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After Rikki had barged past her dad, she stormed back into her room to get dressed. She decieded to wear a very formal red top with a black cardigan and black skinny jeans.

It was time, time to speak to Zane, of course. She was curious other what his plan may be! I grabbed the shell, which was thankfully she laying where I had left it, and ran out the traller. She could just about hear her dad calling to her, but refused to listen. His the enemy as far as she was concerned, well, on the enemie's team.. Which was just as worse, Rikki thought. She rushed down to 'Rikki's' and was greeted by Zane.

"Hey!" He called to her, gesturing her to sit next to him, as so she did.

"Hi, we still on for the plan?"

"Yep, one hundred percent. You?"

"Yeah, but, you never actually told me what plan you had.."

"It's a very simple plan.." He said, as he picked up a bag, which was laying on the floor. He russled through it until he came across a sheet of A4 paper.

"This is what we're gonna do.." He continued, placing the paper on the table which stood before them.

He had drawed a detailed diagram and had included pictures.

The basic plan was for Rikki to provoke Ally, and Zane to bring in Rikki's dad just as Ally would start to do.. well, what she normally does. And when Rikki's dad would see it, he would know what Ally was like.

"Nice plan." Rikki smiled.

"Thanks, so we ganna get this in action, or what?" He chuckled.

"Let's do this!" The two shook eachothers hands, just having a laugh pretending they where agents.

The couple headed for Rikki's home.

"Right, wait there, I'll get your dad away.. Take this walkie talkie and press the red button when Ally does what she normally does to you.. And your dad will see it through the window at the side. But make sure Ally isn't looking on the same direction as the window. Got it?" Zane whispered, briskily to Rikki. He passed her the walkie talkie and she slipped it into her pocket.

"Got it.." Rikki gave him the thumbs up.

Zane went off, and knocked onto the door of the home, only to be awnsered by Rikki's dad, thankfully.
"Ahh, Mr. Chadwick, we have some thing to discuss, come here. I have a plan for your moto bike to extend the speed.." He persuaded Terry, leading him away.

The coast was clear, Rikki went inside her house.

She saw Ally sitting down on the couch.

"Thought you ran away." She smirked, "Would of been great if you did."

"Oh shut up, Ally. Why don't you run away!" Rikki replied.

"I can't, Terry wouldn't like that, and his not going to like you soon, either. Just wait." She replied.

"And why is that?"

"Well, I can get him wrapped around my little finger. His a pupper under my circumstances.."

"Don't talk about him like that."

"Huh, who's ganna stop me?"


"Oh really," Ally rose from her seat and pushed Rikki to the ground. Rikki pushed the button, as Ally started kicking her.

"You're weak. You got nothin' on me. You're dad hates you!" Ally almost shrieked at Rikki.

All of a sudden, the door opened, Terry was standing there, with Zane by his side.

"What's going on?" Terry sternly asked, gazing at his daughter on the floor, and Ally's foot just slowly moving away from her.

"Terry, darling. It's not what it looks like.."

"Ally, I heard everything I needed to hear. How would of thought a walkie talkie would of proved you to be the monster that you are." He scowled at her.

"Leave.." He continued. "You're car is outside, and your children are already comfortable in there so have a nice trip home. And don't come back." He pointed to the door as Ally walked out.

"You'll be sorry.." She rushed off.

Rikki ran up to Zane and hugged him.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!" Then she did some thing Zane didn't expect, she kissed him. Right on the lips.

Terry coughed as they finally pulled away.

"Sorry I didn't believe you, Rikki. I promise, from now on, no other women will come between us.. Exept my bike!" They all chuckled.

"I'm just glad you got the truth you deserve." Rikki replied.

"Barbaque? You too, Zane! You're the hero of this!" Terry offered.

"Sure!" He smiled, as he watched Rikki's smile grow.

They all had a amazing barbaque.

"My hero." Rikki said as she cuddled with Zane on the bench.

Rikki took some thing out her pocket, the shell.

"Here, a gift for my hero. It may be magic, but I trust you." She handed it over to him.

"Rikki, I can't take this. You keep it, it's yours." He tried to hand it back,

"Please, keep it. I want it to symbolize that I trust you.. and I.. I.." She stuttered.
"You what?"

"I love you."