So this is just the prologue to the story. The actual chapters will be longer in due time! And sorry if this wasn't very realistic. I'm no legal expert or anything. Haha let me know your thoughts in the review!

Bella's POV

Jacob. My Jacob.

Before all of our friends, I laid next to his cold corpse. His russet skin had gone pale and every ounce of life that had once lit my world was gone. Now, all he was was nothing. Just a body that would never hold me or touch me or kiss me. How had things come to this?

I knew that his heart condition would turn fatal eventually but I never anticipated things to progress as quickly as they did. I thought I would have a few more months and if I was lucky, even a year. Now, I would never know what it was like to grow old together and watch our grandchildren play in the front yard.

"We got married a week ago," I said, fighting the lump in my throat. "A week ago, he said 'I do' and today, he's dead. That's kind of ridiculous, ya know?"

It was then that I could no longer hold back the tears that were fighting so hard to fall. I suddenly began convulse, making it hard to breathe. I could no longer see through the tears that were falling from my eyes.

"I'll never get to see him again," I sobbed, digging my head into the crook of his neck. I didn't object when I felt a pair of large arms lift me from the bed. Emmett stroked my hair and rocked me as I continued weeping.

My body continued to rock with each sob, the tears forming a stain on Emmett's shirt. This was the only moment that losing my composure before anybody was alright. I was known as Bella, Jacob's doting, calm wife.

That was now not the case.

"Let's take you home," Emmett said, rising from the couch. I kept my head in his shoulders as he carried me from the room. "Hello, officer. Can we help you?"

"I need to speak with Mrs. Black," the officer said gruffly. I lifted my head to see a middle aged police officer standing before us, his lips in a hard, straight line. Emmett nodded and reluctantly placed me on the ground.

"We'll be over here," he whispered, slowly backing up with everybody else.

"Mrs. Black, were you aware that Jacob had a daughter?" he said.

A daughter?

"N-no," I stammered. "He never mentioned it."

"Right now, we have a four year old female in custody and on the birth certificate; Mr. Black is listed as the father. Her mother appointed him as legal guardian if anything was to happen to her. We've tried contacting other family but she doesn't seem to be wanted. I understand that you were married?"

"Yes," I nodded stiffly, afraid of where this conversation was headed. "It happened just recently, actually."

"You know that legally, you are responsible for all of Mr. Black's assets, correct?"

"I guess," I said quietly.

"I'm sorry to spring this decision on you so quickly but as of now, you have sole custody of this little girl. I know this couldn't have come at a worse time but with both of her parents now deceased and you the wife of her father, we have no choice but to grant you custody."

So, somehow, even with my husband dead, I was still the mother of his child.