Spoilers: Luthor (10.10)

Summry: Alt!Clark and Real!Clark both have life-changing experiences.

A/N: After watching the Luthor video promo, stills, and reading the synopsis, this story pushed its way to the forefront of my mind. It would not go away, but in the previews, we see only 'the real Clark' in a strange universe, but my story has the bad one … and the good one too! *rubs hands together* "Two Clarks?" You know I couldn't resist this! Please read and review. Thanks! :D

ETA: This story is AU, and if you're reading this story for the first time and you've seen the episode Luthor, then I wanted to be upfront about my Clark Luthor. He is nothing like the episode, not at all. He is bad, self-centered, a user, a womanizer, a con man, no morals and yes he has hurt people, but he is not a killing machine and he is redeemable, and that's how I wanted to write him. Also, this story was written long before the episode aired, so I hope you'll continue to read. Thanks.


Altered States

Lois and Clark's bedroom, the real world:

Clark Luthor awoke in bed not realizing where he was for a moment, but then he felt a warm and soft body beside him and without opening his eyes, he pulled her close and kissed her sweet mouth. He groaned into her mouth when she kissed him back, but after a few minutes of foreplay, she sighed and spoke to him.

"Oh Clark!"

What the hell? His eyes opened wide and Lois Lane was in bed with him kissing his throat, his ear and he couldn't help responding to her, as he felt his body ache to be inside of her. Was this a dream, a way to tell him what he really wanted and needed? His wayward thoughts wondered how and why this had happened, and how long before he would wake up or go back to the real world, but all those thoughts fled from his mind when she pulled his head down and kissed him again with more passion and 'love' than he had ever felt in his life. His mind and 'heart' responded without hesitation.

Clark had never realized before how much he had wanted her, had watched her from a distance seeing her with that blonde dude, but now she was here beside him, not hating him, but loving him in such a way that made him think about all the bad things he had done in his life and for what? What exactly had he gained by being a puppet for his father?

And then she said the one thing he had never heard in his life, not from anyone. "I love you, Clark." Lois opened her eyes after a moment when he hadn't responded. He always said he loved her back. "Clark?"

Clark froze, lost his mind a little, got out of bed, and pulled the sheet up in front of his body to hide his manhood. "I ... umm …"

Lois was confused and little hurt by his abrupt departure from their bed. "What is it, did you hear something; do you have to leave?"

"Umm, yes, I have to leave," Clark mumbled and used his x-ray vision to find his clothes, super-sped into the closet and with an apology hovering on his lips, something he'd never said to anyone, he stopped at the door, turned and said, "I'm sorry," he mumbled head down and left Lois Lane gaping at him from the bed.


Clark looked down at himself and wondered about the 'red leather jacket and blue tees' that were in abundance in his closet, but then he remembered. He's not me; he's Clark from another time or world, or whatever was going on. Then, he super-sped to the one place he knew he would find answers, the Luthor mansion, but when he arrived, he found the one person he wasn't expecting to see … Tess Mercer.

It was late and Tess was in bed, as he used his x-ray vision again and she was naked, as he looked her over and smirked. Now this is more like it, he thought.

Tess sensed an intruder and pulled a revolver out from under her pillow and then sighed, as she put the revolver back, realizing it was only Clark. "What in the world are doing here, and where's Lois?"

Clark was struck dumb for a moment as he began to salivate looking at her. "Who?"

Tess knew immediately this was not the real Clark with that question, and the way he was looking at her was weird, as she quickly got out of bed, not worrying about her nakedness, put on a robe and pulled the green K from her side table.

"Alright, stay back and who the hell are you?"

Clark hit the floor in an instant. "Put that away … and I'll tell you."

"In a minute," Tess replied as she picked up her cell and called Lois. "Lois, you need to get over to the mansion NOW. Clark, or someone who looks like him, is here acting really weird." Tess hung up.

"Why did you … call her?"

Now Tess was really worried, as she frowned at him. "Who are you?"

"Clark …. Clark Luthor."

The breath left Tess's lungs at that statement. "What did you say?"

"You heard me." He still had an attitude at being put in this position.

"Tess, Tess, where are you?" It was Lois.

"I'm upstairs in my bedroom, Lois!" Tess hollered as she went to the door.

Lois walked in and gasped at the scene before her. Clark was on the floor incapacitated by the green K that glowed from a box in Tess's hand. "Tess, put that away."

"Lois, he's not our Clark, he says his name is 'Clark Luthor,'" Tess replied.

Lois stared at him as they both went and stood at the opposite side of the room. "Really, did you say Luthor?" She was shocked as she thought about him earlier in bed with her and how strangely he had acted.

Tess looked at Lois then. "Lois, did you see him earlier, he has on Clark's clothes?"

Lois shook her head trying to think. "Yes, he kissed me, but I thought it was Clark at first, but then … when I told him I loved him and he didn't say anything, I had a feeling …"

"But he left you alone, didn't he?" Tess stared at the imposter and then closed the box shielding the green K from him.

Confused by his actions, Lois stared at him. "Yes, he did."

Clark collapsed trying to catch his breath, finally able to breathe again. Tears blurred his vision for a moment as he clutched his chest.

Tess watched Lois and had some idea what she was feeling and then she touched her arm. "He's not him, Lois, but we have to wonder where the real Clark is right now."

Stunned, Lois put had hand over her mouth. "Oh Clark, where are you?"


Meanwhile, in an alternate universe:

Clark Kent awoke with two women in bed with him and they were crawling all over him. Shocked, he jumped out a bed and then realized he was naked, as he grabbed a sheet and threw it around his waist. "Where's Lois?" He shouted to the stunned women. "Who?" They both responded together like they were twins. Clark stared at them, eyes bugging out of his head and realized they were twins.

Terrified at the scene before him, he looked around not recognizing the place at all, but then he saw his clothes, and went into the bathroom, got dressed in record time even for him, and left the hotel room without a word to the twins.

Once down on the street, he knew it was Metropolis, but it was different, not the Metropolis he knew and loved. It was 'disgusting' for lack of a better word, dirty streets with garbage piled high, streetwalkers and unsavory looking people walking around in the middle of the night. Police sirens went on and on, never-ending to his sensitive hearing. He covered his ears and wondered if they would ever stop, as he tried to tune them out. It was hard but they did stop somewhat after a few moments. He had to find Lois as he super-sped to the ranch, but she wasn't there. Where is she?

The ranch house was boarded up as if no one lived there, but how could that be? He peered through the walls, and it appeared as if no one had lived there in a very long time, as he saw cobwebs hanging from the ceiling. Now Clark was really worried, so he went to the cemetery to find his father's tombstone, but what he saw shocked him to the core of his being, as he fell to his knees … both his parent's tombstones were there. "Mom?" He whispered stunned, his heart breaking.

But, wait, he read the tombstones. His father had died in 2005, but his mother had died recently, like only a few months ago, but that was impossible.

"Clark Luthor, what are you doing here?"

Clark turned at the sound of his beloved's voice. "Lois?"

"And who else were you expecting?"

Clark was so happy to see her, that he went to her and tried to put his arms around her, but Lois backed up a step. "Whoa, there buddy."


She rolled her eyes at him. "Yes, it's me, but why are you here?"

It finally sunk into his mind that this was not his Lois, and that he was not in his world. He looked at her and looked around this place. This was not his home.

"Umm, I … umm."

Lois crossed her arms. "You what?"

"I have to go see someone."

"You're not going anywhere," Lois said and pulled out the green K.



A/N: Well, damn, green K all over the place! Both Clarks are in trouble, it seems! I will continue this, but when, not sure about that, maybe after the episode airs and we see what the writers have planned for Alt!Clark and Real!Clark! Thanks for reading, and please tell me your thoughts! Reviews are love! :D