After an extended and regrettable hiatus, I'm finally back! I'd been sitting on this idea for awhile and playing around with how I wanted to put it into words, but it's finally done. I meant this one to be much more comedic than the others and if you don't recognize the songs mentioned, I recommend that you at least look up lyrics because I chose them all for very specific reasons.

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans, any of the three songs referenced below or Hello Kitty.

Sweet Serenades

"Alright y'all. In honor of our return from Titans East, there's only one thing we can do." The others turned to Cyborg as he made placating motions with his hands. "Wait for it . . . let the suspension build . . . just a bit higher . . . almost there . . ."

Robin groaned aloud. "Just spit it out already."

"KARAOKE NIGHT!" Cyborg sprang up to his full height, striking a heroic pose with one arm cocked at his hip and the other pointing straight up into the air, index finger fully extended.

"Woo! I'll set it up." Beast Boy dashed off to switch out the game consoles for the karaoke machine as Raven slunk further into her cowl, the shadows hiding her grimace.

"Friends, I believe now would be an appropriate time to share the Tamaranean drink of celebration and good health, yes?"

Cyborg hid a groan with a forced cough into his fist. "Uh, Star, look, we love your culture and all-"

"But your food is just plain funky," interrupted Beast Boy.

"Fear not. On Earth, rolfnug would be considered very pleasant. I have been doing the saving of it since our last visit to my home planet."

"Vegetarian?" Beast Boy asked from amid a tangled mass of wires on the floor.

"No animals were harmed in the making."

"I'm in." There was a thump as the changeling attempted to stand and then promptly fell over, the multitude of wires still knotted around his ankles. Shifting into a snake, he slid free.

Using Beast Boy's antics as a distraction, Raven tried to slip from the common room unnoticed. She would've made it if it hadn't been for the sudden viselike grip of a robotic hand on the back of her hood.

She was dragged bodily back through the doorway and spun around to come face to face with Cyborg's chiding stare. "Ah, ah, ah, Rae. You know the rules."

She scowled but parroted the response he was looking for nonetheless. "If you don't sing, you have to sit through everyone else taking at least one turn."

"Good. Now get ready 'cause Star's up first."

The microwave exploded as he walked off, cackling the whole way.

Within the next five minutes, the entire team had assembled on the couch while staring cautiously at steaming mugs of green, frothy liquid. Raven sniffed hers daintily and wrinkled her nose at the smell. She'd take her tea over the sickeningly sweet drink any day.

As she set the rolfnug down on the table, Cyborg decided to step up to the plate and try it. The group eyed him suspiciously as he considered the taste. His booyah of approval was all it took to get the others to join in as well. Starfire clapped gleefully at the boys' delight and then took the mike to stand at center stage.

Happy that she hadn't almost killed them (again), they focused their attention on Starfire as she rifled through the song selection.

"Ooo, this one is most fitting. Raven, would you care to join me?"

The empath took one look at the song and immediately declined.

Starfire shrugged good-naturedly and proceeded to break into an earsplitting rendition of California Girls by Katy Perry. The boys hooted and hollered despite the cacophonous sound of her singing voice and continued to guzzle down the rolfnug like there was no tomorrow.

When the song finally ended, Starfire was met with much applause and cries for refills. Robin was served up first and downed the mug again completely before staggering towards the microphone.

Raven was able to ignore the situation until something very peculiar happened right before her eyes.

The mike slipped from the boy wonder's hands and his all his superior reflexes flew right out the window as he made a shoddy attempt at catching it.

Neither Starfire, Cyborg nor Beast Boy appeared to care, so focused were they on their consumption of the green sludge. Robin didn't seem to mind that his abilities had escaped him. Very nonchalantly, he chose the song hoodie ninja by mc chris. His words were slurred so badly that the only thing Raven could understand was something about spying on a redhead who wears Hello Kitty panties.

It figured that Robin would be a closet perv considering he'd been raised with Bruce Wayne/Batman as a father figure.

Beast Boy occasionally cringed alongside Raven when Robin got too far off-pitch, but seemed to otherwise be enjoying himself. Meanwhile, Cyborg had gotten strangely silent and had taken to staring off into the distance.

Starfire was in no way similarly afflicted. She was overcome by sporadic bouts of giggling and making what could only be described as "sexy eyes" at their famed leader.

In his excitement as Robin's song came to a close, Beast Boy began bouncing on the couch as a monkey and then jumped off to bark and clap as a seal. Any sympathy Raven had felt for the onslaught that his ears had been forced to deal with in the last fifteen minutes quickly diminished in the face of such obnoxious behavior. He was usually much better at keeping it to a minimum around her.

And so, by the time Beast Boy finally collapsed into a fit of laughter as a hyena, Raven knew that something was seriously wrong with her teammates.

Sure, Beast Boy relying on clich├ęs was normal, but not to this extreme. Plus, Cyborg was still oblivious to everything going on around him and Robin and Starfire were blatantly clinging to each other as they swayed in a zigzagged fashion through the common room doors.

Raven snapped deftly in the green hyena's face to get him to shut up, but instead he surprised her by springing into humanoid form and snatching up the microphone from where Robin had casually tossed it in his haste to leave. In a bid for attention, he tapped the mike and made a show of clearing his throat.

"Oh, Rae-Rae," he singsonged. "This one's for you."

Wait, what?

Mortified beyond measure, Raven cast her eyes downward as Beast Boy crooned away to the lyrics of My Alien by Simple Plan. It was then that her gaze landed on the mugs of rolfnug scattered across the table, or rather, what was left of them.

Hers was the only one not drunk down to the last drop.

Warily, she picked up her mug and took the smallest of sips. The distinctively honeyed taste of mead tingled across her tongue and down her throat.

She was hardly shocked that Tamaraneans would commend their healthiness with a hardy dose of alcohol.

Now that she knew what was going on, Raven was about to put an end to all this madness when she was suddenly distracted by Cyborg as he tipped over onto the couch, a horrendous snore escaping his lips.

Beast Boy didn't react the interruption at the end of his song and made his way back over to his seat.

"Didja like it, Rae?"

She nodded to appease him and used her powers to retrieve a blanket for Cyborg.

"Really? 'Cause I meant it, you know." He appeared bashful as he scratched the back of his head.


The answer seemed to satisfy him enough that he didn't struggle too much as she moved him into a supine position.

Beast Boy yawned once, grinned toothily up at her and then promptly spilled his guts up on the carpet.

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