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"Just stand still hun, this may sting a little." Mom said, worry filled her voice.

"Mom, I've handled the toughest ghosts out there, I don't think a little needle can-," She stuck the needle in my leg. "Owww!" I cried, cradling my legs, and sucking my thumb. "That hurt!"

"Sorry mr. I took on the toughest ghosts."

"WAHHHH!" I loudly whined.

"Okay, okay, hun, now calm down." She calmly stated. I whimpered in response. "that's it, that's the only painful experiment."

She picked up whatever she took from me and put it into a vile. When she poured it, red blood floated to the top, while green ectoplasm split into the bottom. It was like olive oil and vinegar. "VERY interesting." She muttered as she closed the vile and set it down. She clapped her hands together. "Time for temperature!" She announced.

"…..will it hurt?" I quietly asked.

"No, Danny, it won't hurt."

"Hey, Mom?"


"Why didn't Jazz come down from her room when I screamed?"

"Oh silly," She laughed, "remember, we made the lab soundproof."

"Oh that explains…a lot."

"On to temperature..again!"

Regular POV

While Maddy and Danny were doing their experiments, the sound proof walls kept them from hearing a Mr. Jack Fenton enter the house whistling.

"Danny, you home, I need to talk to you!" He exclaimed.

No answer.

"Madds, you here!" He yelled.

No answer.

"Jazzykins, are you home?" This time he got a response.

"Yeah, Dad, I'm listening to music."

"Have you seen Dan or Madds?"

"Nope, sorry."

He wondered and wondered, then he decided to check the lab.

"Maybe Madds is doing something down here," he wondered to himself, "It IS soundproof, so she wouldn't be able to hear me."

He attempted to open the door, to no avail, for it was locked, so he brought out his keys.

Danny's POV

"So checking my temperature is really checking my ring's temperature?"

"Yep." Was all Mom replied.

I struggled to keep my transformation rings halfway, she had to take it's temperature with this weird metal thing that looks kind of like a mini version of what you kick a football into. The, my heart raced as I heard a jiggle from the door knob.

"Mom, what was that."

"Nothing, sweety, probably just the device." She replied, amazingly calm.

After a few seconds I shrugged it off as the weird temperature taking thing and focused on my transformation rings. Then everything seemed to slow down.

It all happened so slowly, yet, so quickly. The door opened, and Dad appeared, he gasped as he dropped his keys and looked ready to faint. Mom looked over her shoulder at him with wide eyes. And I made the rings disappear as I thought of all the ways he was going to kill me.

Jack's POV

I opened the door, un-expecting what I was going to see. Light shined through to a very surprised Maddy and Phantom. My keys dropped as I blinked, to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing. Phantom had two rings around near her waist, that showed some regular clothes. Then the rings disappeared.


"Jack, it's not what you think, whatever your thinking." To be honest, I didn't know what I was thinking.

"Maddy? You…trader! Your friends with t-t-the enemy?"

"No, Jack, It's not-" I cut her off.

"I thought we were in this together."

"We are bu-" I cut her off again.

"No, we aren't , you're a liar, a trader!" I shouted. I Didn't know what to think.

"No, Dad." Phantom spoke up as he swallowed. "Mom isn't a trader."

"M-m-mom? D-d-dad?" Words barley came out. Then I got angry. "Danny's my son, my only son, phantom! How could I have a son I don't know about!"

"Dad, you know me." The rings reappeared and went up and down from his middle, transforming him into….Danny. "You just didn't…know ALL of me."

I looked at Maddy and she nodded.

"But…how?" I asked.

He sighed. "Lets go in the living room, I can explain everything there."

Danny had so many adventures! Who would have ever thought? He's an amazing ghost fighter! Now he really CAN be my sidekick! This is great! Maybe, just maybe, I can be a phantom. Jack Phantom. Yeah…but maybe I'll just leave that, to Danny.

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