Chapter 8: The Other Side of The Story

Gesso Family, one of the most famous, respected families in all of Japan. Everyone respected them and look up to them like they're royalty. Who would even want to be enemies with such a powerful and strong family? No one would even dare do something like that. The head of the Gesso family had to sons-twins to be exact. And being the sons of the most powerful family in Japan, they were respected and have good friends and could possibly have everything they wanted.

The little brother was named, Ghost. Nobody knows actually if that's his real name, and they weren't sure if he was aware of how creepy his name is. He was a silent one and some people think he was strange but when they get to know him, they found out that he was such a gentle person. And the elder brother was always in the center of attention. He was- everyone's favorite and he was a heartthrob for girls.

He was looked up by anyone else not because he was the son of the most influential family but also because he was the one who would inherit everything and would become the head of the Gesso Family once he becomes a handsome young man. But for now, he and his little brother's were still little kids, they would still need to be prepared and taught.

For Byakuran Gesso, he could everything he even wanted and he can get it once he orders his maids or say that he wanted that certain thing. He had many friends and girls would want to be with him. He is very handsome with that wild white hair and luscious purple eyes that everyone can't stop staring at. He was a proud and arrogant kid, but he knows how to entertain his father's guest whenever they throw a party at their large mansion. He can practically fool everyone with his brilliant and fake smile.

But despite having everything he wanted, he just seems…empty. Like he wants…need something to complete him, something…like the redhead that was once brought into their house. His smile is innocent and sweet as he reached out for his hand in their first meeting.

For the first time of his life, he had seen someone smile at him without any bad intention, just a smile that would surely pierce to your very soul. Not like the fake smiles that he always gives to those elders that wanted nothing to win their favor so they could benefit from their yes, he knew about it. People might treat him like a kid, but his mind was of that of an adult. He knows that those stupid adults just wanted his father's money. But he doesn't care; they won't get what they want anyway.

Irie Shouichi was his name, the redhead kid that wouldn't come off of his mind, his smile, his green eyes, everything. The little kid was visiting their house together with his father. At first look, Byakuran knew that they were poor and it seem that they were borrowing money from his father. But when he asks his father what they were doing here, his father smiled at him and told him that they weren't there borrowing money but because his father and Irie Shouichi's father were close friends and they just came to visit.

And days passed and the redhead always comes to visit in their house and he finally got the chance to talk to Irie Shouichi. "Hi~" he smiled at the redhead who was sitting silently on the sofa, green eyes flicker at him curiously. He fidgeted and smiled softly. "Hello…" Byakuran smiled sweetly at the redhead, sitting down beside him.

"Your name is?" he asked.

"E-Eh? Um…uh, I-Irie Shouichi." He mumbled, totally nervous and pressed his legs together.

"I'm Byakuran Gesso, nice to meet you, Shou-chan~" he smirked. Shouichi flushed but managed to smile, taking his hand.

"Um… n-nice to m-meet you, Ge-Gesso-san."

"Mou, call me Byakuran, Shou-chan~" he wraps a hand around the redhead's shoulder.

"Uh…ha-hai, By-Byakuran-san."

"Mou, you don't have to put 'san' in my name Shou-chan~"

"Uh…O-Okay, Bya-Byakuran…"

"Much better~ let's become good friends Shou-chan~" Byakuran chirped. And after all that, they became friends and Shouichi was always invited to their house due to Byakuran's request. He finds himself getting closer and closer with the redhead. And something changed in him, and it happened that day-

He was incredibly happy and he was always in a good mood whenever he knows that his dear Shou-chan would be coming to visit him. He hums happily, thinking of the games that they would be playing. The maids in the house stared at their young master with smiles plastered on their faces. Their young master's happiness is highly contagious.

"Shou-chan~! Shou-chan~! Where are you~!" Byakuran shouts. "Shou-" he stops when he hears a laugh that he knows too well. When he came to the living room, he sees his Shou-chan laughing alongside his little brother. His lips twitched but remained his brilliant smile.

"Shou-chan?" the redhead and his little brother turned to him. Shouichi smiled at him.

"Uh-Byakuran, good morning." Byakuran smiled sweetly at him before he turned to his little brother. "Oh, Ghost, Father is looking for you~" he chirped, eyes cold. Ghost blinked at him then nodded. "Okay."

"Uh, Ghost-kun. See you later." Shouichi waved at him. Ghost smiled and waved back at him. "See you." Byakuran twitched at the scene but chose to ignore the unwanted thoughts in his head as he turned to Shou-chan with a warm smile.

He was scolded. His father was very angry of what he did. His expression remained neutral as reprimanded him for what he did. Byakuran doesn't turn to his side where his Shou-chan cradles his little brother with obvious concern and care. He doesn't want to see what expression his Shou-chan is shooting at him.

He was not allowed to see Shou-chan for a week as punishment for beating up his little brother. He had never seen Shouichi for days but Shouichi stilled visited and regularly checked on Ghost. He, wanted to see his Shou-chan so much, but fears that Shou-chan would hate him for what his did. He didn't want Shouichi to hate him, and he realizes-he understands why he feels so protective of Shou-chan, why he was so infuriated him when he saw his Shou-chan laughing with his little brother, he knew…he had somehow developed feelings for his beloved friend.

He still didn't see his Shou-chan after a week. He was a little irritated and-

"Byakuran?" He was so glad when he heard that voice. He was so happy. His Shou-chan, was in front of him.

"Shou-chan~!" he grabbed the redhead into a suffocating hug. The redhead squeaked but didn't struggle.

"Byakuran? Are you okay?" Shouichi asks, brows arched together delicately as he pushed the other kid away from him, to see if he was okay. Byakuran smiled at him, feeling himself being filled with happiness.

"I'm fine Shou-chan~ I didn't think I'd see you again Shou-chan~ I missed you~" he sang. Shouichi blinked. "Eh? Why is that?"

"O-Oh! Nothing~! But that doesn't matter anymore, I want to play with Shou-chan now~!" he chirped happily as he dragged the redhead away.

"Mou~ Shou-chan isn't listening to me at all~" Byakuran chuckles softly as Shouichi looks up at him through his glasses. He got those new glasses a few weeks ago, it looks good on him. It's cute.

"Eh? What was that?" Shouichi flushed, embarrassed at his absentmindedness. Byakuran smiled, amusement dancing in his eyes.

"I want Shou-chan to come in the party, tomorrow~" his smile grew to new heights as the redhead blinked. "Eh? Bu-But-"

"Don't worry Shou-chan. I already told Father and your parents about it and they approve!"

"Eh? But- I don't have anything to wear at such a grand party!" Byakuran smiled and he wrapped his arms around the redhead's petite form, and mumbled in his ear.

"Don't' worry Shou-chan, I have prepared something for you to wear. And besides, my birthday won't be fun without you Shou-chan~"

Everyone had gathered for the party which was held in a well-known five-star hotel where Byakuran and Ghost's birthday were being held. There were many guests and people began to whisper and talk with each other. Guys were eyeing girls from afar while girls giggled and lashes fluttering sensuously at the cute white-haired kid sitting at his chair while eating his favorite marshmallows.

He looked bored as the party went on. He didn't notice- or rather chose to ignore the people who were looking his way for the people wanted to talk to him, there was only one person he would want to lavish his attention to, who was also not around. He munched another marshmallow in his mouth, eyes narrowing dangerously.

"Kufufu, what a scary expression." Byakuran chuckled softly.

"Hm, I didn't think you'd come, Mukuro-kun."

"Kufufu, why should I miss my friend's birthday hm?" Mukuro teased. Byakuran scoffed. Mukuro smirked mischievously, sitting beside the white-haired after waving goodbye at the group of girls from afar.

"Kufufu, what's wrong? Did your darling Shou-chan forgot about you?" Mukuro asked, playfulness evident in his tone.

"Hm~" Byakuran ignored the question, his bad mood worsening. He was seconds away from running away from his party when a glimpse of red hair caught his attention and he instantly brightened.

"Shou-chan~!" he exclaimed, alerting the other guests but ignored them as he rushed to the redhead and threw himself at him.

"Ack! Bya-Bya-Byakuran! You-You're squishing me!" Shouichi gasped. Byakuran hugs the redhead even tighter, inhaling his scent. "Bya-Byakuran?" he lets go of the redhead and smiles softly.

"Shou-chan! You came!" he chirped, voice very loud for everyone to hear, but he didn't seem to care. After all, Shou-chan is here, that's all that matters.

"Uh, well…y-yah…" Shouichi fidgeted, looking away. Byakuran tilted his head to the side and smiled. "Shou-chan? What's wrong?" Shouichi remains silent and seemed to be hiding something behind his back. Byakuran's smile grew to new heights. "Shou-chan?" To his surprise, a little box was shoved into his hands, decorated with a white wrapper with a red ribbon on the edge. He blinked at it and turned to the redhead whose cheeks began to flare.

"Ha-Happy bir-birthday, Bya-Byakuran…" Shouichi greeted timidly. Byakuran broke into a large smile and he threw himself (again) at the redhead.

"Uwaa~! I love you Shou-chan~!" he nuzzled the redhead's cheek lovingly. In the end, the party went quite well, the birthday celebrant is very happy to have his Shou-chan stay with him for the rest of the night. His only wish for his birthday, is that he'd be with his Shou-chan forever and ever~

-but things didn't end up as the things he wanted-

He rushed to Shou-chan's house after hearing that rumor, ignoring the calls for him to wait. He knocked at the door and he was greeted by no other than Shou-chan's sister and mother.

"Ara? Gesso-kun? What are you doing here?" she asked.

"Auntie, is it true? That you're leaving?" he asked. Shou-chan's mother looked surprised but managed to invite Byakuran into their house. They told him everything that they would be going to Namimori. Byakuran looked devastated. He was going to part with his Shou-chan!

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I didn't tell you about it." Shouichi looked incredibly sad as he stared at the ground, away from Byakuran's eyes. Byakuran stroked the redhead's cheek as he made Shouichi look at him. His Shou-chan was crying, he gently wiped the tears away with his thumbs.

"Shh…Don't cry. Don't cry Shou-chan, I'll wait- I'll wait until you come back, hmm? I'll wait…" he brushed his lips against the redhead's cheek before he wraps his arms around the redhead's petite form. He'll be missing his Shou-chan a lot. And of course, he'll be sending lots and lots of letters. And Shou-chan promised he'd visit him.

But he never got a letter from Shou-chan, not a single one. He waited for days, days passed on to months, years but he never got any letter from his beloved Shou-chan. Not one letter, one call, one visit, nothing. Years have passed and he had changed, both physically and mentally, but he never heard anything from his Shou-chan who promised him that he'd come and visit him.

Years later, he and his brother moved to Namimori to study in a prestigious school that their father invested millions into. But it was not studying he was eager to do, but to find Shou-chan. He wants to know what happened to him. He wants to know why Shou-chan didn't keep his promise. He wouldn't be satisfied until he doesn't know the reason.

He was greeted the way he expected. He was greeted as if he was a prince. Girls squealed and swooned at the sight of him while guys stared at him with envy at the handsome (new) White Spell student. A week later, everyone wanted to become friends, wanted to be in his presence, wantedto be with Byakuran Gesso. He was an idol, he was greeting in sports, smart, incredibly handsome and rich, and who wouldn't want that?

"Oya oya, are you sure you wouldn't want to come with me? There'll many girls and drinks, I'm sure you'll find someone that'll meet your standards."

"Its fine Mukuro-kun~" Byakuran took another marshmallow. "Kufufu, still haven't gotten over your first love?" Mukuro teased, smile growing to new heights, becoming aware of the sudden change of the atmosphere.

"Hm~ What if that's the case?" he looked over his shoulder to get a better view at Mukuro. Byakuran's smile is sharp and so were his eyes. Mukuro chuckled, enjoying the dangerous look that lingered on the other man's face.

"Kufufu, whatever." And with that, he left. Walking around the campus is one of the great ways to pass time. He hummed, walking around the large school. He waved at the group of girls giggling and eyeing him from afar. Smiling, he slipped his hands his hands into the pocket of his jeans. Then he stopped at once, eyes widening, at the redhead that caught his attention.

His Shou-chan! His Shou-chan is here! He became very excited and his hands were trembling in anticipation. After so many years of waiting and waiting, he had finally seen him; his questions would finally be answered. His Shou-chan changed a bit; he was taller and cute, with the same large glasses. But when a bunch of White Spell students intentionally bumps his Shou-chan which caused his things to fall on the ground, his lips twitched into a perilous smile. No one is allowed to bully his Shou-chan without his permission. He slowly makes his way to them, hands twitching.

"Hmm~? What are you guys doing~?" he asked sweetly, eerie smile plastered in his handsome face, a threatening aura emitting from him. They turned and trembled in fear at the sight of Byakuran Gesso's happy but mischievous smile.

"S-Shit! It's Gesso! Le-Let's get going man!" they ran away like frightened chickens, no one wants to mess with the famous White Spell student that many loved and feared at the same time, especially Byakuran Gesso. Byakuran made mental note to hunt those guys later and have a little chat with them. The redhead crouched to pick his things up- Byakuran helped the redhead out.

"Tha-Thank you." The redhead mumbled. Byakuran smiled softly as the redhead took his things from him. "Um…tha-thanks again…" he bows at him and turns to leave but Byakuran stops him.

"Irie Shouichi?" The redhead blinks as if confused is to why a stranger knows his name. He looked hesitant and cautious. "Y-Yes? Um, how-how do you know my name?" Shouichi asks. Byakuran blinked, why didn't Shou-chan know him?

"Don't you- remember me, Shou-chan?" Shouichi shook his head.

"Um…no. Who are you?" Lavender eyes widened, he doesn't understand why Shou-chan is acting like this. Why was he doing this? What could he have done wrong? But everything became clear when he received Shou-chan's address and he, without any other thoughts, visited where Shou-chan's house.

Shou-chan's parents were surprised to see him in Namimori, surprised to see him grow up into such a handsome man, but didn't hesitate to invite him into their humble abode. He asks about what happened to Shou-chan and was surprised to see Shou-chan's mother crying when he talk about it. Then they started to explain everything, the real reason why they have to live in Namimori, the reason why Shou-chan couldn't remember him.

Shou-chan's mother was crying as she was explaining everything to him, and Shou-chan's father was trying his best to comfort her. Now, everything was as clear as water, he knows why his beloved Shou-chan couldn't remember him.

He still remembered Shou-chan's crying face, he could remember brushing away those tears away, smiling softly while comforting his weeping Shou-chan. They promised each other back then, that he'd wait for Shou-chan to come back and that Shou-chan will visit him too. Now, he understood why Shou-chan couldn't keep his promise.

Shou-chan, his sister, and his parents had a car accident when they were just half way to Namimori which resulted to Shou-chan having amnesia. His parents and his sister were only injured by the incident but Shou-chan- no. He couldn't bear just thinking about it, not when he knows that it wasn't just a normal accident.

"Why didn't you tell me about it? Why didn't you tell me about Shou-chan!" his tone is uncontrolled, he looked angry, he was annoyed and irritated, because he was the only one who didn't knew anything about it. He stood facing his father's back, with his little brother standing at the corner of the room. He hears his father sigh and turned to him.

"I told them to keep it secret from you." His father answered, unaffected by his glare. He scoffed angrily. "What?"

"It was none of your business."

He slammed his hands on the table. "Shou-chan is my business." Byakuran almost snaps. After hearing everything from Shou-chan's parents, he rushed to his father and asks him to explain everything he knows about why he didn't tell him about Shou-chan. And what irritated him the most is that his little brother knew about it and didn't tell him about it.

"We decided that it was best to keep you away from him for a while." His father remained stoic as he could see the repressed inferno in his son's eyes. "Keep him away from me? Why?" After a few minutes of silence, his father answered.

"Not just away from you my son, but away from our family as well." At this, Byakuran arched a brow. "And why is that?" he crossed his arms over his chest. His father sat on his chair and rubbed his temple. "A rival family, threatened to harm anyone close to our family, I couldn't let them get involved." Byakuran frowned.

"So, it wasn't just a normal accident was it?" he asked, eyes narrowing. His father remained silent for a moment and he sighed. Byakuran has the right to know.

"We concluded to separate you two for a while to avoid them to get involved with our problems."

"But it was no use wasn't it? They must've known Shou-chan and his family was going to Namimori."

"They did, but it seemed Shouichi-kun was their target. They have been eyeing you and Shouichi-kun for quite awhile, they must've known…tch…"

Byakuran turned to leave. "Wait, where are you going?"

"If you can't protect Shou-chan, then I will." He left, ignoring the calls for him to wait and discuss everything first, but he doesn't listen. Shou-chan's safety is his top priority.

Despite being reproached that he shouldn't get too close to Shou-chan, he kept on keeping a close watch at his beloved friend. Watching his every move, the people he get interacted with, the things he do, and the people who would bully his Shou-chan, and finds a resolve to slaughter them if they ever touch his Shou-chan again.

He begins to investigate all his Shou-chan's new friends and finds the time to keep an eye (stalk) them to see if they were deserving to be his Shou-chan's friends. He managed to gather faithful and loyal companions or had attained them through his father's orders. He never really cared about them but they were quite fun to play with, especially when they just do everything he asks of them.

He also began to investigate about the rival family that dared hurt his Shou-chan, after all, he'll do whatever it takes to bring down those people who are stupid enough of hurt his most prized and most precious possession.

He visits Shou-chan's home from time to time without Shou-chan himself noticing it. It wasn't time to introduce himself to him; he just has to keep distance for awhile, knowing it was not the right time. He'll wait for that right time, and then they would be together again, just like before.

"If you really insist, then we do it the right way." Byakuran could already feel himself filled with happiness and excitement. He has to fight the smile that threatened to form in his face. He watches his father think about the proposition he presented after investigating the past relations between his family and Shou-chan's family.

"My son…this is…" his father frowned as he turned to him. Byakuran crossed his leg over the other and smiled sweetly, ignoring the look on his father's face.

"Yes~ You heard me~ Shou-chan's parents agreed to it too~" he practically sang at his gaping father.

"This is…"

"Just agree to it Otou-sama, I've made my decision~" he smiled. His father looked troubled but sighed.

"Are you sure about this?"

"Of course~! I'm sure Ghost will take good care of your company~" he grinned, ignoring the bothered look on his brother's face who was sitting just beside him, also unsure of his proposition but chose to remained silent. His father sighed, it's no use arguing with his son now that his determined to give all he would have just for the proposition he made.


"Father!" Ghost was obviously not pleased with this. Even if the inheritance goes to him, he doesn't like it one bit. Byakuran was now smiling, happy on how things turned out.

"Brother! Reconsider!" he turned to Byakuran who just shook his head and stood, smiling happily.

"I told said it didn't I? Whether you like it or not, I'm marrying Shou-chan~!" he smiled at his dumbfounded brother before he turned to leave, he would be busy preparing, busy preparing for his marriage proposal, for the right time has finally come. He was going to meet Shou-chan~

He smiles happily at the redhead he cornered on his way home. He chuckles softly at the weird and confused look he was getting from his most beloved friend.

"Hi, Shou-chan~!" he chirped happily. His Shou-chan raises a brow at him and took a step back as if afraid of him.

"Nice to meet you Shou-chan~! My name is Byakuran Gesso~ Let me take you home Shou-chan~!" He smiled, forcing his Shou-chan to get in the car he prepared before they would go back to Shou-chan's home. He was very happy on the things have turned out. He managed to make Shou-chan stay in the mansion and be with him every day and now, nothing would ever pull them apart.

He was happy when he heard it, he was very- very happy when Shou-chan himself told him that he liked him. He could jump up and down in happiness. He watches Shou-chan intently, noticing the shade of red in his cheeks. He had to stop himself from throwing himself at Shou-chan and just tell him how much he loves him.

"Tha- That's…" Shou-chan looked incredibly cute at the moment; Byakuran couldn't help but restrain himself.

"There is no reason to be jealous Shou-chan~ After all, I'm all yours~" Byakuran smiles at him, enjoying at look on his Shou-chan's face. He was gaping at him like a fish, it's irresistibly cute~

He walking slowly the unmoving redhead, a small smile still plastered on his pale features. When he was in front of him, the redhead mumbled softly.


"Shou-chan…" he sees the redhead shiver visibly and he smiled softly, knowing exactly how he was affecting his dearest Shou-chan. He carefully cradled Shou-chan's cheek with his hands, tenderly brushing away the remained tears on the redhead's lashes. He feels his growing satisfaction.

"Shou-chan, I love you too." He leans in, his lips meeting Shou-chan's own. He smiled when Shou-chan melted against him. He had never wanted anything in the world than be with his Shou-chan. Now that he knows Shou-chan likes him back, it won't matter if Shou-chan doesn't remember him, because he has, known that the present Shou-chan likes him.

And won't let anything or anyone to keep them apart- now that he knows that Shou-chan likes him- he was never going to let him go. Never.

[End of Chapter 8]

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