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I do not own anything of Yu-Gi-Oh. This is a story of my own design, created using elements of survival-horror games I play.

I will warn readers that I tend to blend Japanese and American names. It's just the way I like to type, but if it offends or confuses some of you, let me know.

Now, on with the story!

Chapter 1 : Virtual Torture

She was edgy. They were all edgy. They had little, if any, control over their situation, and Seto Kaiba, the target of this whole business, was now missing from their group. "God, I hope he is okay. He has to be okay! He's Seto Kaiba…he wouldn't just lose, would he? No, he's stronger than that. He may be stubborn, and he may be a jerk, but he's strong. He can handle himself."

Anzu shook her head and turned to look at the group. Yugi, Tristan, Serenity, and she were in the bed of a green pick-up truck; Duke and Jounouchi were doing their best to drive down the dirt pathway as quickly as possible. Mokuba was sitting next to her, his knees against his chest and his arms wrapped around his shins. There was the trace of tears in his eyes, but he refused to let them fall. She could only imagine what was running through his mind, knowing his older brother, his only living family, could be anywhere in a dangerous, virtual reality.

Sighing, she leaned against the wall of the bed and turned her head to look beyond the road. They were now in a sort of country setting, with mountains seen in the distance. She wondered briefly how many virtual realities there were in this programming. There could be dozens, if not hundreds, and Seto Kaiba was in one of them. One area, when there were how many? She sighed once more in frustration before returning her attention to the group.

"What's the matter, Anzu?" Yugi questioned, noticing her discomfort.

"I'm just worried," she admitted, glancing back down at Mokuba, who had been silent the entire trip. His eyes were glued to the floor of the bed, and he had yet to move since they began their drive. "Who knows where Kaiba could be…?"

"We'll find 'im, don't worry about it!" Jounouchi yelled back to the group, his usual, cheeky smile flashing across his face. "That Noa kid is gonna be sorry he ever messed with us, right Mokuba?"

It was an attempt at getting the boy to look up, and, like every other attempt tried thus far, it failed to even cause him to blink. Everyone watched, wishing to see some glimmer of light in the boy's countenance, but not even a trace of hope could be seen. "It's as if he has already given up…"

"We can't give up, Mokuba," Anzu stated, patting his shoulder. "We just have to keep searching. We'll find him, and he'll be okay."

"Who is that older guy that we saw anyways?" Duke questioned, turning for a brief second to look back at them before returning his attention to the road. "He appeared when Noa tried to challenge Kaiba to a duel, and then the two of them vanished. What the hell was that about?"

Anzu frowned at the memory. They had taken a virtual train to what appeared to be a vast lava pool and arrived when Noa was just beginning to challenge Kaiba to a duel. Mokuba was transported to them via a holographic portal, much to Kaiba's surprise, and she remembered the moment Kaiba turned to see his then-unconscious brother in her arms, his eyes wide in horror at the sight. Kaiba had begun arguing over using Mokuba to get to him when suddenly an older man's face appeared in the black, virtual clouds above. The voice was dark, malicious, and his eyes held a rage Anzu had never seen before. Just as the duel was about to start, the man began speaking, stating that Seto and Noa would pay for their failures and setbacks. Holes had appeared underneath Kaiba, Noa, and the group, splitting them up yet again and forcing them back to square one. They now had Mokuba and were together as a group, but they could only imagine where Kaiba, Noa, and the older man were.

"Well, whoever he is, he's gonna pay for what he's done to us!" Jounouchi exclaimed.

"His name is Gozaburo."

The entire group blinked and turned to look at the younger Kaiba. Mokuba's eyes hadn't shifted, yet his gaze turned cold at the name. "Gozaburo Kaiba. Head of KaibaCorp before my brother took over. He is…he was our adoptive father."

"Wait, he was in charge of KaibaCorp before Kaiba?" Yugi questioned, leaning forward slightly to hear better.

Mokuba nodded. "His company worked with and produced machines and weapons used in war. My brother wanted to change the image, so he reinvented the company into a gaming company shortly after taking over. We…we thought Gozaburo had committed suicide shortly after my brother took charge, but I… I guess not."

"Why in the world would he put himself in a virtual reality?" Tristan asked. Anzu couldn't help but smile at Tristan; they had yet to see the Big 5 since being split up at the lava pool, but Tristan was somehow placed back inside his own body. Whatever happened to the robotic monkey suit was anyone's guess.

"Maybe to be back with his son, Noa?" Yugi commented, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Grr, who cares why he's here?" Jounouchi shouted. "We gotta find Kaiba and figure out how to get out of here!"

"Joey's right," Serenity remarked. "We have to find Kaiba before those two do something to him!"

The group nodded in unison, and the only sound heard was that of the tires on the rough terrain. Anzu looked down at Mokuba once more to see the boy's blank expression. "Kaiba can handle himself. He has always been able to fight his way through any situation. I can understand why Mokuba is worried, but…"

"Yo guys, check it out!" Duke exclaimed as he suddenly pointed forward. "Is that a village?"

Anzu, along with Yugi and Tristan, stood from the bed of the truck and looked over the top. Sure enough, virtual cottages could be seen in the distance. She could see a wooden fence outlining the area as well as several trees, and as they got closer, she noticed what appeared to be a well in the center of the square.

"What is it?" Jounouchi questioned.

"A village, duh," Tristan retorted.

"That's not what I meant, you idiot! I mean, what's it doing out in the middle of nowhere here?"

"Beats me."

"Maybe it has a clue as to where Kaiba is!" Anzu remarked, hoping it would help raise the group's morale. Everyone save Mokuba smiled and nodded their heads.

They drove up the rest of the dirt pathway and through the open, wooden fence before stopping near the center of the cottages. Jumping out of the front seats, Jounouchi and Duke walked around the length of the truck and opened the bed, moving to side to allow the group to jump down. Anzu carefully jumped down before turning to help Mokuba, who was now standing but still looking at the floor of the bed. Sighing, she turned to the group and said, "You guys look around. I'll stay here with him."

The group, sensing Mokuba's anxiety, nodded in agreement and began to split themselves up. There were only four or five cottages, creating a sort of circle around the well, as well as an empty, wooden stable. Waiting until they had left to investigate, she climbed back onto the bed of the truck and stood in front of Mokuba. Kneeling down so her eyes were level with his, she asked, "What's the matter, Mokuba?"

"It… It's Seto," he whispered, his voice angrier than she anticipated. "I don't know where he is, and…and he has been risking himself this whole time for me! I don't even know where to find him, Anzu, and I'm scared for him! What if Noa or Gozaburo do something to him? What if he is fighting, looking for me like he always does! I always bring him down! I'm always in his way! Why is it that I—"

"Hey, hey, don't think like that," Anzu stated, brushing several strands of thick, black hair behind his ear. She could see that the tears were now streaming down his face, and he rushed forward and wrapped his arms around her in a tight grip. She returned the hug, whispering in a soft voice, "Your brother is strong and cares for you, Mokuba. He doesn't want anything to happen to you, not because you're a burden, but because he loves you. You're his brother, Mokuba. He loves you. Now how do you think he would feel if he heard you saying things like that about yourself?" Feeling his body beginning to calm down, she smiled and said, "We're going to find your brother, and we're going to get out of here. He will be okay; he's strong enough to get through this."

Mokuba took a step back and frowned at her. "But…but Gozaburo is—"

"Hey, I don't know who this Gozaburo creep is, but your brother is Seto Kaiba! He can handle himself."

Mokuba sighed and began wiping the tears away. "I just… I feel so guilty. I mean, I let Noa take me away, and Seto has been forced to duel these creeps because I couldn't stick close to him like he told me to. I just…"

"Guys, guys, guys!" Jounouchi cried out, suddenly running up to the side of the truck. "We found him!"

"'Found him'?" Anzu repeated. "You mean—"

"Yeah, Kaiba! We found him!"

Anzu and Mokuba quickly ran forward, jumping over the side of the truck and following closely behind Jounouchi. Her heart began racing a mile a minute. "If they found him, where is he? Is he okay? Why is he here?" A million questions began flooding her mind. They stormed into one of the cottages, rushing through the living room and into a side, back room. The floors were mere, wooden planks, and the wallpaper was a dull brown. The only furniture was a cabinet and a dining room table, both of which appeared dusty and in slight disrepair. Stopping at the entrance to the room, she gasped and placed a hand over her mouth to hide her surprise.

Seto Kaiba was lying on an old bed. His eyes were closed, and given his lack of reaction to Yugi and Tristan's orders to wake up, it was easy to tell he was unconscious. His trenchcoat was missing, and his metal armbands which covered his forearms were gone. Instead, the black sleeves of his long-sleeve shirt were rolled up, revealing both cuts and puncture wounds on his hands and arms. Jounouchi pushed his way forward and tapped his cheek, shouting, "Moneybags, time to get your lazy ass up!" His only response was a slight shift as Kaiba's head rolled to the side. It reminded Anzu of a lifeless doll.

Mokuba had since run up to the side of the bed and grabbed his older brother's hand, taking it in his own as the pent-up tears were released a second time. "Seto, Seto!" he shouted, leaning over his brother and wrapping his arms around his neck. "Oh my God, Seto! Seto, come on! You have to wake up! Seto!"

"This really doesn't look good," Duke whispered to the rest of them. Anzu had to nod in agreement; she had never seen Kaiba in such bad shape. She noticed that his eyes appeared to be sunken in slightly, and that the marks on his arms were beginning to bruise. Whatever he had been through, it did not look painless.

"All of these marks are recent," she thought to herself. "That man, Gozaburo, must have done something when he took the two away. But…if Seto is here…"

"Where is Noa?" she asked, searching the room once more for any signs of life.

"Who cares?" Jounouchi shouted as he marched up next to Mokuba. "Let's get Kaiba out of here and into the truck. We can take him someplace safer and wait until he wakes up."

"I don't really think there is a safe place here," Duke remarked, but nevertheless he exited the room, keys to the truck in hand. Jounouchi waited for Mokuba to release his brother before grabbing his right arm and pulling it over his shoulders. He then lifted Kaiba off the bed with his left arm, grunting at the brunette's weight as he did so, and began pulling him along.

"It might help if you put him on your back, Jounouchi," Tristan remarked as he approached the CEO's free side. Jounouchi nodded in agreement, and the two worked to put Kaiba's arms around Joey's neck, lifting him up so that Jounouchi held his legs in place around his waist. Mokuba, Anzu, and the rest of the gang merely watched in horror as Kaiba's face fell onto Joey's left shoulder, his eyes still refusing to open.

"Alright, rich boy, it's time to wake up!" Joey shouted. Her stomach flipped when no reaction came.

"Maybe Mokuba had a reason to be worried…what in the world did they do to him?" She waited for Jounouchi to exit first, followed closely by Mokuba, before exiting the room. Taking a look around the cottage, she saw no sign of life. "No papers, no food, no nothing. Just an empty cottage. Why would Gozaburo take Kaiba here?"

Exiting the house, she jogged to catch up to the group and watched as Jounouchi began placing Kaiba's limp figure into the bed of the truck. She had never seen Kaiba in such a state, and the sight was starting to make her sick. She turned her attention to the rest of the group, who were sharing equally disturbed expressions, save Mokuba who merely stared in shock at his brother. A few tears fell down his cheeks, but on the whole he was surprisingly calm. "He may be cold, but he is always in control, never one to fall down. What could have happened to cause this?" She took a step forward and grabbed onto the edge of the bed, deciding to help in the matter. Pulling herself up, she went to grab Mokuba when a flash of color caught her attention. She glanced over and felt her eyes widen at the sight.

"Noa!" she shouted, pointing at the cottage west of the group. The group turned in unison to look in the indicated direction, and Anzu heard Jounouchi growl at the sight of the boy. It was Mokuba, however, who approached the boy. He ran at full speed towards him, shaking and grabbing his collar once he was within reaching distance.

"You son of a bitch!" Mokuba shouted to the surprise of everyone. "How dare you do this to my brother! What did he ever do to any of you? Tell me, damn you!"

"Mokuba, please," Serenity whispered, obviously upset by the boy's shouts.

"Why? What did he do to you? What did he do to hurt you?"

"Mokuba!" Jounouchi shouted, trying to get the boy's attention. Mokuba turned, eyes ablaze, tears streaming down his face. His lips were contorted into a growl, causing Anzu to take a step back in surprise.

"What? I have every right to yell at…at him! He took Seto away from me, he hurt him, he…he…."

Returning to look at the boy, Mokuba panted heavily and went to shake him once more when he suddenly stopped panting. Anzu, noticing the shift in stature, leaned forward and was surprised to see Noa's eyes were closed. He appeared limp in Mokuba's arms, although he was still standing on his feet.


Letting go, Mokuba took a step back as he fell forward onto the wooden plank balcony. He landed with a hard thud, and the group shivered at the hollow noise. "What…what is going on here?" Duke questioned, his gaze going back and forth between Noa's limp figure and Seto's equally lifeless form.

"We should probably get out of here," Serenity remarked, her voice shaking with fear.

A sudden noise penetrated the eerie silence, and the group watched in horror as Noa's body began to shudder.

"N…Noa?" Mokuba repeated, leaning forward slightly to get a better look.

"Mokuba, get back!" Yugi shouted. Mokuba did so just as Anzu noticed what appeared to be a large air bubble travel up his arm, disappearing into his shoulder. His body began convulsing, and more and more bumps began appearing and disappearing.

"What the…?" Anzu had never seen anything like it. It looked as though his body was morphing, as if his insides were threatening to burst.

"We need to get out of here!" Duke shouted. "Everyone, back in the truck!"

Serenity, Tristan, and Yugi immediately jumped into the back as Jounouchi and Duke rushed to the front seats of the truck. Anzu could only stare in horror as Noa's convulsions became worse, and she briefly saw his eyes open, revealing a dark red shade. It was only then that she realized Mokuba had yet to move.

"Mokuba, hurry! We need to leave!"

But Mokuba wouldn't budge. He simply stood there, as though he was paralyzed, until Noa's body suddenly exploded. Virtual blood and gore splattered everywhere, and Anzu cried out in horror as she saw blood hit Mokuba, who jumped back in surprise before gaping at the remains. Pieces of his body fell to the ground, where they disappeared as computer coding, fading into nothingness. Leftover blood splattered along the walls began sliding down, creating a macabre image. Mokuba, who was just as stunned as the rest of the group, slowly raised his hand to wipe the blood from his face before turning to look at them.

"That's going to happen to Seto, isn't it?" he asked slowly, his eyes only growing in size.

"Mokuba, it's—"

"I can't believe the virus rejected him! My only son!"

The group gasped in surprise, and Mokuba quickly turned and began backing his way up towards the truck. A bulky, tall man stepped through the entrance to the cottage, crunching the leftover blood and bits of gore beneath his business shoes. He was wearing a red business suit and black tie, and he was carrying a leather, black briefcase in his right hand. Anzu recognized the face to be the one revealed in the clouds before they lost Kaiba. It was Gozaburo.

Taking notice of the group, the man smirked spitefully before chuckling. "Ah ha, so this is the group my good-for-nothing adoptive son has acquired. And here I thought I taught him that he needed no one but himself in life. Ah well, I knew he would eventually succumb to failure. It was only a matter of time…"

"You're that Gozaburo creep!" Jounouchi shouted through the truck window.

"The name is Gozaburo Kaiba, President and CEO of KaibaCorp before that brat took over!"

"What is it that you want with us?" Anzu questioned. She watched as Mokuba began approaching the truck, and she leaned forward, knowing he would need help climbing into the bed.

"I wanted to bring Seto here so I could teach him a lesson on taking over what isn't his!" Gozaburo stated. "My company was set to go in a new direction when that brat took over and backstabbed ME, the one who got him out of that miserable orphanage in the first place!"

"You wouldn't have even thought of adopting us if Seto hadn't beaten you at that game!" Mokuba shouted back, his hands balled up into angry fists. Anzu frowned; what game was he talking about?

"Yes, but even then I did not have to educate him. I gave him a great education, teaching him everything he needed to know in order to survive in the business world. And look what he did with that knowledge! He turned and used it against me, ME, and thought that he could simply be done with me after taking over. I simply used Noa to lure him here, in order to teach him a proper lesson! And then Noa turns on me and begins using that Duel Monsters crap in order to get revenge on his adopted brother! I did not think the virus would reject him… It really is a shame."

"What the hell kind of virus are you talking about?" Tristan questioned, leaning forward and grabbing onto the edge of the bed of the truck.

Gozaburo closed his eyes and chuckled once more. "You don't have to worry. Those wounds will not be seen in the real world. However, the effects of the drugs…"

"Drugs?" Yugi shouted. "You drugged your adopted son?" Anzu shivered before peeking over at Mokuba, whose tears were now falling yet again. She couldn't blame him, though.

"That must be what those puncture wounds are. Then…what about the cuts? A-And the bruises?"

"It is a new drug, one whose effects you will see when you return to the real world," Gozaburo replied. "It will be interesting to see just how long he lasts, given that it is untested in this sort of scenario."

"What drug is it?" Duke asked.

"One you would never understand. You see, KaibaCorp was preparing to turn to biological weapons when Seto got the nerve to take over. I was in the process of switching from mechanical weapons, which were becoming extremely difficult to produce and far too expensive to bring in a decent profit, to biological, but—"

"What the hell do you mean, 'biological'?" Jounouchi interrupted, his head hanging out of the window.

"Didn't your mother ever teach you manners?" Gozaburo countered. "Hmph. I can't believe my adopted son has taken you all in as friends. Ha, friends! Did none of my lessons sink in!"

"You ruined Seto, you bastard!" Mokuba shouted, his upper body leaning forward in rage. "Because of you, he…he…he doesn't trust anyone anymore! He doesn't talk to anyone, doesn't like anyone! You ruined his life, you bastard!"

"'Ruined his life'? You little punk! He ruined my life! He is the reason I disappeared off the face of the planet, damning myself to a virtual reality so I could work on my ingenious designs in secret! He is the reason my plans for the company I built from the ground up could never come to fruition! You are telling me I ruined his life? You have no respect or knowledge of what I went through for the company or because of your idiotic brother. But now…now he knows what I have been doing, and he will understand the pain I have gone through because of him."

"W-What does that mean?" asked Jounouchi.

"You'll just have to find out, won't you?"

Just as he said this, Anzu noticed a large, black hole appear beneath them, widening until the entire truck hovered above. Her stomach flipped as she felt the truck begin falling into the pit, and she began to scream as the wind pushed her hair back and threatened to swallow her. She fell forward, trying to grab onto the bed of the truck, but soon her grip released, and she felt herself freefalling into the darkness. She turned and tried to make out her friends, Mokuba, anyone, but the group soon began to vanish until she could see nothing but darkness.

"Anzu! Anzu!"

Quickly opening her eyes, Anzu gasped as she saw Yugi and Jounouchi hovering above her. She groaned as feeling began spreading through her arms and legs, and as she went to sit up, she realized she was stuck in a glass container. Raising her hand, she pressed it against the cold glass and was surprised when the glass began rising at her touch. She waited until it stopped, standing vertically, before sitting up and stretching her arms. Yugi was standing to her left, Jounouchi to her right, and she jumped in surprise as Mokuba dashed in front of her.

"Where are we?" she questioned, looking around the large room. They were in an open, metallic room, with cement flooring and steel walls. A large computer screen was directly in front of her, an empty, black leather, computer chair sitting in front of the expansive keyboard.

"We must be back in the real world," Tristan stated, causing her to jump once more. She turned to her left to see Tristan, Serenity, and Duke smiling at her. She couldn't help but smile back at them. At least they were safe.

"How did we get here? And where are we?"

"Maybe we are in that large building we landed in when we first arrived here," Duke remarked. "We should find an elevator and go up to the top floor. If we're really in the real world, we can find the blimp and get the hell out of here."

"Yeah, but what about—"


The group turned in unison and was surprised to see Mokuba standing next to an opening pod. The glass top revealed the limp figure of Seto Kaiba, completely dressed in trenchcoat and all. Mokuba rushed to pull his brother forward, who merely leaned against his younger brother as though he was sleeping.

"Was Kaiba released from the virtual world?" Yugi questioned as the group rushed to the side of the pod. His eyes were still closed, but Anzu could tell by the rising and falling of his chest that his breathing was normal.

"I don't know," Mokuba answered. "Let me check…"

The boy slowly backed away, shivering as his brother fell against the edge of the pod, before rushing over to the computer. Anzu slowly approached the body and pulled him close, listening to his rhythmic breathing. "God, I hope he is okay."

"We'll get a doc for him when we get back on the blimp," Jounouchi stated. "He should be checked out. That Gozaburo creep said his wounds wouldn't appear in the real world, but who knows?"

"Joey's got a point, for once," Tristan stated.

"Hey, what does that mean?" Joey argued, raising his fist towards his friend.

"Calm down, you two!" Serenity shouted. "This isn't the time to be arguing!"

"Serenity's right," Duke remarked. "We gotta stay focus. You two can argue once we know Kaiba is okay."

"What number is above his pod?" Mokuba called over, the sound of his typing coming to a halt. Anzu glanced up to see the number 6 on a coil leading up to the ceiling.

"Six," she said.

"It says the pod is empty, as are all the other ones," Mokuba replied. "That means his mind must have been returned. But then…then why isn't he waking up?"

"Hey, as long as he's out of there, we can take care of him!" Jounouchi exclaimed. "Let's get out of here before we—"

A sudden red, flashing light caused the group to jump in surprise, and a loud alarm began to sound. "Warning, warning!" a female voice instructed over the intercom. "Ten minutes until detonation. Repeat, ten minutes until detonation. Please evacuate immediately. Warning, warning…"

"DETONATION! "Jounouchi shouted, flailing his arms about in horror. "We gotta get the hell outta here!"

"Put him on your back again, Joey!" Duke shouted. Joey nodded and quickly went down on his knees, turning his back to the direction of the pod. Anzu and Tristan swiftly placed Kaiba on Joey's back as Mokuba bolted out of his chair towards the group.

"B-But what if Seto is—"

"We don't have time to check, Mokuba!" Duke stated. "If the computer says he's returned to the real world, then we have to go with what the computer says!"


"Nine minutes remaining," the female voice informed. "Please evacuate immediately."

"Let's go!" Yugi shouted. Jounouchi grabbed onto Kaiba's legs and stood, taking a second to steady himself before nodding to the rest. Nodding in return, they began exiting the room through an electronic doorway at the right end of the room. Running down a narrow, cement hallway, they reached the corner and turned to find an elevator. Duke swiftly pressed the button and waited for the electronic doors to open, revealing a large, empty compartment.

"How in the world did we get transported down here in the first place?" Serenity questioned as they entered the elevator, doing their best to make as much room as possible. Once Mokuba, the last person, entered, he pressed the top button and shivered as the doors closed.

"Who knows or cares right now?" he asked. "We gotta get out of here and make sure Seto is okay!"

Waiting impatiently, Anzu tapped her fingers together as the female voice stated that eight minutes were left before detonation. She glanced over to see Kaiba's closed his eyes, his arms hanging lifelessly around Jounouchi's neck. Mokuba was staring up at his brother's face, as if waiting for his eyes to open and reveal a sign of life, and the rest of the group was either staring at Kaiba or impatiently at the elevator screen indicating which floor they were on. At last, after what seemed like an eternity, the elevator came to a halt, and the double doors opened to reveal another narrow hallway.

"Let's go, people!" Jounouchi shouted as they began rushing forward. Like an angry mob, they stormed down the hallway, and coming to the exit they found themselves in an enormous, open room. The blimp stood directly in front of them, the ladder drawn down and two of Kaiba's bodyguards standing at the entrance. Their footsteps echoed against the metallic walls, and suddenly hearing an obnoxious, beeping noise, Anzu glanced up to see the ceiling opening, revealing the light blue sky. The group ran across and began entering the blimp, shouting orders at the guards to start the blimp up as they did so. Anzu was the last to climb the stairs, and she waited as the two guards began running towards the blimp elevator, the ladder electronically drawing itself back. Hearing it click shut, she released a heavy sigh before turning to look at the rest of the group. They were in the blimp; step one in getting out alive was finished. She went to approach Jounouchi, who was showing signs of fatigue from holding the lifeless CEO, when the blimp began coming to life, shaking violently and causing them all to fall to the ground.

"Dammit, can't they fly this thing right?" Joey shouted as the blimp began ascending. Anzu and Serenity both crawled over to the window, and her stomach turned as she saw the cement floor begin to disappear.

"Hey, at least we're getting out of here!" Tristan shouted, and Anzu had to nod in agreement.

Soon the ceiling to the underwater facility could be seen, as could the surrounding ocean, and just as she was about to turn and look away, she saw the first signs of smoke, indicating that the building was indeed beginning to go under. She pushed herself away from the window, not wanting to see the explosion, and instead turned her attention to Kaiba, who was now lying on the floor of the blimp. Mokuba carefully crawled up next to his brother and started shaking his shoulder, hoping it would awaken him.

"At least we are all okay," she thought, smiling as the rest of the group seemed to relax. The blimp began to steady, and the sounds of the explosion could be heard in the distance. "We made it. That's all that matters."

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