A/N: This seems almost too short to post, but hopefully you'll enjoy the drabble. James is such fun to write, the idiot. :)

He'd rehearsed it in his head a million times.

"Mum, Dad, this is Lily," he would say, "and Lily, meet my mum and dad." Then they'd all smile and shake hands and Lily would be overcome with the desire to stick around for a lifetime of Sunday lunches.

When the knock finally came, James' heart leapt into his throat, and he reached the door in half a stride. He forced himself to pause so it wouldn't appear that he'd been waiting like the pathetic lovelorn fool that he was.

"I can see you through the window," came a dry voice, and James was almost more elated than embarrassed.

"You came," he said stupidly, throwing the door open and nearly jabbing Lily in the nose with an enormous bouquet of flowers that Sirius had rescued from the neighbour's garden.

With a pleased sort of grimace, Lily reached up and took the flowers, giving them a cautious sniff. "They're lovely," she finally pronounced, and James beamed, and events were suddenly back on track, progressing as planned. And then he realised that he'd been standing there staring for longer than was considered strictly polite, so he turned back to the house with a wince.

Before he'd taken more than a step, Lily made a flustered sound behind him. James glanced back, and was startled to see that she was blushing.

"Wait," she said, moving forward, wielding the bouquet in one hand, the other somehow making its way onto James' cheek. "I haven't thanked you for the flowers."

James could hardly believe it. He hadn't even planned for this, or he'd have tried flowers long ago. He'd rehearsed this in his head a million times as well, but not in the context of Sunday lunch. Clearly he was lacking in imagination. Clearly he should just shut up and focus on sensation as Lily brushed her lips against his, and opened into the kiss.

They had opened into quite the kiss when James' dad cleared his throat from the doorway.

A thunderous silence ensued. James straightened, exhaled, and embraced his inner Gryffindor. "Mum, Dad, this is Lily," he said jauntily, voice much too bright. "And Lily, meet my mum and dad."

When nobody said a word, James' smile faltered and he glanced down to Lily, whose face was red as her hair and twice as straight. A panicky feeling fluttered through his stomach.

"You're late for lunch," said Sirius smoothly, pushing his way through James' parents with ease. He nodded at Lily. "Evans. Good to see you without that Prefect badge."

Lily rolled her eyes. "Good to see you haven't lost that everlasting charm, Black," she retorted, and James' dad snorted with laughter, the tension breaking.

"Won't you come inside, Lily?" his mum said, ushering the others out of the doorway with a long-suffering sigh. "We've heard so much about you."

James watched as his mum led Lily into the house, near knocked away by relief. He'd rehearsed it all a million times, but nothing quite lived up to reality.

He'd get Lily to stick around yet, if Sirius had to rescue all the flowers in the world.