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Prompt 10: Home

Summary: She thought she understood the difference. It was so much more that that though.

Lucy sat on the rooftop of the guild, a resting Natsu lying in her lap. She stared quietly at the stars as she thought back to a few hours ago.

She didn't remember much really, during the battle. Her thought processes kept coming in and out of focus. It was only when she felt a deep pain rush through her head, that she looked up and recognized the dragon slayer in front of her. She had tried to smile at him, gratitude rushing through her at being saved, before the pain grew to be too much and she had blacked out.

She woke up only to find that she was in an unfamiliar room that felt like it had been swaying. Naturally curious, she had walked outside to find she was in a ship, sailing back to Fiore. She smiled as her friends saw her from the entrance of the deck, before they rushed forward to greet her, Happy being the first to reach her, as always.

She smiled gratefully at them, reassuring them she was ok and apologizing for any worry on their part while patting the crying cat in her arms. Erza had only smiled and told her "You shouldn't apologize; we're nakama, that is reason enough."

Lucy also smiled surprised but happy at seeing Millianna and the others. The cat girl only grinned and told her "We were in the area, is all." with Sho and Wally grinning at her from behind their team mate.

Gray smirked at her with his trademark grin before ruffling her hair and remarking about how "Lucy really is getting the princess treatment, eh?" He laughed at her when she swatted at his hand, as she tried to fix her hair.

She froze, noticing that one of their team was missing. "Where's Natsu?" She had questioned, slightly afraid something had happened to him on their way out.

They all froze, as they all turned their heads simultaneously to look at the corner of the deck, Lucy curiously looking as well, before exasperation filled her at seeing the pink haired mage passed out on the deck, his face green even in his unconsciousness.

Even with all that power, she told herself, he still can be so useless sometimes.

Erza watched Lucy as a small smile warmed her face as she watched the sleeping dragon slayer. "He doesn't seem like he'll wake up soon Lucy. How about you go get ready? The captain said we'd arrive in Fiore soon." She told her, before looking towards the front, a brown mass being seen slightly in the distance.

"I'll wake Flame Brain then." Gray grinned as he crossed towards his sick comrade.

"Don't hurt him too much Gray." Lucy told him as she flinched at seeing Gray crack his knuckles, knowing the outcome of his involvement.

"Relax Lucy." He smirked. "He can handle it."

And thus, Natsu had to be tortured the next 15 minutes as the port sailed to Hargeon Town, as Gray rolled him back and forth on the deck using his feet. When they finally docked, the group had to deal with a pissed off dragon slayer with shoe marks on his chest and face as they tried to separate him from an infuriated ice mage with a recently acquired black eye.

Since they still had to take the train ride to Magnolia, they parted ways with Millianna's group as they went off towards Onibus Town, remarking that they wanted to see the famous theater they had there. Lucy's group merely smiled nervously as they left, promising they would see each other again soon.

The train ride was quiet, Natsu having passed out again, only instead of in Erza's arms; it had been in Lucy's instead. She blushed as she realized he hadn't let her hand go since they had left the ship, his silence comforting the both of them as their hands linked together.

When they had finally reached Magnolia, they all grinned as they were all welcomed back with hugs and tears. (Well, Levy was crying and Mirajane hadn't stopped hugging her for at least three minutes.)

All throughout the greetings and hugs, Natsu hadn't left her side.

It was only hours after that Natsu had quietly requested she come with him to the rooftop. And now, here they were, the stars shining brightly above the both of them as silence engulfed the two.

"Natsu…" She murmured quietly as she ran her fingers through his pink hair.

He purred at the feeling before cracking an amber eye open and letting out a soft groan in acknowledgement.

She blushed as his intense gaze focused on her. "Thanks… for saving me…" She looked sideways as she continued, "I'm grateful and yet… I can't seem to stop feeling guilty whenever it happens. I should be able to stop this kind of thing, right?" She asked him quietly.

She was surprised as she suddenly felt a force pull her hand up a she looked into amber eyes. She hadn't even realized that he had moved. "Lucy…" He told her, his voice soft, "You know we don't care about that." He told her, his eyes understanding.

"I know that… but still-"

"Don't say that it's because you're a Fairy Tail mage." He told her, his eyes narrowing in irritation.

She looked down, he eyes filled with sorrow. "The guild is so strong… and I feel so…" she paused before continuing in a quiet voice. "…weak…"

"Lucy. Look at me." His tone made her look up, only to gasp in surprise as his amber gaze glared at her, fire seeming to burn brightly in his gaze.

"Lucy, you are strong. If you weren't, you wouldn't still be with us right now." He held up his hand before she could protest. "It's not about Luck Lucy." He told her, having heard her reasons before.

"You are so used to having to be on your own and being head strong and stubborn. You have to realize Lucy, we are here for you. I don't know how many times I have to repeat it before you understand that."

He spoke his words with finality. "We don't see you as Lucy Heartfilia. We don't need you to prove to us that you're worth something more than an ex-heiress. We know how much you're worth. Did you not see Levy's tears when she saw you? Or Mira's smiles? Or even the old man's relief you came back safe?"

"We just want to see you as you as you truly are. Just Lucy. Not a Lucy that is built on the lies of trying to be something she's not." He grinned as he leaned back on his arms. "So you can't smash rocks to pieces and you can't freeze a monster in its tracks. You can summon things from another world! That's something me, Gray or even Erza cant do."

She stared at him as he continued. "So you have to stop acting like you don't like your powers. Or you'll make your spirits feel bad." He told her as he pointed to the night sky, the stars seeming to twinkle brighter in the darkness.

She looked at him, before wiping her eyes which had started to unconsciously tear up. "Your right." She told him as she smiled at him. "I'm sorry Natsu!"

"I'll do my best next time for sure!"

"Atta girl Lucy! He told her as he grinned at her brightly.

She smiled at him as she realized what he had said.

The speech made a difference. She knew she didn't have to prove anything, but she had still felt insecure.

It took a verbal beating for reality to knock itself into her head. And it was from Natsu too of all people. She told herself in disbelief, but she knew she shouldn't have been too surprised.

It was Natsu after all.

Walking back into the bright guild with him, she reminisced on when she was a little girl and her tutor had taught her the meaning of a home.

She never understood the difference between a house and a home before she had gotten older.

A house is a mere building. A home is where family is.

She had tried to associate the mansion as a home because her father was there. It never seemed to fit though.

She understood better now though. Family didn't necessarily mean blood relatives. It didn't necessarily mean the people that had raised her.

I think I get it now though. She told herself as she smiled at the chaos in the guild. Chairs being thrown about, beer being chugged down as though it were water, and Master Makarov crying in the corner at seeing his newly renovated guild get smashed up again.

This is it. This is Home.

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