From JurgenZero2034;

-I dare Shadow to 'Hannibal Lector' the whole Sonadow base into tears. In other words; he has to tell the fangirls why they're pathetic.

-I dare Tails to talk like a wannabe gansta for the next three chapters.

-Silver, Ash gets to kick him in the balls every time he speaks normally to you.

-I dare Knuckles to fight off a legion of KnucklesxRouge fangirls with one hand tied behind his back.

-I dare you, Scrouge to be nice to everyone for 2 chapters. Oh, and to make sure, everytime you curse, you pay a quarter.

-Sonic has to eat several hundred pounds of chili dogs, then try walking home. (Shadow slipped laxatives into them.)

-Blaze gets a ball of yarn.

-Amy has to confess her love for Shadow in public.

Hmmm... Some of these can't gonna be done... And sorry for not being able to post down the exact message. ^^; My bad on my computer.


Ash and Sonic were going over the list for the day, hanging out outside on the campus inside of the dorm for once. Laying out on the clean, grassy lawn, she read the paper while he stared up peacefully into the sky.

"Ok, says here 'Shadow must tell the Sonadow fangirls how pathetic they are'. Honestly, am I that pathetic?" She smirked, considering to forget this list for some video games.

"Sonadow? Oh god, I'm actually surprised something like that hasn't come up. Shadow only kissed me because he doesn't trust Rouge with chaos emeralds." He laughed, "Ahhh... Your pathetic whether or not your a sonadow fan."

"Aw, thank you. I'll be drawing some of that tonight." She smiled, "Another one we can't do, KnucklesxRouge fans attacking old Chuckles... I'm not bringing half of the internet here, thank you."

Sonic looked over at her, "Ok, and Amy already did a thing with Shadow. So check that off."

"Are you sure? I can give her some happy pills..."

This sent the two into a fit of giggles.

"Ok, ok." Ash sighed, "Should we give Rouge some of these to do? We still gotta lot besides those two."

"Give her the Scourge one. I think she has what he wants, if you understand." He pointed to the paper.

"... She has ice cream?"

"...Sure." Sonic sweatdropped, "Err, your drooling."

She perked and wiped her lip, "Oh. Anyway, I can do Blaze's dare, and of course I'll get Silver too. I have an idea that I'm sure will work."

"Ok, then I'll take Tails. He doesn't trust you any more... But I'm not eating those chili dogs."

"You have to!"

"No, I won't! I won't and I refuse!"

"We'll see about that!"


The blue blur made his way to his best friend's house, but that famous smile pastered on his face had to come off if his plan was to work. He figured he would let it go until he actually reached the workshop.

Once there, he was meet with a surprise, "T-tails!" He stood there outside the building, looking at the banged up X Tornado, "What happened to your plane!"

"Oh, hey Sonic..." Tails, who only had a bandaid over his over, hopped out of the cockpit with a rachet, "Yesterday, I was flying around with Ash and some how we crashed."

Sonic's jaw dropped, "Your plane malfunctioned?"

"I guess, or something else. I've yet to find anything wrong though. Did I mention we broke the Master Emerald on our way down?"

"... And your still alive? Crashing your plane is one thing Tails, crashing your plane on the one thing Knuckles guards is another. You could have been killed!"

The fox gave a small laugh, "Luckily Knuckles only managed to scrap me before I could calm him down. He was able to fix it, so I don't know why he got so mad. During all that, Ash must have flown the coop, because she wasn't in the plane when I got back."

Sonic was about to say something clever about Blaze's temper when it comes to nonsense like that, but he held his tongue, "I'm just glad your alright buddy, Knuckles can get dangerous whenever someone even touches his emerald."

"Thanks." He smiled, rubbing the side of his head with the rachet, "Any way, what did you want?"

Showtime! Sonic suddenly gave a loud, exaggrated sigh and rubbed his forehead, "Its just... I just feel so ... So... Unoriginal."

"... Yeah, because a blue hedgehog with super speed isn't original..." Tails crossed his arms, looking at his friend like he was stupid.

He had to stop himself from laughing at his joke, "No, I mean, I feel so uncool. Like I need a new start! A new image!"

"A new start?" The younger boy blinked, "You want to reinvent yourself? But your already 'Sonic the Hedgehog! Fastest thing alive!' I don't think would see you as anyone else."

"But doesn't that title seem alittle over used?" even Sonic could see how out-of-character he was acting, "I want something... Fresh. Cool. Something new!"

He walked alittle ways off, "Something that will attract the new people's attention!"

"And smashing robots to bits is not doing that? I really don't think you need a new image." He rubbed the back of his head, "... But I guess of you really-"

"Aw, thanks buddy!" Sonic didn't wait for him to finish talking as he gave him a tight bro hug, "I think I have an idea that will solve all of our troubles!"

"Our troubles?" Tails inquired as Sonic lead him inside.


"Where does Blaze live?" Ash asked the white hedgehog for the second time, "Come on. I know you know."

"I really don't think I should give her address to you." Silver sweatdropped, "... Or any other persons address, for that matter. Why do you want it?"

Ash pulled out a package from inside her rucksack. The box was brightly covered and complex, especially with that glittery ribbon tied around it, "I want to give Blaze a present. I really made her mad yesterday, and I want to make up for it. Very badly."

Silver was taken a back, "No way, really?"

"Why so surprised?" She raised an eyebrow, "I'm a very nice person."

"No your- wait, thats really the reason why you want to meet her?"


He sighed, "I guess as long as you don't do anything to bad, I can take you to her."

The ferret cheered, holding the box in her hand as she threw a unexpected hug around him, "Thank you so much Silver!"

He gave a nervous laugh, "No problem, just promise me you won't make her mad again."

"Error 404."



Rouge sat on the wall, her legs crossed in an alluring stance as usual, "Hey there bad boy."

"What the-?" Scourge swerved around, away from the jewelry store he was eyeing suspiciously, "Rouge? Well, well...!"

He quickly moved under her, looking up at her legs, "Hello there!"

She scowled, ... This isn't what I thought I would be doing..."Hmmm... Whats tough guy like you doing around these parts?" She glanced over at the store he was eye balling, "You wouldn't happen to have a girlfriend your shopping for, are you?"

"No way baby!" He smirked, poking the heel of her boot, "I'm currently single, just so you know. But, how ever, I am looking for some company..."

It toke everything Rouge had not to kick his skull in, "Oh really...?" She twitched, but it was only obvious if you weren't checking her out from below, "I'm not sure if I want someone so... Mean to talk to. Maybe I shouldn't have come..."

She had figured that she would tell the others the plan didn't go well if Scourge didn't stop her from flying off, but low and behold, "Mean? Is that really a turn off?"

This made the white bat go, "Oh? Yeah, nobody wants to be with someone they think will bully them. I thought you were pretty smooth at that party, and I wanted to look in on you a bit. But my gut is telling me otherwise."

"Otherwise..." The green hedgie said to himself, rubbing his chin and looking down, "What if I say I could change?"


"I know I could turn over a new leaf for you sweet cheeks." Scourge gave her a confident smirk, "What I need is just alittle teaching is all."

Wow... Like he can't make my job easier. Rouge touched back down infront of him, also smiling, "Teaching? I could do that..." She placed a finger on his lower lip, "But you'll have to do everything I say, ok?"

"Anything you say..." He said with a husky undertone.

Guys like this are so easy. She put her hand back on her hip, "Okay then, listen up! You have to be nice... For atleast two days. Everytime you curse, you have to pay me a quarter."

Scourge looked like he was at a college lecture with nothing to take notes with, "What?"

"You want to prove to me that you can be nice, don't you?" Rouge rubbed her arm slowly, puckering her lip only slightly but tilting her head almost all the way down so her eyes would be more noticable, "Or is it too much for you?"

"No way babe!" A wide smile spread across his face as he wrapped his arm around her, "This will be a piece of cake!"

"I'm glad to hear it..." She said, less then enthusiastically.

Suddenly, a tour bus squealed to a stop on their very corner, and a coffee cup flew out of the top level, striking Scourge on the top of his head.

The sticky warm liquid covered his body and he screamed, "SON OF A BITCH!"

Rouge gave a giggle, "Actually, I think I can make it rich with this prank too... Thats one quarter honey bunch!"

"REBEL ISLANDS ARE AWESOME!" Screamed a person aboard the bus before the light turned green, allowing the bus to speed off once again.


Ash held tight onto Silver's hand, whistling and almost skipping to their destination.

"Wow, your so happy. Your not up to something, are you?" He said, smiling.

She returned the smile, "Nothing at all! Now, where is Blaze again?"

He pointed with his free hand, "At her coffee shop. She likes to go there at this time."

"Sweet!" She handed him the present, "Please give it to her for me."

"What? No, you should do it. If its a peace offering and all, you have to do it." Silver looked shocked at her request.

"But, but..." Ash but her knuckles to her lips and whimpered, "I'm scared she is still mad. I don't wanna get hurt, please Silver, I'm very scared." Her eyes watered and her legs began to shake, "Please?"

The white hedgehog couldn't say no to that face, "Alright, don't cry. I'll let her know how you feel." He toke the pachage and rubbed the top of her head, "Just stand back, ok?"

she nodded, getting behind him. When he began walking again, she tagged along until he entered the small fenced area where Blaze was in the front of the shop. Sipping her cup and looking off into the distance.

Ash ducked out of Silver's sight and run off to hide behind a bush just as Blaze looked over to see her friend appoaching.

She liked this hiding spot she picked, because not only could she hear what the two were saying, but because of the two unexpected visitors who were already there.

"Sonic? Tails?" She said in a harsh whisper, "What are you doing here?"

"Nothin' much..." Tails narrowed his eyes, "...Chica?"

"Babe, man, babe!" Sonic patted his back, "Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it!"

While Tails was glaring at the ground, Sonic and Ash exchanged glances and tiny tiny snickers.

"What are we doing in this bush anyway?" Tails asked, "... Like, for realz?"

"Just watch..." Ash pointed at Silver and Blaze.

The three sat quietly as the scene unfolded before them.

"Is this really for me?" Blaze asked, smiling up at him from her seat.

"Yeah, Ash here is too scared because she thinks your still mad at her for yesterday. So I said I would do the talking."

Blaze looked around, "Uh... Silver, Ash isn't here..."

"Huh? W-what?" He spun around to see the truth, "Where'd she-"

"This says its from you." Blaze held up the ribbon, on the under side, in pretty front, read 'From Silver'.

"That was there the whole time?" His jaw dropped, "I know this looks bad, but I swear! Ash wanted to give you that gift-"

"Sure..." The purple cat smiled, not looking like she believed any thing he said, "Don't worry Silver, I understand." She began to unwrap the present as he sat down, rubbing his forehead.

When he looked back up, he saw a very annoyed purple kitty, holding a red ball of yarn, "...Nice." She tossed the ball on the top of his head and stomped away, leaving him to beg for forgiveness.

Sonic and Ash laughed until they turned purple. By the time they were able to breath again, Tails was utterly confused and Silver was left infront of the coffee shop with an appalled look on his face.

"What just happened?" Tails asked, not looking away from the somber looking Silver, "What the heck just happened."

Sonic sat up, "Oh my gosh! How did you get him to give that to her after you kicked him?"

Ash's glasses suddenly drooped, "... Whoops... GUYS! WE MUST MAKE HASTE!"

"MAKE HASTE, FOR REALIZZLE!" Both Sonic and Tails said.

She bolted towards Silver, knocking him down and giving him one good stomp to the nether regions before running off with both of her two friends on her tail.

Silver curled up on the ground, shaking and making a sound only tea cup poodles can hear.


"That was completely 'wack'!" Tails said, back in the dorm room for the night, "Totally not cool!" He made a random hand sign.

Ash walked past him, putting a baseball hat on him, "You can use it to be more ganster. Or is it Gangsta?" She giggled, tossing a soda can to Sonic, "Head's up!"

He caught it, "Do you think Blaze is gonna believe for long that Silver gave her that ball of yarn?"

"Nope!" The ferret gave Tails another can.

Tails thanked her before looking at the hat, which turned out to be one of Eggman's baseball hats, "... I'm not wearing something that supports someone else's 'gang'." He tossed the hat off, "I believe that was ganster enough."

"I think this whole new image will be just the thing I need pal!" Sonic gave him a thumbs up.

He began laughing until a random chilidog pelted the side of his head. He shoke the mess off, "What the heck was that for!"

Ash, who had bunked down in the kitchen section, had finally pulled out all the hot dogs and chili she had made while Sonic was busy, "EAT THE CHILII DOGGIES!"

In less the a minute, the whole dorm was one big chili dog.



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