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Chapter 1: Home Is Where The Heart Is I

Christmas Eve…11:00pm. The pitch, black night sky hovered over the bustling city. The heavy snow covered tall sycamore trees, bright lights hung on unique architecture, and pedestrians shopping for last minute gifts happened right outside her window. Christmas trees and small gatherings in warm, toasted homes were common in London, except for hers'. The brisk, cold London air fogged up her windows and car. Whispers of Christmas carols could be heard from outside her window. She sat behind her dining table with a script in her hand and an untouched plate before her. She sighed heavily.

She carelessly tossed the script in the bin, licked her thin lips and brushed her long black hair back. Massaging her tired mind with her hand, she closed her eyes. She dragged her feet across her dimmed apartment and wept – just wept. She regretfully watched as a family of four exchanged warm hugs and kisses outside her window. She gazed over her cell phone and without hesitation, took it and dialed the one person she knew would answer her. She sat patiently on her windowsill and waited.

"Hello?" answered a rough voice.

His voice suddenly took her breath and a sudden calm ran through the veins in her body. It was the voice she wanted to hear all these years she had been away from Beverly Hills. It was the voice that understood her. It was the voice she knew would answer.

"Dyl," she muttered, her voice shaking. "It's me – it's umm its Brenda."

"Bren?" Dylan muttered under his breath.

Dylan vigilantly tossed his blanket on the floor and slowly sat up on his couch.

"Oh I'm sorry," quickly added Brenda. "I didn't mean to bother you. I was just -"

Dylan rapidly stood up in his Beverly Hills home and walked over towards his undecorated Christmas tree.

"No, not at all Bren," answered Dylan, a small smile appearing on his worn out face. "I just got done cleaning the stables. I was just about to take a power nap."

"Stables?" said Brenda. "You own a ranch now?"

Dylan laughed softly and muttered, "Yeah. I do. I'm actually kind of liking it out here on my own. It's actually a nice place out here in Beverly Hills."

It had been years since she had left him, the states, and her home. She couldn't handle the success she had in London and all that came with it anymore. She had nowhere to escape, but hearing his voice for the first time in a long time made her miss home.

"That's great," Brenda tried to say happily, but she knew he could hear the strain in her voice.

She gazed down on her lap and shut her eyes.

"Bren?" Dylan said once more. "Are you okay?"

"I don't know," Brenda murmured back, sobbing softly. "I don't really know anymore. I didn't know who to call who would understand what I'm going through right now – but your name just kept popping up in my mind, Dylan. After all this time I've been here in London – I just never thought I'd be missing home so much."

"Well," said Dylan smoothly. "We all get homesick every now and then. Just keep your head up high Bren – I believe in you."

Even though it had been years, Brenda felt as though they were just picking up from their last conversation.

"You always believe in me," she said sweetly.

"And I always will," he muttered softly.

She smiled to herself and wiped her tears with the back of her hand. She gazed over her expensive furniture and appliances and scripts for plays. She shut her eyes and sobbed a little more.

"What's really wrong, Bren?" asked Dylan, his voice searching for an answer.

Brenda sighed and began, "I think for once, I just miss home. I miss the comfort I got from everyone back there. I miss my mom and dad and Brandon. I miss you."

Dylan coughed under his breath to clear his throat.

"What happened to us Dyl?" whispered Brenda. "What happened to the days where we all just hung out and laughed and loved and lived? Honestly, I can't even remember the last time I did any of these things, yeah know? I guess I just miss it all. Does any of that make sense at all Dyl?"

"Yeah," muttered Dylan. "It makes all the sense in the world Bren."

"Dylan," she breathed. "Are you happy?"

"Sometimes," he answered back slowly. "Not always – you?"

"No," laughed Brenda to herself, tears slowly rolling down her cheeks. "When I left for London it seemed all clear, yeah know? Conquer the world, save the world, live happily ever after, pushing myself to be the best - make my parents proud. And I did."

She sniffed and brushed her hair back and said softly, "But - I somehow lost happiness through it all, Dylan."

"Okay, let me ask you something," said Dylan slowly. "What is going to make you happy Brenda?"

"It's definitely not accomplishments and power and fame - because I have all of those things Dylan," answered Brenda, her voice breaking. "I – I just don't think it's enough."

"Oh well then, what is?" muttered Dylan, keeping his ear close to the phone.

"Love, I think," murmured Brenda smoothly, her sultry eyes gazing outside her foggy window. "And that love could be for a boy or girl, or a place or a way of life, or even for a family."

Dylan breathed heavily and answered, "But where you find it is up to you. So where are you going to find that love Bren?"

She sighed, took a deep breath and muttered, "I think I need to go home."

The afternoon Beverly Hill's sunlight gave warmth to Casa Walsh. Kelly quietly hummed to herself, finishing decorating the ornaments on the colorful Christmas tree. She placed her light hands on her eighth month old baby bump. She bit her lip and smiled to the side.

"Perfect," she muttered under her breath.

Kelly moved slowly towards the warm fireplace and fixed the four stockings. Not wanting to make a sound, Brandon quietly tip-toed behind her from the backdoor. He put down the tray of cookies he held in his hands on the coffee table and took a good look at his wife. Brandon cautiously wrapped his arms around his pregnant wife, and gave her a surprise kiss on her cheek. She cutely giggled in his arms and turned herself around to face him. She placed her hands on his face and pressed her lean lips on his.

"You just like giving me panic attacks every five minutes don't you?" whispered Kelly, giggling.

"Very much so," answered Brandon, his grin warming her soul.

Kelly broke away from Brandon and tidied the furniture more. Brandon carelessly snatched a cookie and shoved it in his mouth.

"Bran," complained Kelly. "Those are for our guests!"

"Speaking of our guests," said Brandon, chocolate smeared across his chin. "When are David and Donna getting here?"

"Donna called me and said they were," but she was suddenly distracted by the smeared chocolate on Brandon's bright face.

Kelly scoffed and walked over towards Brandon and wiped the chocolate off his chin with her finger.

"What would you do without me?" whispered Kelly, licking the chocolate off her finger.

"I have no idea," muttered Brandon back, keeping his eyes on her.

They exchanged careful looks and leaned in to each other for a passionate kiss.

"You should get Tommy from Steve's and Janet's," suggested Kelly, breathing between every kiss. "I don't want him to stay there late."

"It's four o'clock," reasoned Brandon, still kissing her. "I'll get him later."

Kelly stopped herself and backed away.

"Brandon," she muttered softly. "I want the four of us to spend Christmas Eve together! And Tommy still has to put the star on top of the tree! Please, Bran. It would really mean a lot to me that we all try to spend the day together!"

She held on to his warm hands and pouted. Brandon rolled his eyes sarcastically, kissed her on her forehead, and grabbed his jacket.

"Thanks honey!" called Kelly from the couch. "I really appreciate it!"

"Only for you Kel!" said Brandon, leaving the house.


"I'll get it," shouted Kelly, hand behind her back, she dragged her feet to the front door.


"I'm coming!" breathed Kelly, getting a hold of the knob.

She slowly swung the door open and was in complete shock when she saw familiar blond hair, round sparkling eyes, and a wide grin.

"Donna!" Kelly shrieked in joy.

"Kelly!" Donna screamed in glee.

"Oh my gosh it's you!" shouted Kelly, holding her hands.

"It's me!" answered Donna in great happiness.

They exchanged gleefully hugs and kissed each other on their cheeks.

"You told me you guys we're going to get here later," said Kelly.

"I know," apologized Donna. "But our flights got switched and a lot of complications and yeah - it doesn't matter anymore - we made it!"

"Where's David?" asked Kelly.

"He's getting Ruby and the luggage in the car," said Donna. "It might take him a while. Oh my goodness you are getting big!"

"Tell me about it," muttered Kelly, welcoming Donna in her warm home. "Here, take a seat. You must be tired."

Donna took off her pea coat and softly sat on the couch next to Kelly.

"Where's Brandon?" asked Donna.

"He went to go pick up Tommy at Steve's," explained Kelly.

"No wonder it's peacefully quiet in here," muttered Donna, giggling.

"Ah, I wish it was like this every day," laughed Kelly.

"When are you due?" asked Donna.

"Hopefully by the end of January," informed Kelly, resting her hand on her stomach. "Enough of me! How have you been! How's Japan?"

"It's been great!" said Donna, resting her head on her hand. "I've started my own clothing line business. I've opened stores mostly in every major cities in Japan! David's job has been really great for him – he just got a promotion actually. And Ruby's an angel. Ruby's great."

"Sounds – great!" said Kelly. "It is so nice having you here. Not to be selfish but, sometimes it really sucks having my best friend live halfway around the world."

Donna fiddled with her fingers and licked her lips, avoiding eye contact with Kelly.

"Yeah," she smiled. "You know - I've actually been toying with the idea of opening a store in L.A. Who knows? Maybe L.A. is ready for me now."

"Oh that would be amazing," smiled Kelly. "Do you think David would go for it?"

Donna tilted her head to the side, melancholy in her eyes.

"Donna what's going on?" asked Kelly. "Your life seems great."

"Everything's great Kel, it is - it's just David and me," muttered Donna, checking if David had entered through the front door.

"What's wrong?" asked Kelly.

"We've just been fighting lately," explained Donna, heartbroken.

"How bad?" whispered Kelly, placing her hand on Donna's.

Donna weakly smiled and teared up and murmured, "To the point where we were separated for a while."

"I'm sorry to hear that," muttered Kelly.

"It's just hard Kel," breathed Donna, keeping her composure. "It's just hard. I miss home."

Donna brushed her tears away and said, "Enough of my sappy life; So is it going to be a girl or a boy?"

"Well," said Kelly, but was interrupted by David rushing in the front door.

"Oh!" said Kelly, startled. "David!"

She got up from the couch and wrapped her arms around her step-brother. She kissed him on his cheek and pinched them.

"It's been too long David," muttered Kelly.

"How's Silver?" asked David. "Is she feeling better?"

"She's fine now," explained Kelly. "She's resting at mom's."

"I miss you Kel!" muttered David, carrying the baby cart. "Is Brandon around?"

"He should be here soon," said Kelly. "Just leave those -"

The backdoor opened and in came Brandon with a small, brown-haired, fair skin, four year old boy in his arms. Brandon's face lightened up as he saw Donna and David. He mouthed their names gleefully, side-hugging Donna and giving David a rowdy handshake.

"He fell asleep," whispered Brandon. "I'm just going to put him in his room."

"Why don't you just show David their room," whispered Kelly.

David quietly followed Brandon up the steps and into Brenda's old room. David quietly placed the luggage on the side of the room, placed the cart on the bed and sat down, exhausted.

"So one more on the way huh?" laughed David, removing his watch. "I don't know how you do it Bran."

"It's called teamwork," answered Brandon smoothly. "I get help from Kelly all the time. She's my miracle."

"David?" asked Brandon quietly, leaning against the drawers. "It's been a while man. How's life in Asia?"

"Truthfully Bran," muttered David, massaging his head. "Donna and I have been getting into a lot of arguments lately. It feels like we're just not getting each other anymore."

"Doesn't seem like it," murmured Brandon, confused.

"Well," said David, grinning. "Everything is not what it seems. I love my life in Japan Brandon. My job is great and I feel like I can raise my family there perfectly fine. But Donna is constantly mentioning how she wants to move back here. Back to Beverly Hills."

"Is there something with that?" asked Brandon.

"No," said David suddenly. "Don't get me wrong now. I love Beverly Hills, but we just started our lives in Japan. Moving back here would just be a total hassle."

"I completely understand where you're coming from David," muttered Brandon. "But for a relationship to succeed, both sides have to work together to agree on things."

"I guess things aren't just working out for us anymore," said David, sighing.

"Don't say that," said Brandon. "Don't give up on your family David."

"I love Donna, Brandon," muttered David. "She's my life. But never in my life did I ever think that I would hesitate choosing Japan over her."

Brandon stared at him.

"Ruby's the only reason that we're really together," said David softly. "I just hope that's enough."

The night sky hovered over Beverly Hills. The scent of Christmas air filled everyone's home. Janet quickly ran towards Casa Walsh and fixed her hair.

"Steve!" she quietly called. "C'mon!"

Steve carefully woke up Maddie, who fell asleep in the car.

"Maddie," said Steve sweetly. "Wake up honey. We're here."

Madeline slowly but surely woke up and wrapped her arms around her father's strong neck. Steve carried her to the front door of Casa Walsh and rang the doorbell. They were both greeted by Brandon.

"Brandon!" shouted Steve, but was smacked by Janet.

"Maddie's sleeping Steve," shrieked Janet quietly. "Hi Brandon. Is Kelly around?"

"Yeah," said Brandon groggily. "I think her and Donna are in the kitchen making stuff."

Janet grabbed Maddie and carried her inside the toasty house. Steve, free from Maddie, embraced Brandon with all his might. Brandon, in return, gave a huge wet kiss on Steve's face.

"No Santa suit?" said Brandon disappointingly. "The kids are going to freak out if Santa's not going to be here!"

"C'mon Bran," complained Steve. "I was Santa for the past three Christmases!"

"And you did a fantastic job," muttered Brandon happily. "Good thing I keep an extra suit in the storage room!"

Steve sighed and a quick grin appeared on his face.

"How are yeah buddy?" said Brandon happily, his arm wrapped around Steve's neck.

"I'm good Bran!" answered Steve. "I have a strong feeling that my pocket's are going to be empty by the start of next year."

"Why is that?" asked Brandon.

"Maddie's starting to ask for money," whispered Steve carefully.

"Are you scared?" asked Brandon sarcastically.

"Terrified," muttered Steve, laughing alongside his best friend.

"Steve!" called David, from behind. "Hey man, how are you!"

Steve, grinning, ran from Brandon and picked up David from the ground. He kissed David on his head then picked him up again.

"David!" shouted Steve. "So good to see you! I can't believe you're a father now!"

"I missed you too!" said David, fixing his hair. "You lose some pounds? Still hitting the gym, aye?"

Steve checked himself out, grinned, and then smacked David on the head.

"Maddie's always running around," said Steve. "That's my only true workout."

Kelly, Donna and Janet entered in the living room and exchanged hugs with everyone. The happy atmosphere brightened up everybody's mood. They hadn't laughed in so long and being together definitely made it up.

"Who's ready to dig in!" shouted Kelly, motioning everyone to the dining area. "Everyone, take a seat wherever you want to!"


"Excuse me guys," said Brandon, moving himself away from the group to answer his call.

"Is that really necessary right now?" gritted Kelly. "We're about to eat."

"It's Dylan, Kel," muttered Brandon. "Hello?"

"Hey Bran!" shouted a familiar voice. "It's Dylan!"

"Hold up man," said Brandon cheerfully.

"Brandon," said Kelly sternly.

"It'll be really quick," argued Brandon. "Besides, I invited him here."

"What?" muttered Kelly. "He hasn't spoken to us in years. You can't just invite him here without my consent Brandon. You know my relationship with Dylan. It didn't end pretty."

"I'm sorry Kel," muttered Brandon. "Dylan's family to me."

Brandon excused himself from everyone and left the room.

"Dylan!" he shouted. "Merry Christmas, man! Where have you been? You haven't answered any of my calls. Everyone's here for Christmas Eve dinner. You can still come if you want."

Dylan sighed and said, "Yeah, I'm sorry Brandon. I left my cell at my house."

"So are you coming?" asked Brandon in a rush. "Kelly's turkey this year is actually edible."

"Kelly?" muttered Dylan. "Bran. You know Kelly and I aren't in the best of friends category right now. She might stab me with the turkey knife."

"Yeah," murmured Brandon sadly. "I know. It's just Kelly, Dylan. Don't worry too much."

Dylan laughed and cleared his throat and said, "I'll try. I have to finish some errands first."

"Okay Dyl," said Brandon. "Call me when you're on your way here."

Dylan hung up and shoved his phone in his pants. He jumped in his car and drove straight to his destination.


Dylan breathed heavily and answered, "But where you find it is up to you. So where are you going to find that love Bren?"

She sighed, took a deep breath and muttered, "I think I need to go home."

"I was hoping you'd say that," muttered Dylan.

Dylan entered the airport and looked around the vicinity. He stuffed his hands in his jean pockets and strolled around the airport. Across from him, soft familiar eyes, long dark hair, and a petite figure emerged from the crowd. His heart skipped a beat and a smile appeared on his face. He watched as Brenda made her way out of the crowd. She caught his eyes and she stopped walking. For a moment - they took their time to smile ate each other. Dylan smoothly dragged his feet towards her.

"Brenda," he muttered under his breath.

Brenda smiled and hid her face in his arms.

"It's been too long," she breathed, hiding her face in his arms.

"You're home now," he murmured softly. "Everything's going to be okay now."

"It's good to be home" she answered back.

Dylan carefully grabbed her suitcase and wrapped his arm around her, walking her out of the airport.

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