The cold hand on her shoulder pushed her forward.

"Shrike…" she tried to speak, her voice sounded how her eyes looked: raw and pained

"Shh, Anna, it is for the best, she cannot live with us, it will ruin my plan, I'm sorry. This way she has a chance at life."

"But I don't even know her yet" Shrikes eyes flashed red and the claws shot out from his hands. He hated not being able to hide his emotions, he needed to gain the child's trust and show compassion but he couldn't.

"I had my children torn away from me a long time ago Anna" Shrike panicked. Had he? Who were his children? Where did they come from? Who were they? Was this why he loved Anna, because she reminded him of his daughter? Did he have a daughter? What was she called? Shrike lost his patience with himself. Where were these memories coming from? He lost it too with Anna. "If you don't hand that child over I will do it myself and it will not be pretty because I will hand it over to the butchers!" Shrike yelled. It was enough to get Anna moving

She walked slowly over to the orphanarioum and looked down at the baby's eyes. The baby looked a lot like her. It had the same narrow eyes and tanned skin from her oriental heritage except the freckles and the green eyes. Those belonged to Emy. A tear crept to her eye, whether it was for Emy or the baby she did not know. She pulled out a charcoal pen and wrote on its forehead: Sophi, please look after her.