Ido not own any of the Cagney and lacey charters only the charters I have creatived in this story and the other storys I have written Cagney and Lacey take a trip to the uk,cagny and Lacey living the uk,Cagney and lacey go to court,cagney and lacey go horse ridding ,cagney and lacey standing on the side line, the surprise vsiter that comes to the recue,the false wedding plans, the engagement,the well deserve holiday. Booking the welldesave holiday.,on the wild side and playing detactives, the very short holidayand animal business.

H Newt and her friends Lisa Penny ,Lisa Jackson and their escort Christine Cagney have arrived in a little sleepy villege in Irland they are on a spa retreat weekend because they deserve it after the year they have had.

The spa retreat was called Rainfalls and day spa.

Wednesday the 2nd of Janury 2014 the time is 7pm.


(Who was pulling her and Christine Cagney's suitcases behind her.)

"I 'm feeling relaxed."

"We haven't even got to owe rooms yep."


(Who was walking along side H.)

"Well I'm please you are."

"You three needed a break."


(Who was smiling and struggling with the suitcases.)

"Yes you right there Chris."

They was greated the spa staff and their manger Madam Jasmine.

Madam Jasmine is the owner of rainfalls spa retreat she move to Irland from her home town in France she been living in Irland for many years.

Madam Jasmine.

(Who was shaking Cagney's hand.)

"Welcome welcome."

"I'm please to meet you at last."


(who was returning the hand shake to Madam Jasmine.)

"Thank you."

Madam Jasmine and Cagney had spocken and Miss H New vie web cam. A moth ago.

Lisa Penny and Liz Jackson had already go to their rooms.