"You need to ring your bell for someone." Antibus called

"What before the grand tour?" she smiled wryly.

"Life grants nothing to us mortals without hard work." She smiled again, this time happily; she then looked away and laughed. "What's makin' you laugh?" Mary never had many things to laugh at, and, after spending about a century with her, he wasn't used to people laughing at nothing.

"I'm not mortal anymore, and I'm pretty sure you never were," She laughed some more.

"What makes you certain?"

"Well…you're Anubis aren't you?"

"Yes, I am."

"See, a God, an immortal, do you prefer Antibus or Anubis?"

"What?" She had switched the conversation to something else entirely now, it was hard to figure her out.

She sighed, a sound that was sadly resigned, "To my knowledge, most Gods were born Gods, and do you prefer to be called Antibus or Anubis?" She had rather hoped that he would be someone different, not like everybody else when she was alive, if they didn't understand her, it was mainly because they weren't paying much attention; but then again he was a God so maybe he didn't get out so much, she made a mental note to ask him who Mary was after she rang her bell for the poor soul- "Hey ain't I supposed to have a bell to ring it?"

"It's already around your neck."

"Hey-How did you get there?" She placed her hand her new necklace and looked at it closer. It was old fashioned design, as and she looked closer she noticed certain parts of it looked like writing of another language, she recognized many, even if she couldn't speak them, but this one she couldn't even begin to compare to any language she knew. "Do you know what it says…and you never answered."

"It is a dialect of Ancient Egyptian, but it has always been to worn for me to read, and I prefer Anubis, though I have other names."


"We are here," He stepped through the wall, with Sorcha following hesitantly behind him, "He is the one you must ring your bell for."

"Gunshot wound to the chest, nicked his left ventricle…poor man, had he gotten here sooner he may have lived." Sorcha sighed sadly, and reached for her bell.

"Are you…. An Angel?" The dying man gasped.

Sorcha shook her head, she was never one to lie, in life, nor death, she simply motioned to her bell, then to him, smiling slightly when he gestured that he understood. She laced a finger through the gap that the ribbon ran through, and shook the bell lightly.

"Why did you say no?"

"Because I'm not an angel, am I?"

"No, but wouldn't it have comforted him to think you were?"

"Maybe, but I've always believed that you shouldn't lie if you don't have to, and especially not to the dying."

"You're a strange girl, you know that?"

"Of course I do."