Summary: Elena tries to get Damon into the Christmas spirit, employing all the tricks from her childhood. Written because I am insanely excited for Christmas. TV version, Elena/Damon, some Elena/Stefan.

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I don't own Vampire Diaries and I WANT Damon for Christmas… pretty please.

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It's beginning to feel a Lot like Christmas

Chapter 1:

It was mid December and the weather had dropped to freezing temperatures. It simply felt like the approaching season due to the frosty mornings and evenings that were punctuated by the luke-warm sun during the day. Elena was sitting in the living room, watching the weather forecast for the following week with her long-time vampire boyfriend, Stefan Salvatore.

"And the spell of frost will settle into some snow flurries by Tuesday lunchtime," the reporter said, smiling his best camera smile. "The snow should settle by Wednesday and be set for the following week... It looks like we're going to have a White Christmas, everybody."

Elena turned to gaze at Stefan, her eyes radiating excitement. "It's going to snow!" she exclaimed, holding his hand tightly.

Stefan smiled back at her and moved to kiss her. Elena gazed into his bright eyes and returned his loving smile. The moment was interrupted by loud footsteps coming down the stairs.

"Well that's the last box," Jeremy said, placing a large cardboard box on the floor in front of the couch. He gave a sigh of relief as he sat down on the couch opposite his sister and her vampire. Jeremy flipped open the box's lid and took out a piece of gold tinsel before chucking it at Elena. Stefan regarded the object curiously as it glittered in the soft light.

"Is it really that time of year again?" he asked, fingering the ends of the tinsel.

Elena nodded. "Yes, Aunt Jenna sent Jeremy up to get all the decorations out of the loft this morning. Do you need help getting yours up?"

Stefan tried to hide a sheepish smile. "Actually, we don't have any," he confessed.

"What?" Elena exclaimed.

"Well, Damon hates them and always refuses to let me have any," Stefan shrugged.

"I'm going to have a serious word with your brother," Elena said, her voice going cold.

"I doubt you'll change his mind," Stefan tried but he knew he wound give in and take Elena to see Damon anyway. Elena pulled on scarf, hat, gloves and coat and made her way to Stefan's car.

"Leave me to talk to him," Elena begged. "He'll be less defensive if it's just me."

Stefan agreed because he could tell this was important to Elena. "I'll see you later," he said, deciding to go and hunt while he was waiting.

Elena walked briskly to the door and found it was unlocked. She let herself into the house and called out Damon's name, listening to hear him approach in vain. As if she would be able to hear the panther-like vampire moving through his home.

"Damon?" she tried again and this time louder.

She finally became aware of his presence when she felt his breath on her neck, blowing her dark hair and sending tingles down her spine.

"How can I help you, princess?" he asked as she turned to face him, making Elena scowl at the nickname.

"I have a bone to pick with you," Elena said, watching his eyebrows raise at the comment.

"Fire away," he invited smugly, moving over to one of the couches and relaxing back into it.

"Stefan said you don't have any Christmas decorations," Elena accused, trying to keep the whine out of her voice.

Damon looked at her with his pale blue eyes. "Who needs such a stupid, pointless festival?" he asked, folding his hands over one another. "It's such a waste of time!"

Elena scowled once again. She seemed to be constantly frowning or scowling or some similar reaction when she was around Damon. "I happen to like Christmas," Elena said, her tone cold. "And I'm sure you would too if you gave it a try."

"How sure of that are you, princess?" he asked Elena, smirking his beautiful smirk.

Elena let the nickname go. "Very," she said defiantly.

"Sure enough to bet on it?" he asked, a funny look of amusement in his eyes that Elena didn't trust.

"Umm... Sure," she said. "What do you want?" Elena asked and regretted it almost immediately. What did she think Damon would want if he made a bet with her?

"A date, with no fighting," Damon said smiling. "And if you are right, then I shall host the perfect evening for you and a man of your choice."

"Okay," Elena hastily agreed, "but no lying just so you can get a date with me. You have to tell me if you enjoy yourself."

"Okay, agreed."

Elena smiled, her brown eyes glittering in excitement once again.

"So, what is step one to the perfect Christmas?" Damon asked, standing and walking over to her.

"Well first we need to get decorations for the house," Elena said. "And that means we have to go-"

"Shopping," Damon cut her off, looking horrified at the idea, just as most men would in his situation.