

Once again, dagger-like eyes pierced her, "Why do I have to play?"

"Because your man-bait."

"Whatever..." Knuckles wipped his forehead, "Before we do this, can I get something to drink? Its like a furance in here!"

The room filled with agreements and complaits about the tempature.

"I'll go get the drinks then..." Ash walked by Sonic, who smiled her own evil smirk. She went into the kitchen and made waters, and crushed half of a 'happy-pill' into one of them before walking back out with a tray.

Everybody had their water, even that certain one. Sonic fist-bumped Ash before enjoying his own drink.

"Ok, meet your maker!" He laughed, shaking the top hat, "Chose your destiny!"

"I don't know if I should do this..." Cream said, worring.

"Don't worry." Ash whispered in her ear, "Its rigged."

Cream blinked, then smiled, "Ok!"

When all of the papers were drawn, The ones being blindfolded were; Tails, Sonic, Eggman, and Knuckles.

"No way!" Knuckles leaped up, "There is no way I'm-"

"Whats wrong Knucky?" Rouge smirked, "Not up to alittle one-on-one?"

"I agree with him." Eggman stood up and straighten his jacket, "This is-"


He sat back down and quickly tied it around his goggles.

Sonic looked at her questionably, in which she responded, "He doesn't like yelling..."

The others soon followed; Tails, who drew a green mark, wore a green blindfold. Sonic drew yellow, and wore a yellow blindfold. Kunckles drew navy, and Eggman drew purple.

"Be quiet this time." Cream warned, "We don't want them to know who we got."

"I heard that."

A boot slammed into Knuckles's face, and Shadow burst out laughing.

The everyone, blind and unblind, turned to look at him. Shadow blinked, wide eyed, and patted his chest, "Uh, excuse me."

"Put your folds back on!" Amy pointed out.

"Ok, guys, you ready?"

"As I'll ever be~... he heh." Shadow coughed into his hand, "Sorry..."

Cream drew Tails, but was too nervous to kiss him at all. It was sweet to see the cute little rabbit give the fox a tight hug.

Amy drew Sonic, she almost screamed at the top of her lungs before Rouge shhed her. She went over and stood infront of the famous hedgie and puckered her lips, closer... closer... She fainted before she could do anything. Rouge made sure Cream and Shadow stayed quiet while Ash dragged her onto the arm chair, both snickering silently but hysterically.

Rouge drew Knuckles, and things got alittle warmer. She put her hands on his shoulders, wrapped his leg around one of his, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Was she teasing him?

The echinda slipped to the floor, redder then before out cold. Rouge put him near the door, and when she turned back she noticed all three had bloody noses.

"Really?" She said in a hushed tone.

Shadow held his nose and laughed a naselly, "REALLY!"

Ash and Cream shhed him loudly, wiping their noses clean. Its working! The drug is working! He is out of it and...

She watched as Shadow licked his fingers and brush his quills back.

... Oh yeah, he's ready.

"Shadow! Last one, get 'em boy!" Ash whispered, pointing.

How amusing is it too see the ultimate life form pounce on his creator's grandson? Endless.

Shadow hopped up and gripped Eggman's jacket and the back of his head before crashing his lips onto his.

The three girls covered their mouths, and the other blindfold backed up, removing the folds.

"Oh my god!"

"That... that ain't right!"

The people watched as his forceful kiss pushed the other into the wall and fall down, too shocked to react. Shadow didn't take this as a rejection, instead he deepened the kiss, this was painfully aware the everyone.

Eggman pushed him off and ran to the other side of the room, the fold lopsided on his head and speechless.


Sonic and Ash hit the ground laughing as if it would their last. When Shadow learned of the unspeakable actions he preformed the night before, he made sure of it.

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