Authors note: This is my first story which i may or may not continues (depending on my homework and reviews :P ) this might be a two-shot or..three-shot (if that exists) So it's just about his parents finding out his secret. Ok enough of my talking here ya go!

Danny POV

Why me? Why in the whole world am I the one with ghost powers, the one that has to leave class to save lives, and then gets in trouble for it. The one that deals with the pains of being shoved into the ground making a 6 feet deep whole every other day. The one that's parents want to rip apart molecule by molecule. Right now, I was sitting next to my dad, in his orange jumpsuit as usual, and my unknowing teacher right in front of me.

"Now Mr. Fenton," Lancer began, "Your son has been leaving class. He says nothing to me but 'sorry'. Daniel just stands up with guilty eyes and leaves. Quite some nerve your boy has, a little too much nerve."

I let out a small ugh and both adults looked at me for a minute, then my dad spoke.

"I don't know what has gotten into him…"

"Danny, care to enlighten us?" An annoyed tone indicated that Mr. Lancer was really getting sick of me

Oh Mr. Lancer you have no idea "Well, you see..I uhhh…." I was racking my brain for excuses when a familiar cold sense emerged from my mouth. I'm not sure if I should be thankful or not. "I uhh gotta go!" I got up to leave but my dad but his arm around me, holding me so I couldn't get up, well I could push his arm up easily, but then my super strength might show, making them suspicious.

"Your not going anywhere, Daniel." Mr. Lancer spoke sternly.

"Listen I can't explain but I really have to go!" They just don't understand….

"Danny, what's wrong son?" My dad spoke with unusual seriousness in his regular goofy voice.

"I HAVE TO GO!" I spoke slowly, like talking to a child.

Dad and Lancer looked at me like I was a disappointment. I probably was in their eyes. I sighed and swiftly pushed my dad's arm away, yes, I used some of my ghostly strength, but my ghost sense kept going off so I had to risk a little. I got up and walked toward the door. I put my hand on the handle and looked back to see both men staring at me with a mixture of confusion and….well, a look like they were giving up,on me, in their eyes. I said a quick sorry. Under my breath I whispered "If you only knew." To my misfortune, they heard me and I got more confused looks. I turned back to the door and ran out. I sprinted into the streets and stopped at an alley to go ghost. I flew out and saw Skulker in the distance aiming his guns at my mom. Wait! Sulker's aiming his guns at my mom! That jerk! I picked up speeds I never thought I could go, the only thing running through my mind, I'm gonna kill him.

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