Chapter 9

Albus Dumbledore watched as the Hufflepuff first-year girls entered the Great Hall, he noticed that a seventh year, Nymphadora Tonks, was accompanying them. Sighing at the fact that he was going to have to severely alter his plans, he picked up his morning tea and took a sip as he opened his copy of the Daily Prophet. He almost spit his tea out when he saw the headline.


As Shelia sat down at the Hufflepuff table, two owls landed in front of her. One carried her subscription to the Daily Prophet, and the other, A snowy owl named Hedwig (her parents owl), carried a letter.

Opening the letter first, Shelia began to read.

Dear Shelia,

I should tell you that your mother and I are very upset with you right now. Last night, our alone time was interrupted by a reporter, wanting to ask questions about you. And while your mother was nice and polite, she kept her from achieving satisfaction due to her awful timing. I admit that I found it rather entertaining that she was hot the whole interview, but still...

Anyway, expect an article about you, and by proxy us, in the Prophet tomorrow.



P.S. Have you decided which of your roommates is the hottest yet?

Shelia smiled at the brief letter from her mom. As usual, it was blunt and to the point. If it had been from her mother, it would have been a detailed explanation of what happened and a lot of questions about her first full day and night at Hogwarts.

Now knowing what to expect, Shelia picked up the paper and rolled her eyes when she saw the headline.


By: Alison Masters

On September 1st, a new school-year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry began and a new group of first years began their education at the prestigious school. Among the new students, was one Shelia Possible, formerly known as Harry Potter. How is this possible you ask?

It seems that the late Lily Potter 'nee Evans left custody of her son to one Shelly Go, also known as Shego, a world renowned muggle thief. To ensure that no one would be able to dispute the claim Ms. Go, with the help of Mrs. Potter's solicitor, preformed a blood adoption ritual. She also agreed to work with the organization in charge of finding and capturing her, Global Justice, to avoid jail time.

During this time, Kimberly Possible, an agent of Global Justice and their only agent capable of standing toe-to-toe with Ms. Go, and Ms. Go grew close. Three years later the two married, but not before Ms. Possible also blood adopted the young Potter.

For those of you who are unaware, blood adoption by two people of the same sex runs a ten percent chance of turning the child into the two parents gender. For this reason, most children blood adopted by a same-sex couple is the same gender as their parents to be. But the wizard performing the ritual, Ms. Potter's attorney, was unaware of the potential side effect. And it appears that Harry Potter fell into the ten percent of the population that would change gender under such circumstances.

Harry James Potter then took the name Shelia Rose Possible.

Currently Shego Possible, Shelly Go's married name, is the owner and operator of a million-galleon international muggle security firm and Kimberly Possible now heads the organization Global Justice and pulls a salary that would make her well off. Shelia Possible is also the sole heir of Senor Senior Sr., perhaps the worlds richest muggle, after the death of his only son Senor Senior Jr. several years ago.

As the sole heir to these fortunes, as well as the Potter estate, Shelia Possible is poised to become the worlds richest, and potentially politically powerful, witch.

And what did Ms. Possible's sorting show us about her character? Surprisingly, Ms. Possible was sorted into Hufflepuff, a house noted for hard-work and loyalty. And while many may dismiss her due to being sorted into the 'Puffs, we must not forget that our very own Director or the DMLE, Amelia Bones, as well as the editor of our very own paper, Brian Abbot, were sorted into the house of badgers.

Only time will tell us just what to expect from Ms. Possible.

"Are your parents really this rich?" Tonks asked from across the table, her own copy of the Prophet in hand.

Shelia sighed. "Yes, but none of them, not even Papi, got their fortunes without hard work. And they made sure I understood the value of it, they'd seen what spoiling a child had done."

"Papi?" Daphne asked. "And what do you mean they'd seen what spoiling a child had done?"

Shelia rubbed her forehead. "Papi is Senor Senior Sr. As for your other question, Senor spoiled his son. Junior never worked for anything in his life and Papi had never been very strict with him. Eventually Junior got into drugs, and one day he overdosed and died. It affected my family enough that they only gave me twenty dollars as allowance, and I had chores to do to earn it. Mother also payed me parts and labor to work on vehicles for her at GJ and at home, while Mom payed me to help her test security systems. I had to save if I wanted anything, but I admit that the pay for the jobs I did was large, but it was the standard pay that they gave their employees. At my birthdays I might get spoiled a bit, but the rest of my personal money I earned, except for the trust vault may birth parents set up, but I only used that for school supplies."

"You tested security systems?" Tonks asked.

"What's a vehicle?" Daphne, Su, and Tracey asked at once.

Shelia, Hannah, and Susan smiled at the other four witches.

Breakfast was an interesting affair.


The first week of classes passed quickly for the first years, and soon it was time for their last class on Friday, Potions with Ravenclaw.

So far, Shelia's favorite class was Charms, followed by Transfiguration. And while she may have literally had a green thumb, Herbology, despite being a pleasant class, was a bit difficult for her. The other two classes, Defense Against the Dark Arts and History, were jokes. Quirrel stuttered so much that he was barely understandable, and Binns was boring enough to put most of the class to sleep.

God she missed her garage after those two classes.

Choosing a desk about halfway to the back, the front few desk had already been claimed by the eager Ravenclaws, Shelia sat with Su for the lesson. After setting up their station, they waited patiently for Professor Snape to arrive.

The door banged open and the man strolled into class with his cloak billowing behind him. Upon reaching the front, he turned to the class. "There will be so incantations or silly wand waving in this class," he said in a dangerously quiet, yet passionate voice.

Sheila had the feeling that this class would be very interesting.


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