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Chapter 1

Twenty year old Lily Potter 'nee Evans re-read the letter she had just penned. Satisfied with it, she placed the letter in a plain muggle envelope, along with a picture of herself and James, her husband. As she sealed the envelope, she thought about the old friend that she hoped would never get it.


Lily had been sixteen, and her parents had told her that if she wanted any more spending money for the school year she would have to get a summer job. Petunia had married the previous year leaving her alone in the house with her two parents. She had gotten a job at a rather exclusive restaurant as a waitress. The job had been hell, with a strict uniform policy, customers that constantly complained about the service, and a popularity that meant the restaurant was almost always busy. But she made a good wage, and the tips were rather large, if one provided good service.

About a week into the job, a woman with black hair and pale green skin came into the restaurant, dressed in an obviously expensive green and black dress. By sheer luck, the woman had been seated at a table she was responsible for serving. Over the next few weeks, the woman became a regular at the restaurant, and she always requested Lily as her waitress.

Eventually Lily had gathered up the courage to ask why she always requested her.

She remembered the woman's smile when she said that she was the only waitress that didn't stare at her because of her skin, which now that Lily thought about it, the other waitresses did stare at the woman. Lily hadn't even given it second thought, having spent six years going to Hogwarts, she had seen stranger things.

That night, on her way home from work, a man tried to rape her. She was at a disadvantage when he pulled her into the alleyway and began to tear at her clothes. She, still being underage, hadn't bothered to carry her wand with her when she went to work. And although she was fit for a witch, she wasn't a particularly muscular person.

Then she saw the flash of green as the man was blasted off of her. She looked at her rescuer to see the woman from the restaurant, with what appeared to be green flames surrounding her hands.

The woman, whom Lily had learned was named Shelly, took Lily back to her own apartment in London and helped her clean up.

After Shelly explained about her powers, and her past (Lily was shocked to learn that Shelly was only a year older than her at seventeen), Lily took a chance and told the woman about her magic and being a witch.

For the rest of the summer, the two spent a lot of time together, forming a close friendship. Shelly also took it upon herself to teach Lily how to defend herself, stating what could happen if she didn't have her wand or lost it.

When it came time for Lily to return to Hogwarts, Shelly had seen her off at King's Cross. It was the last time they had seen one another.

End Flashback

Lilly sighed as she prepared to head to the Potter family solicitor. James may have trusted their will to Albus Dumbledore, but Lily didn't share his trust in the old man. He was too interested in their family, and the Longbottoms as well. It was gut feeling really, but Shelly had taught her when in doubt, to trust your instincts.

She was taking that lesson to heart.


Shego was sitting in Dr. Drakken's latest lair, filling her gloves as Dr. D worked on his latest doomsday device for taking over the world. Not that she really cared. It wouldn't work, because Kim Possible would come in at some point and destroy it, saving the world. In truth, there were only two reasons Shego stayed with Drakken. One, He payed good money, not that she needed it. Reason number two was Kim.

At first, Shego had merely enjoyed having an opponent who posed a physical challenge to her, not that the Princess wasn't any good, but if Shego actually went full out, she wouldn't survive. Shego's plasma was capable of melting through reinforced titanium, making it more than capable of burning through flesh, but that would be against the rules.

Shego was, first and foremost, a thief. One of her own rules that she lived by was that she would not directly cause someones death. Thieves didn't kill, not unless their life, or the life of someone they cared about was at stake. And as of right now, their were only two people Shego would kill for to save, herself and Kimmie.

But the main reason Shego enjoyed seeing Kim, was her own attraction to the redheaded hero. The sheer guts of the girl impressed her. Her beauty enticed her. And her attitude seduced her. The problem Shego had was that it had taken her time under the effects of the attitudinator.

There were several problems of course. Like the fact that they were on opposite sides of the law, or that Kim was dating the buffoon that kept loosing his pants.

"I tell you Shego," Drakken said as he worked, "this is my most brilliant device ever!"

"Yeah, sure whatever Doc," Shego said distractedly without looking up from her gloves.

"With this static ray I'll be able too...," Drakken was cutoff as the lair's doorbell rang. Why Drakken put in a doorbell when it was supposed to be a secret lair, keyword secret, Shego had no idea.

"Shego," Drakken began. "Are you expecting anyone?"

Shego rolled her eyes as she stood up and walked over to the video monitor. "No doc I'm not. Maybe it's your mother," Shego said as she typed in the command to bring up the entrance cameras.

"If it is, please tell her I'm not here," Drakken begged, suddenly looking very nervous. The blue scientist mother tended to smother her son, and tell him what was wrong with his life.

She was shocked to find a delivery man waiting outside the lair's entrance. Shego pressed the button for the intercom and spoke into the microphone. "What do you want?"

"I have a delivery for a Miss Go," the man said. "I need a signature."

Shego's curiosity was now piqued. Who would be sending her something? "I'll be right out," the green woman replied.

The thief turned mercenary walked out and took a large manilla envelope from the delivery man, after signing the papers saying she had received them. She then headed toward her room, deciding that Drakken would most likely pester her about what she got, despite it being none of his business.

When she entered her room, she opened the envelope to find a letter and another sealed envelope inside. She took out the envelope and noticed nothing was written on it beside her legal name, Shelly Marie Go. Shego shrugged and took out the letter and began to read.

Dear Ms. Go,

My name is Albert Fredricks, I'm a solicitor in London. I regret to inform you of the death of Mrs. Lily Potter 'nee Evans.

Lilly? The girl she befriended the summer after she quit Team Go was dead. What happened? Why was she being notified? Shego looked at the letter and continued to read.

Lily asked me to send you this letter if certain conditions were met, which they unfortunately have. I will not explain the circumstances, as Lily informed she would in the letter I've sent you. If you have any questions, you may come to my office in London. I also ask that you seriously consider Lily's request.

Yours truly,

Albert Fredricks

Shego sat down on one of her chairs. She hadn't seen Lily in four years. The young witch had been one of the few friends she ever made. And now she was dead. She smiled, it appeared that Lily had gotten married, Shego hoped that the red haired girl had gotten some happiness out of life before she died.

She mentally smirked as she thought about the similarities between Lily and Kim, both were redheads with green eyes. And both were attractive young women.

She picked up the sealed envelope and stared at it a moment. Finally she opened it and took out a photo that had been enclosed in the letter. It was obviously magical as the picture was moving around. Lily stood with an attractive young man with short black hair and brown eyes. They waved at Shego before she put down the picture and read the letter.

Dear Shelly,

If you're reading this letter, both me and my husband are dead.

There's a war going on in magical Britain Shelly. Me and my husband are going into hiding, out son has been targeted by this war. That's right, I have a son, Harry James Potter. He's the most important and greatest thing to happen in my life.

I arranged for this letter to be sent to you if the following event's happened: James and I have been killed but not our son, Sirius Black (Harry's godfather) is unable to take Harry in for whatever reason, Alice Longbottom (Harry's godmother) and her husband Frank are unable to take Harry in for whatever reason, and finally you have not already been contacted about Harry's custody.

After Sirius and Alice, James and I named you Harry's guardian. If you are finding out because of this letter, our last will and testament is being ignored. I have prepared for this, and Albert Fredricks possesses a copy of our will, along with a few other items.

You don't need to take Harry in Shelly, but I am asking you to. You taught me so much that summer we became friends, and I know you would make a great mother. Harry needs you, he needs someone to teach him to defend himself, to have fun. I know you can do those things. Even if you don't take Harry in, I ask you to at least find out where he is and check up on him from time to time. Please, I need someone I can trust looking out for my little angel.

I am sorry I never got to see you again. You were one of my best friends, and I've never forgotten you, or how you saved me. I regret that I won't see you again in this life, but I'll be waiting to talk to you in the next.

Your Friend


P.S. In case you haven't figured it out, the picture I've enclosed is of me and my husband. Please give it to Harry when he is old enough.

Shego wiped a tear from her eye as she finished the letter. She set it down and decided to go for a walk around the lair, she had a lot of thinking to do.


One Week Later

"Miss Go, It's a pleasure to meet you," Albert Fredricks said as he held out his hand. "I wish it were under better circumstances."

"So do I," Shego said.

"Have you decided whether or not you will take custody of young Mr. Potter?" Fredricks asked as he sat down behind his desk.

Shego sat down across from him. "Yes. I will."

Fredricks smiled. "Good, because James and Lily's will was completely ignored. I assume Lily told you about her world?"

Shego nodded. "Yes, I know she was a witch."

"Good, it'll save us time. The executor or the Potter's will is one Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and a member of the Wizengamot, our governing body."

"So you're a witch?" Shego asked.

Fredricks chuckled. "A wizard, but yes I can use magic. But Dumbledore has completely disregarded the Potter's will. It strictly forbade Harry from going to live with his Aunt, who is a muggle, a non-magical person," the solicitor added before Shego could ask. "He never contacted you either. Lily left me with everything I would need to get Harry's custody handed over to you, as a fail-safe. Unlike her husband, Lily didn't trust Dumbledore."

"I don't suppose you could tell me what happened?" Shego asked.

"For the past few years, a group of terrorist, lead by a man named Voldemort, have been attacking people. They claim to be fighting for pure-blood supremacy, which is an issue I can explain later if you wish. They went into hiding earlier this summer, after learning that Voldemort was targeting their son for a reason they would not disclose to me. There is a charm, the fidelius charm, which will hide a location from everyone unless they are told by the secret-keeper, the one person who can reveal the location. On Halloween, the Potter's secret-keeper betrayed them, and Voldemort came. He killed Lily and James with the killing curse, something that leaves behind no mark or evidence physically. From what I understand, the man then turned his wand on young Harry, but something went wrong and he was vanquished by a one-year old babe."

"So this Voldemort character is dead?"

"I honestly don't know Ms. Go," Fredriks said. "But what we need to do now, is get you Harry. Luckily for us, Dumbledore has had the Wizengamot already make a ruling declaring Lily's sister Petunia Harry's guardian. It will make our job gaining custody of Harry much easier.


Shego walked up to the door of Number 4 Privet Drive and rung the doorbell. A few minutes later a horse faced woman answered the door holding a blond haired baby. "Can I help you?" the woman asked. Shego could see the woman's disdain for her clearly written on her face.

"Are you Ms. Petunia Dursley?"


Shego gestured towards the door. "May I come in?"

The woman backed away and Shego stepped into the house. As soon as Petunia closed the door, Shego asked, "Where's Harry?"

Petunia sneered. "Your one of those freaks my sister was," Petunia stated. "What are you doing here? Isn't it enough that you lot have to drop of her brat on my doorstep?"

Shego fought to keep her cool. It wouldn't do if she were to lose her temper and fry Lily's sister, no matter how much she wanted to. "First off," Shego began, "I am not a witch, nor am I a freak. And I'm here to take Harry off of your hands." She held out several documents Fredricks had given her. "All you have to do is sign these, give me harry, and you never have to see me or him again."

Petunia took the documents from Shego and walked away to get a pen. She came back a few moments later and handed them back to her, signed and dated. Shego then watched as Petunia walked over to a cupboard underneath the staircase, opened it, and pulled out a basket with a baby set in it. "Take the brat and be gone," Petunia commanded.

Shego wrinkled her nose as she took the basket, Harry's diaper had obviously not been changed. It took all of her willpower not to ignite her plasma and fry Petunia to a crisp, not only for the diaper, but for stuffing her own nephew into a cupboard. Shego left without a backwards glance.

Two days later the Dursleys woke up to find every valuable item in their home missing, along with their family car.


Shego was worried as she watched Fredricks work. "Are you sure about this?" She asked for the third time.

Fredricks smiled. "Not only is it what Lily wished, but it will give you a guaranteed permanent claim on Harry, especially since I'm now your solicitor and am keeping acute records about all of this."

"But I'm afraid that my blood may affect him negatively," Shego said.

"Don't worry Ms. Go, the blood adoption ritual prevents any truly negative aspects. Young Harry would probably develop a few of your appearance traits, but he already has black hair and green eyes, so I doubt that will make much difference. At most, he'll probably develop a greenish tinge to his skin, much like yourself. He also might develop you plasma ability, but that's not guaranteed."

In whole, the ritual took about half an hour. Afterward, Harry's skin did have a slight green tinge to it. His Black hair also seemed to have green in it whenever the light hit it just right. Harry didn't appear to have any plasma power, but again Fredricks said that might just meant it wouldn't develop until he could control it or he might never have plasma abilities. The only other notable change was that the lightning bolt shaped scar on Harry's forehead began to fade. By the end of the week it was completely gone.


After setting several things up with Fredricks, Shego left Britain with the newly named Harry James Potter-Go. Her destination was the Caribbean. Senor Senior Sr. had given Shego her own villa on a popular, yet expensive, island resort he owned as payment for her helping to teach Junior the ways of villainy. En route, she also sent a resignation letter to Drakken, she knew that it would be dangerous for Harry to be around Dr. D, simply because of the scientist stupidity.

She wasn't to worried about being out of a job. She still had her own personal fortune, plus a trust vault in Harry's name she now had access to so she could care for him. Not to mention she could still do the occasional freelance job.

Shego's biggest concern was what would happen to Harry if Global Justice caught her, she was a wanted woman after all. Out of all of her acquaintances, there were really only two people she felt she could actually trust with Harry's care should something happen to her. Kim was the first, however unlikely that would be to happen, the second would be Senor Senior Sr., but she was afraid of what would happen if Harry spent to much time with Junior. The younger Senior was a good guy, but at times he was a bit thick headed, and way to vain.

She needed a plan.

As she landed her private jet in her private hanger at the villa, Shego couldn't believe what she was planning to do. But first thing first, she had to get Harry settled in. As she stepped into the Villa, decorated in greens and blacks of course, she was happy to find everything was in order. Before coming here, she had contracted some men to baby proof the house and set up a nursery.

She took the currently sleeping Harry up the stairs and easily found the Nursery, right down the hall from the master bedroom. She was happy to find two baby monitors in the room. She carefully set Harry in the crib, trying not to wake him. In the past few days she had learned that taking care of a baby was no easy matter, but she intended to do this and raise Harry like Lily wanted. She owed it to the witch for being her friend in what had actually been a fairly difficult time for her.

Before leaving, she turned on the monitors and, after confirming that she was grabbing the receiving monitor, took one with her while she went to get her stuff out of the jet. She then set up a playpen in the living are were she could easily see keep an eye on her new son.

Shego never thought she'd be a mother. She just wish it had happened under different circumstances.


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