Summary: They are trapped in a room. Outside, four bombs slowly tick down the moments they have left. And there's nothing to do but wait.

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Sixty Seconds

Sixty seconds.

He paces back and forth in the room, trying to expend some of his nervous energy. The only other option he has is standing still and screaming his lungs out, and he does not think that she will appreciate that. She kicks at the door, trying to get it to move. Push, shake, yank. It does not budge. "Will you get over here and help!" she yells at him. He stops pacing and moves to her side.

Fifty seconds.

They have tried everything, and still the door will not move. They step back, panting from their exertion. He looks at her. He wonders how many more seconds he has left to spend with her. She does not need him to say anything to know what he is thinking about. She never did. "Forty-two seconds," she tells him quietly. He is haunted by the look on her face, so he does not wonder anymore.

Forty seconds.

They try the door again, even though they know it is futile. It is two inches thick, solid metal and bolted shut from the outside. She looks for windows in the room, or else something she can use to pry open the door. No windows. There is nothing, only the wooden crates used to lure them into the room. She throws one at the door. It smashes and falls scattered onto the floor. But the door is still shut.

Thirty seconds.

They give up and sit in the middle of the room, knees pulled up to their chests and arms wrapped around their knees. They know it makes no difference where they sit; they only do it for comfort. There are bombs outside each wall, synchronized to perfect timing and counting down with the clock in her head. She wants to make it stop. She does not need to know how long she has before she dies. It does not stop.

Twenty seconds.

He tries to remember how they managed to get trapped in the room in the first place, but he cannot. Maybe it does not matter. All that matters is that they will not be getting out alive. She wonders where the others are. Probably looking for them, she thinks, but she knows that they will not be found in time anyway. She hopes that this will not hurt them too much. They have already lost too many before now.

Ten seconds.

They shift closer unintentionally, seeking warmth from one another. Neither of them will admit it. But suddenly her head is on his chest and his arms are around her. Her eyes are wide and scared. He yearns to remove the fear in them. She can feel his heart beating quickly; too quickly, and she knows that he is very frightened even though he tries not to show it. That scares her more than her own imminent death.

Five seconds.

She does not want to tell him, but she thinks that he will want to know. She looks up at him. "It is almost time," she says. He freezes, and then nods bravely. His arms around her tighten. She settles her head back onto his chest and together they stare into nothingness. It is too hard to look at each other. There are a million regrets racing through their minds. A million missed chances.

Three, two, one.

Their eyes meet, and they know that they have to say it in the end. They open their mouths in unison. "I love you."

Zero. And all goes black.