Alright, this is a cutesy BBxRae ficlet that I wrote over the summer and suddenly felt inspired to post. It's seriously short, but enjoy!

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Late Nights

He'd just woken up again after another nightmare about becoming the Beast . . . about hurting Raven.

With a wearied sigh, he morphed into a bug and scuttled down the hallway. He'd done this enough times to know how to avoid detection by the others. In a sudden dash of endurance, he flew under the doors into the common room and was expecting to find solitude.

Instead, there sat Raven, watching a movie so silently that even he couldn't hear it until he was in the same room. He wasn't sure if her hearing was superior to the others' as well, but judging by how close she was sitting to the TV, it wouldn't have mattered either way.

Conscious of the fact that Raven was an ace at sensing the presence of others, he took his time creeping forward. When he at last arrived at the furthest perch on the couch from the empath, he dared to turn in her direction.

He would never regret the next two hours that he spent utterly fascinated by her. Sure, he personally considered himself to be an expert at analyzing her mood, and then quickly getting scolded for trying to improve it, but this was something else.

He'd never seen her be so candid before, especially not for such a long period of time. Normally, she resigned herself to eyebrow twitches and the occasional self-satisfied smirk. Now though, he had neither to watch nor hear the movie to known the precise moments of each and every downturn or upturn because her expressions betrayed them all.

It was his theory that Raven could actually show her emotions now without having to worry about her explosive powers, but that she was so used to containing them that she just couldn't get a hang on letting them out. That's why he'd always tried so hard to rouse her, despite the consequences.

Watching her right now, he wondered if maybe all of his attempts really had been working, if they weren't in vain. In the barren common room, she let loose and revealed to the television screen all of the looks that were saved for him when he was truly lucky.

Sleep came easily after that.

She knew he was there. Hell, who was she trying to kid? She knew the exact moment that Beast Boy awoke during the night, every night. She was . . . keenly aware . . . of his conscious.

So, after weeks of interrupted sleep due to his issues, she finally decided to try soothing his torments.

She waited in the common room for his arrival by watching a classic and prepared to do what put him in his absolute happiest mood.

She prepared to be honest with him.

The way his soul resonated from the opposite end of the couch fueled her every smile.

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