Before dawn:

"Nice and easy, Auditore."


"Why do you not go any faster?"


"Ah, yes—move them … si, just like that."


"I think this table looks strong enough—if you know what I mean."


"Are you going to finish first?"


"Would you mind using a bit more tongue?"

And finally, night:

"Let us try this position—"

"How the hell are you not impotent?"

Truly, this was the eighth wonder of the world.


"Your eyes are more beautiful than Apollo—"

"Statte zitto and go to sleep."

" … well, at least I tried."


Cesare arched a brow. "You are confessing your love to me right after you put a blade to my throat?"

Idly playing with a piece of grass, Ezio kept his languid silence, his right hand buried in the Spaniard's hair. "Che? Am I supposed to receive a token of affections first?"

"Fottiti—the world might end this moment, you know."

A pause. "I know."

"The sun is blinding."

"I know."

"Our men are dead."

" … I know."

"And mankind shall perish."

"I know."

" … ehi."


Cesare rose from the ground.

And kissed him.

"But I know what will not."