"OMG WHY AM I YOU?!" Alfred shouted, flapping his now paler and skinnier arms around.

"W-why the... Heck are y-you asking me?! You're the one that was messing around, you twit!" Arthur yelled, nearly toppling over due to his increased height. He sighed heavily. "Oh whatever, just help me find my wand so that I may transform us back to our regular forms."

Both of them tried to stand up, somehow managing, but still with great difficulty. It didn't help that their back-sides were throbbing. Being the other person felt so unnatural! It was impossible to get used to seeing everything at a different angle.

They searched the crowded floor, weaving in and out of the mini mountains of books. It was a little like 'Find the Needle in the Haystack'... but with a wand instead.

They searched endlessly, leaving no book or magical item unturned. And then it happened. Arthur, now Alfred, stopped dead in his tracks. He knelt down, almost toppling over, and reached out with trembling hands. He picked up the remains of his broken wand and clutched them tightly. Devistated and heart broken, he couldn't help buy whimper.

Alfred, now Arthur, overheard the small cry and stumbled over to the source. Although they had swapped bodies, they somehow still had their own correct voices and accents. "Aw man, Arthur's voice is just too damn cute! But... Seeing his voice come from my body is just... So wrong!" Alfred shuddered. He knelt down beside Arthur and saw how upset he was. Alfred bit his lip and tried to hold back the urge to hug Arthur. And then he saw it, the broken wand. His jaw dropped. No words could be spoken. Alfred could only muster up a gasp.

Right there, in front of their very eyes, was their only shot at changing back to their normal selves.

"Shit!" Alfred exclaimed, dropping to his knees. "Now what do we do?!"

Arthur shook his head. "I... I-I... I don't know..." he whispered. There was a moment of silence. The American stared at the Brit for a while. Then it finally clicked. "Wait... What?"

"I said that I don't know..."

"SAY WHAT?! How the- what the... HUH? How can you not know?! You always know everything! You're Arthur Kirkland, you read stuff, there must be something that we can do!"

Alfred stood up and panicked, flailing his new arms frantically. Arthur followed, trying to calm him down. It made it easier to restrain the smaller figure now that he was in Alfred's body. "For crying out loud, Alfred! Just calm down already!"

"Calm?! I can't stay calm, and I can't stay in your body, it's so SMALL! There has to be a way to fix this! Something! Anything! I know, I'll use duct tape, that fixes everything! Where's the tape, I need that tape! Waahahahaaa!"

"It's no use!" Arthur explained, "Once the wand is broken, the magic that comes with it is gone."

Alfred lowered his slim and pale arms slowly, eyes wide, head drooping. "So that's it, huh? We're just going to be stuck like this forever?" He didn't bother fighting anymore, he was nearly at that point where he was willing to accept defeat, something a hero would never do.

"Well, I wouldn't say forever," Arthur mumbled, "I'm sure that there is some way that we can fix this. We just need to find out how..." he trailed off, already trying to calculate the many possibilities. Alfred perked up. "Wait... So does that mean...?" he pondered.

And then he realised what had been said. "So there is hope?!" he exclaimed, eyes wide with hope as he wriggled out of Arthur's grasp and shaking him due to his excitement. "Artie, we NEEDS to find a way! Come on, you have to think! We got this! As the hero, I will do anything to right all of these wrongs and-"

"Stop shaking me, you imbecile!" Arthur interrupted, "Yes, I am certain that there is another way to change us back, but we need to research into this and gain more knowledge of transformation and the magical equipment needed... ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING?!"

Somewhere, halfway through Arthur's babbling, Alfred's mind wondered elsewhere... Typical. "Hm? Oh, I'm sorry, what was that again?"

"Research, you idiot!"

"Aww, but that's so BORING" Alfred whined.

"Don't you think I would've changed us back by now if I knew how to?!"

"Yeah yeah yeah, do the research, read some stuff and whatever, blah blah blah... You make it sound so nerdy and... Just, not fun! We should turn this into an adventure!" the American slung his arm around his taller companians neck, "I mean, I can just see it now! We'll travel the world, side by side as the hero and his magical sidekick, saving peoples lives on a daily basis, all the while searching for a cure to this harsh fate that has been bestowed upon us... Dude, that would make a freaking awesome movie! Oh my gosh, Artie, this is gonna be great!"

In all of his excitement, Alfred couldn't contain himself and just had to hug his friend. He threw himself at the unknowing Brit, and tackled him down to the floor with a massive hug. It took a few seconds for Arthur to register what had just happened, and then it hit him... (like that bolt of lightening)

Arthur Kirkland, who was now in Alfred's muscular body, had just been tackled to the floor, by his own smaller, but still well toned body, which was currently being occupied by Alfred F. Jones.

Alfred was hugging him.

Wait, Alfred was hugging him?

Alfred was hugging him...


This was so strange. It felt weird. But at the same time it didn't. What should he say? What should he do? Arthur would've pushed him off by now... But he didn't. He couldn't. His new body was frozen. His new limbs failed to respond. What now?! So many questions rushed through his mind. Was this really OK? He didn't know how he felt about this. He could feel his face heating up, and he just knew that it was turning red. Hopefully Alfred wouldn't see. Why was he going red? Anger? Hmm... No, he didn't really feel angry. Embarrassment? Probably. Shyness?


Hang on a minute, that didn't sound anything like Arthur at all! He wasn't one to shy away from anything. He was a gentleman, after all. Wait, why was he still being hugged?

Alfred had finally released Arthur from his death grip hug, moving as slowly as possible, dragging his arms over the larger frame in the process. He had no idea why, but it just felt right to give Arthur a hug. He then stood up, and saw the others rosy pink face. He chuckled and offered a hand to help his partner to his feet. Arthur snapped out of his shocked state and looked at the hand. He then shook his head and scrambled to his feet.

"Aww, Artie is so cute when he's all flustered and stuff~" thought Alfred as he watched in amusement.

"Well now, are you quite finished?" Arthur hissed.

"Yeah, but all this has made me hungry... LET'S EAT!" Alfred said excitedly. He was shifting from leg to the other, eager to move about and get out of the basement.

Arthur sighed, making his way to the door. Alfred eyed him up as he followed behind. He chuckled.

"What's so funny now?" Arthur was getting really tired of Alfred's crap now.

"Well, I just thought, the great thing about this situation is that I get to stare at my hot bod all the time." Alfred winked and flashed his signiture grin. It didn't have the same effect now that he was in Arthur's body, but damn, did it look good.