Title: My Fiancé

Pairings: 10051Ghost, Funeral Wreaths100

Rating: T

Warnings: OOC-ness?,

Summary: When Irie Shouichi found out that he is going to marry Byakuran Gesso, his world seemed to break into a thousand pieces. But when he gets to know him, will he be reconsidering marrying him? And what does Ghost have to do with Irie? Why is he so caring and protective over him? And why does Byakuran hates it Ghost whenever he goes near Shouichi?

Chapter 1: Byakuran Gesso is my fiancé?

'No, this is not happening.'

"Hi, Shou-chan~!"

'You've got to be kidding me.'

"Nice to meet you Shou-chan~! My name is Byakuran Gesso~ Let me take you home Shou-chan~!

'No, this has to be a dream, a terrible nightmare.' Irie Shouichi thought as he stared at the white haired man in front of him who had deliberately cornered Shouichi in the street and was blocked by a black limousine.

He recognized this face. Oh, how could he forget? For this man is no other than Byakuran Gesso, their schools new and most popular idol. He is an exchange student from Italy, and is now studying in his school. Yes, how could he forget, for he always feels this man staring at him at a distance; Shouichi could remember the intense stare that this man would always give him. But for the better part, he ignored the man. He never really liked idols of their school that were always surrounded by many annoying and disturbing fan girls. But even so, this man was admired by guys not only girls, for this man is practically the next head of the one of the biggest company that has been established in Japan, but their main company was in Italy and they just continued to spread around the world. And their company was getting famous and famous. Their school, also known as Namimori High, is a well known school in Japan and most likely the best school in the world, for the next great leaders of the world will most likely be coming from this school. Students at Namimori High were divided into two groups, The White Spell students and The Black Spell students. White spell students are to be the next richest people in the world, White Spell students may be sons and daughters of well known people around the world. They have technically had the power and the richness to buy and do pretty much whatever they want. Black Spell students are students who are more like ordinary students, students who were accepted to Namimori by either scholarship or recommendations. Shouichi is practically a Black Spell student; he is smart and hard-working. For He will do anything to make his parents proud and will someday take over their small but slowly progressing business. Since black spell students are ordinary students, they were often bullied by the white spells students, discriminating the black spell students that they don't deserve to study at Namimori high and that they have low standards. But they chose to ignore the constant bullying of the white spell students, for studying at a very renowned school is such a great opportunity to just throw away.

And now, Shouichi raised a brow at the smiling white-haired man who was currently blocking him with a black limousine. "Umm…what do you want with me? How did you know my name, and please don't call me 'Shou-chan'." He hissed, glancing at the other warily. White Spell students rarely come near Black Spell students.

"Eh…Shou-chan didn't know~? I'm taking him home today~! His father told me so~" Byakuran continued to smile as the others eyes widened in confusion. Irie stared at the man in confusion. What did he mean by that? His father? He didn't understand at all.

"I'm sorry but I can go home alone." He said before he ignored the other who whined for him to wait and he walked to the direction to the train station. But before he could go further, a hand wrapped around his arm to stop him from running away. He cursed loudly and glared at the violet-eyed man, who merely smiled sweetly at him.

"L-Let me go." He tried to wiggle his arm to get away from the others strong grip, but the other refused to let him go he instead dragged the red-haired towards his car.

"He-Hey! Where do you think you're taking me? Let me go!" he struggled but the other ignored him and continued to drag him. While the other gripped his arm the other moved to open the back seat door then he turned to face the struggling red-haired.

"Come on Shou-chan~! We kept everyone waiting already~!" he said and pushes Shouichi inside the car. "E-Eh! Wha-!" He was left speechless when Byakuran went inside to the car with him. "To Irie Residence." He said to the driver and turned to smile at the gaping Shouichi at his side. Shouichi snapped out from his trance and glared at the smiling stranger.

"What the hell do you want with me? I'm leav-wha!" before he could reach the door his wrist was grabbed and the car drove off to their destination.

"Shou-chan really hates me that much~?" the other man pouted childishly. Shouichi observed the man in front of him. Is-is this person a child? Or he just was pretending to be one?

"Look, I don't even know you. And do you even know me?" he asked, he felt strange though when the other smiled viciously. Shouichi moved backward slowly, the other took the movement as leverage and pushed Shouichi down to the chair then he loomed over the stunned red-haired, his hands pinning the others wrists on either side of his head. Shouichi blushed at their suggestive position. He tried to struggle his wrist but the other only tightened his grip on them. He chuckled softly at the Shouichi's futile effort in freeing his wrist.

"Maa~ of course I know everything about Shou-chan~ what kind of fiancé would I be if I don't know a thing about you, nee~?" he laughed airily. Shouichi flushed red, wha-what did he mean by that?

"What the hell are you talking about? What fiancé?" he asked, his face shows that he was totally confused. Byakuran leaned in, his face a few inches away from the others. The blush on Shouichi's cheeks grew redder as he felt the others hot breath against his face. Byakuran gave him a seductive smile then whispered in his ear. "I'm Shou-chan's fiancé~ and he's mine~ and mine alone~" Shouichi tensed as Byakuran kissed his cheeks and pulled away, chuckling at the Irie's expression.

"If Shou-chan won't close his mouth I'll definitely kiss it~!" Byakuran smiled seductively. Shouichi immediately closed his mouth and stared at the man above him in disbelief.

"Wha-Wha-Wha-What fiancé? A-Are you joking or what? Maybe you just got the wrong person! I'm a guy! Maybe you just mistook me for someone else." He immediately pushed the man away when the other let of his wrist. He sat up; glaring as the others smile grew into new heights. "Maa~ you'll soon understand once we arrive in your house~" he smiled before moving back to his seat, giving the red-haired some space. Shouichi twitched. This-is the start of a nightmare.

Shouichi could only stare quietly as he stared five White Spell students, (by their white uniform and badges) who greeted Byakuran in front of their house. A man with teal-colored hair who Byakuran called Kikyo greeted the suspiciously happy Byakuran. Then a girl practically threw her arms around the white-haired man and ignored the protests of the rough looking man. A small man with creepy face stared blankly at them while the other with oni mask ignored them.

"He's really strange right?" a voice similar to Byakuran's asked beside him. He looked up to see a man with the same features as the white-haired man except for the purple mark that was below his right eye opposite to Byakuran's left eye. But Shouichi could feel more gentleness from this man than Byakuran. He's like the total opposite of the childish white-haired man.

"Umm…yeah…" he replied awkwardly. "By the way, I'm Ghost, the one who drive the car." He held out his hand at the red-haired. Shouichi offered his in return and shook hands with the other. "Irie Shouichi, uh…don't mind me asking but are you related to that guy?" Shouichi asked, refusing to use Byakuran's name.

"Yeah, I'm his brother." Shouichi's jaw dropped to the floor. No wonder they look the same. "Oh…but, why are you driving the car?" he asked, as if wanting to know more about the other. "We had a bet, and well…I lost, so I get to drive him back home." He replied, not bothered about Shouichi's question. "Ah…" Shouichi sweat dropped. That guy is really like a child. "Hey…are you okay?" Ghost asked with an obvious worry in his tone, Irie look up at him and smiled softly. "Uh…yeah…" Ghost stared at Shouichi, and then moved his hand to brush away the hair that covered the red-haired glasses. Shouichi flushed at the gentle touch. "T-T-Thanks." He stuttered, feeling uncomfortable with the light blush on his cheeks. He just hoped it wasn't too obvious.

"Shou-chan~!" Shouichi nearly jumped as Byakuran grabbed his arm and dragged him away from Ghost. "Let's go inside~! Your parents are already waiting for us~!" Byakuran pushed him to the gates of his house. "Uh…it's nice talking to you…uh…Ghost-san." He smiled at the man before walking towards the house.

"Hmm…Shou-chan has become fond of you~" Byakuran turned to Ghost with a smile on his face. But Ghost could see it as a fake one. The other remaining people remained silent.

"Of course, for Irie Shouichi is my-ack!" Byakuran grabbed his collar and pinned him to the car behind him. Ghost frowned at his brother and just stared at him. Byakuran gave him an icy glare that would have chilled the other remaining people even without looking at him directly in the eye.

"Shou-chan is mine. Learn your place. You have no right to touch him." Byakuran growled before he lets go of his brother. Ghost coughed before he glared at Byakuran.

"Just make sure you don't hurt him." Ghost warned. Byakuran frowned and glared back at him. "I'm not like you. I will take care of Shou-chan~ he's my fiancé after all." He turned and walked towards the red-haired's house. "Oh~! Kikyo-kun~ please escort my dear brother back home~ I fear for his safety." Byakuran ordered at the teal-haired man. "Hai, Byakuran-sama." Kikyo immediate grabbed the others arm and led him to the car. "Zakuro-kun and Bluebell-chan will stay here with me, Torikabuto-kun and Daisy-kun you go with Kikyo-kun." They nodded.

"Nee, nee, Byakkun~! Why do you like that Irie guy? He's nothing but a-mph!" Zakuro immediately wrapped around a hand on Bluebells mouth before she could say something that could possibly piss off their leader. Byakuran smiled sweetly at Bluebell and Zakuro.

"No, I don't like Shou-chan, I love him~" he laughs. The two just stared at each other then back at Byakuran who was already going to the red-haired's house. Sometimes they never understand the way their leader thinks, but for the better part the ignore it. After all, they were just his followers, nothing more.

"What?" Shouichi couldn't believe his ears. "What do you mean by that? I can't possibly marry that guy!"Shouichi pointed at Byakuran who was merely smiling at him while sipping his tea.

"Shou-chan…don't be rude to our guest." Shouichi's mother reprimanded him. Shouichi scowled, his parents were already explaining to him about his grandfather is somehow a good friend of Byakuran's grandfather and that they would marry their grandson's and daughters for the union of their family and to keep their friendship strong. The only problem is- Shouichi is a guy who is about to marry a guy, and that guy is no other than Byakuran Gesso.

"Shouichi, try to understand, we can't possibly back down to this promise, we'll just destroy the friendship of your grandfather and Gesso-san's grandfather." Shouichi's father says.

"Why can't nee-san marry him?"

"Because- she-she ran away- with another man…" Shouichi's jaw dropped to the floor. Re-really? His sister ran away from this predicament? Maybe, maybe he should too but he knows, a certain white haired man will definitely hunt him down if he ever tried to run away from his situation.

"Ugh. I can't possibly do this. Why would I marry a MAN and who I just met hours ago?" he asked, obviously irritated. "If that's the case, Shou-chan can stay in my house~" Shouichi glared at Byakuran, but he seemed unaffected. "And since your house is very far from school, Shou-chan can stay in mine so he won't have to ride the train all the time, after all…there have been many reports about molesters roaming about the city lately." Byakuran winked at the glaring red-head.

"Oh my." Shouichi twitched as his parents actually fell into Byakuran's trap. This bastard. Shouichi had to refrain from punching the smiling man. "And since Shou-chan doesn't know about me yet, we can get to know each other in our future house…nee?" Byakuran smiled viciously at Irie. Shouichi feel a chill run down at his spine as he heard those words. This is really starting to look bad. He's not going to let this stranger do what he wants.

"I refuse." Shouichi countered, Byakuran's smile wilted at the refusal of the red-haired.

"Shou-chan! You shouldn't decline Gesso-kun's generous offer!" he mother glared at him but it was more like a pout. Shouichi's brow twitched. "Your mother is right Shouichi. You can get to know Gesso-kun better if you stay in their house." Added his father. Shouichi was close to snapping at the sight of Byakuran's triumphant grin. "And besides…he's your fiancé after all." His parents smile at him. "Please take care of our son okay Gesso-kun?" Shouichi could only watch as his parents who would be willing to give their son away to some stranger. He felt dizzy. "Of course, I will take good care of Shou-chan~" was the last thing he heard that escape from Byakuran's lips as he fainted from the shock.

Shouichi smelled flowers and marshmallows. Then he felt something touch his lips, something soft then felt a soft and wet appendage trail at his bottom lip. He parted his lips slightly allowing entrance. He moaned softly as he felt the appendage touch his own. Shouichi frowned, something is definitely wrong. He slowly opened his eyes to see Byakuran, on top on him doing certain things and kissing him. His eyes widened and he pushed the other man away. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and sat up.

"Aw~ so bad Shou-chan~" Byakuran chuckled as Shouichi glared at him. "What do you think you're doing? And where-" Shouichi stopped and took a good look at him surroundings. He was in a room he has never seen before and was currently on a king-sized bed, "Where am I?" he turned back to Byakuran who was giving him one of his sweetest smiles ever.

"You're in my room Shou-chan~" the red-haired tensed. What? Irie could remember yesterday, his parents agreed that he stays at Byakuran's house and- and he blacked out and now he's in Bya-WHAT?

"Wha-What are you doing here?"

"Haha~ Shou-chan is so funny~ of course I'm here cause this is my room…and Shou-chan is in it." Byakuran slowly leaned in, smiling as the red-haired slowly moved backwards until he hit the headboard of the bed. "Don't come near me…" he muttered softly but the other continued to lean towards him. "Shou-chan is so mean~ I just want to…" he trailed off as he was just a few inches from Irie's face. Shouichi instantly closed his eyes as felt Byakuran's warm breathe against his cheeks. Doki Doki . His heart thumped loudly against his chest, his cheeks felt warm then his stomach turned into a hundred of uncomfortable knots. Why can't he just shove the other man away? Why does he feel so nervous when Byakuran is this close to him? He curled his fingers into fist as they grew numb. Shouichi could feel soft lip slightly graze upon his own.

The door banged open revealing a very irritated Ghost. "Hey! Byaku-" Shouichi immediately shove Byakuran away and ran towards Ghost. Byakuran sit up and glared as Shouichi hid behind the unwanted intruder. Ghost trailed Shouichi as he made his way behind him. The red-haired was blushing hid his face on Ghost's shoulders. As if he could be the only one who could save him from Byakuran.

"What is it?" Byakuran asked, trying to make his voice as calm as he could. "Everything is ready." He replies with a small smile, enjoying Byakuran's glare. "Hn." He got up the bed and walked towards Ghost or towards Irie. "Good~ let's go take a bath together Shou-chan~!" he smiled as he grabbed Shouichi's wrist and pulled him away from Ghost. "What? No way!" Shouichi struggled his arm to be freed from Byakuran's strong grip, with no avail.

Ghost grabbed Shouchi's other wrist. Byakuran smile turned into a frown as he turned to Ghost. "Irie Shouichi wouldn't be taking a bath with you." Ghost smiled at Byakuran, but it more like glared at him.

"And why is that?"

"Because I have prepared his own bath in his room, for him alone."

"Really?" Shouichi stared at the two identical guys sending glares at each other. Were they both fighting over him? Are they kids? They really are brothers.

"Shou-chan is my fiancé; I have the right to take a bath together with him."Byakuran glared at Ghost.

"Irie Shouichi has not yet been officially announced as your fiancé. Therefore as father promised, I will take care of him." Countered Ghost.

"Whether it has been announced or not, Shou-chan is mine~ let go of his wrist." Ordered Byakuran, pulling Shouichi close to him. "hmp"

"You let of his wrist Marshmallow bastard." Ghost pulled Shouchi towards him. "mph!" A vein popped out in Shouichi's forehead. He was starting to get pissed off by their childish attitudes.

"You let go of him! Shou-chan is-"

"STOP IT ALREADY!" Shouichi shouted at both of them. Ghost and Byakuran stared at Shouichi with disbelief. As if they couldn't believe someone would ever yell at them. Shouichi was breathing heavily and his wrists were swollen because of their strong grips. "YOU!" he pointed at Ghost who stared at him confusedly. "Take me to my bath! I'm gonna be late for school!" Ghost smiled triumphantly. "SHOU-CHA-"

"AND YOU!" Shouichi pointed at Byakuran, who looked like he was pouting. Really, these brothers are like children. "Hurry up and take a bath! Or else I will leave you!" Shouichi ordered with obvious authority in his tone. Byakuran smiled then launched himself at Shouichi. "Gah-"

"Okay~! Wait for me Shou-chan, m'kay?" he kissed Shouichi's cheeks before he walked out of his room and went to wherever he was going. "Irie Shouichi?" Shouichi snapped back into reality and turned to Ghost. His cheeks burned, he just hoped the other won't notice it. "Uh…ummm…sh-shall we go? I'm going to be late for school." He stuttered. "Okay…" Ghost replied and led the red-haired to his bathroom. Not noticing the pair of eyes watching at a distance.

"You actually brought all my things here?" Shouichi asks as Ghost passed to him his Black Spell uniform. "Yeah…" was the only reply he got. "Oh…"Shouichi turned to put on his uniform since he was basically half-naked and the only covering half of his body is a white towel. He then turned to Ghost who was still staring at him. He blushed and said. "Umm…could you turn around?" he asked, embarrassed. Ghost obeyed and turned around from the red-haired. He hurriedly put on his uniform until the zipper got stuck. Shouichi sighed in frustration. "Uh…Ghost-san…can you help me with this?" he pointed to the stuck zipper of his uniform. Ghost quickly made his way to Shouichi and with stronger force, zipped the annoying zipper. Shouichi smiled sheepishly at Ghost.

"Th-Thanks." He mumbled, cheeks reddening. 'Damn. Ever since I met that Byakuran and Ghost-san my heart always thump faster in my chest. I think something is wrong with me.' He thought as he didn't notice his legs were tangled with other clothes. "Wah!" he slipped as he stepped on his wet t-shirt. He instantly closed his eyes and waited to hit the hard floor but instead met a soft surface.

Shouichi opened his eyes to be met by Ghost's amethyst ones. Shouichi flushed as he realized their position. His hands were on either side of Ghost while the other's arms were on his waist. "Uh…I'm sorry." He was about to move away but Ghost reversed their position. Shouichi was now on the ground and Ghost loomed over him. "Shouichi…" Shouichi's face flooded with color. "Umm…Gh-Ghost-san?" Irie muttered softly but Ghost didn't seem to hear him instead he moved his hand to caress Shouichi's cheek then trailed down to his neck. Shouichi trembled at the gentle touch.

"Gh-Ghost-san!" Finally, Ghost snapped out of his trance and glanced down at the trembling red-haired. His eyes widened and he immediately moved away from away from the red-haired. He looked away as the red-haired sat up. "I'm sorry…"


"Shou-chan~! Time for breakfast~!" the door banged open revealing a very cheerful Byakuran. Byakuran blinked at the awkward silence in the room. Ghost got up and walked towards Byakuran when he was a few inches away from him Byakuran grabbed his arm. "What happened here?" he asked, whispering so that only the other can hear him. "Sorry…" was all he said before going out of the room. He immediately rushed to Irie's side.

"Shou-chan~? He didn't do anything to you right?"

"Baka. Of course he didn't. He's not like you." He snapped. What is it with these two anyway? The other seemed like he's avoiding Shouichi while the other is desperately trying to catch his attention. He couldn't understand if they were really related or not.

"Hmm…Shou-chan is so mean~! I just wanted him to like me~!" Byakuran pouted childishly. Shouichi sighed heavily. Byakuran really is like a child. Whining and sulking if he doesn't get what he wants. Shouichi doesn't actually hate children, more like he wants to care for them. But dealing with Byakuran is another story. He wonders if Byakuran ever had a mother. Because some people usually wouldn't act childishly if they were cared and loved by their parents right? But Irie knew that son's of rich people doesn't usually hang out too much with their parents because they may be busy with work that they don't enough time to hang out with their family. Maybe he can understand Byakuran if he would get to know him and spend time with him. Shouichi flushed at the thought, it's not like he really wanted to marry the guy! He just want to get to know him…getting to know someone not such a bad idea right?

"Fine, Gesso-san, we're gonna be late for school." He turned to white haired man whose face broke into a large smile. "Mou~ Call me Byakuran~" he pouted. Shouichi sighed, too mentally tired to actually care.

"Fine, Bya-Byakuran-san…" said Shouichi, cheeks growing unexpectedly warm. Byakuran gave him a sweet smile. Ba-dum. Badum. "Wah~! I love you Shou-chan~!" Byakuran threw his arms around the red-haired. Shouichi feels his heart skip a beat. "By-By-Byakuran-sa-san…can't…breathe…" Shouichi trailed off then Byakuran let go of him. Byakuran grabbed his arm and continued to smile at him. "Let's go Shou-chan~! Breakfast is ready~" he sang before dragging the red-haired to the dining room. Maybe…Maybe getting to know Byakuran wouldn't be so bad after all.

"Hey girls~! Look! Look! Byakuran-sama is already going to school~!" a girl outside the Gesso family's mansion squealed at her co-fan girls.

"Kyaaaah~! Byakuran-sama is soooooo hot~!" another girl squealed.

"Hey look! Who's the Black Spell student with Byakuran-sama?"

"EEEEHH?" they squealed in unison.

"Hey! Why is that Black Spell student clinging to Byakuran-sama~!" (technically, it's Byakuran who's clinging at Shouichi.)

"Kyaaaah! Byakuran-sama kissed him on the cheek~! WHO THE HELL IS HE?" another girl shouted to her lungs.

"Hey girls…" another girl with long blue hair, wearing a White spell uniform called out to them.

"Bluebell-sama!" they greeted their Byakuran fan club president.

"Nee…Bluebell-sama! Who is that low life Black Spell student? Why is he going to school with Byakuran-sama?" a random girl asks.

"Che, he's nothing but a toy!" Bluebell curses. Even though she was already warned by Kikyo not to say bad things about the red-haired Black Spell student, she didn't listen. More like she didn't want to listen. How could that loser be her Byakkun's fiancé? He even came from a poor family! What's so good about him?

"But Byakuran-sama looks so fond of him." Another girl stated who was directly slapped in the face by Bluebell.

"Byakkun is not fond of that creature! We can't let him be close to my Byakkun!" she shouted at the girl who was trembling in front of her.

"What do we do now Bluebell-sama?" the girls ask their leader. Bluebell grinned evilly, an idea forming in her head.

"Oh~ we'll simply make his life miserable." She grins at them then they began to snicker.

'I'll make sure you'll never become Byakkun's fiancé! Irie Shouichi!' she thoughts evilly.

On a nearby tree, a white haired guy listened to the every detail of Bluebell's plan. 'Sorry Bluebell, but I can't let you hurt Irie Shouichi…' he thought.


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