Bottoms Up

Chapter One

Authors Note: This story is dedicated to Pahoyhoy for a reason that you can all read at the end of this chapter, lol. Read on to find out!

The only sound in the large room was the noise of a hundred pencils scraping against paper as students furiously attempted to write down the hard learned and oft studied lessons they had been taught over the past semester. Every few minutes the silence was interrupted by a light groan of frustration or a sigh of desperation when one of the students in the exam hall would come across a more difficult problem.

For two students in particular seated side by side, the figures on the paper seemed to blur together as they both found their minds clouded with something completely different than the equations on the papers. Neither one of them were able to sit still, each of them shifting in their seats in an attempted to get more comfortable. Whenever one of them moved a certain way, he would hiss, causing the other to look over at him, a look of pitying regret shining in mirrored sapphire eyes.

Neither of them would do very well on today's exam and they both knew it.




Sora and Roxas walked stiffly into the coffee shop in single file, trying not to let the other patrons see their discomfort. Thank heavens it wasn't overly busy at the moment and if they were walking slowly, they wouldn't hold anyone up. Making their way to the couch they preferred when they saw it was empty, they passed through the small café without a word. Ignoring the two men in the arm chairs in front of them, the twin youths let out a deep sigh in unison before flopping down onto the couch together, each wincing as soon as they hit the cushions. Luckily their drinks were waiting for them on the table that separated the couch and the chairs. At least one of the men had had the courtesy of ordering for them.

The two men in the chairs just watched on in amusement before they both burst into loud laughter.

"It's not funny!" The twins both glared across the small table at the laughing men.

"Fucking hell it is," the redhead smirked, laughter still colouring his words. "You two are waddling like little old women."

"The look on your faces when you sat down was absolutely priceless too because you did the same thing at exactly the same time," the other man chuckled.

The twins just continued to glare at the other two as they leaned against each other's shoulders for support before turning to face each other.

"Your boyfriend is an asshole, Sora."

"Yours is too, Roxy."

At the words, the redhead just smirked even wider, "Hear that, Riku. We're assholes today."

Riku just scoffed, "Like that is any different than any other day, Axel."

A glimmer in Axel's eyes caused the silver haired man to raise an eyebrow in question. "Assholes are we? Well, seeing the way that neither of you seem to be able to sit properly, I'll bet that we aren't the only assholes that are bothering you two today."

Sora just rolled his eyes at the typical Axelish remark while Roxas just flipped his boyfriend the bird. "You're so lucky that I'm even speaking to you today, asshat. Thanks to you I'm sure that I flunked my midterm," the blond glared at the redhead who was now roaring with laughter.

"Whoa," Axel laughed, holding his hands up in a defensive gesture. "How do you think that this is my fault? If I recall correctly, and I know that I do, you were the one screaming all night, 'Oh harder Axel! Do me harder! More! I can take it! Harder!' Axel exclaimed, doing a falsetto imitation of Roxas' voice, earning a snigger from the silver haired man.

The short blond glare even harder, crossing his arms over his chest. "Just for that, I'm cutting you off for a week."

At the stricken look on his best friend's face, Riku burst into loud laughter of his own, clapping the stunned redhead on the back hard. "Tough break, Ax."

Sora just humphed, crossing his arms over his own chest in an identical movement of his brother's. "Don't think that you're off the hook yet, Ku."

"Hey, you were the one who insisted we try and break our record of five times in one night last night and when we did, you thought we should celebrate by doing it again." Riku just shrugged not about to be blamed for something that Sora initiated himself.

The sun kissed cheeks of the brunet flushed an even deeper shade of red as he continued to lean up against his twin for support. "Still, why didn't you try and talk me out of it? You knew I had this exam today. I've been studying non-stop for weeks for it. You could have tried to tell me we could have done it tonight in celebration of me finishing my midterms."

"Oh yeah. I'm going to pass up the opportunity to screw my boyfriend senseless when he is practically throwing himself at me because he has a big test. Sure, like that is going to happen," The man of lengthy silver hair smirked, confident that he could come up with a logical retort to anything that Sora could come up with.

Sora let out a snort of discontent as he looked over at his boyfriend of the past nine months. For years he and Riku had been the best of friends, but shortly after Sora and Roxas' 21st birthday, Riku confessed to having a crush on the petit brunet. Being single at the time and harbouring a slight crush of his own, Sora agreed to give the older man a chance, never once regretting it. Well, never until he found out just how horny Riku could get and he had to deal with a day like this. Though, he did thoroughly enjoy the actions that resulted in this.

Leaning in forward to grab the two drinks that rested on the table in from of himself and his twin, Roxas handed one to his brother, silently thanking the caffeine gods for bestowing this wonderful gift upon them. There was no way that he was going to thank Axel for getting them their coffee. He was still mad at him dammit! Honestly though, the past three months since he and Axel had finally gotten together, they seemed to fight almost as much as they fucked. Roxas wouldn't change a thing about their relationship however. The fighting just made the fucking even hotter, and the blond knew that this was the best sex he had ever had and continued to be absolutely amazing each time. No, he would never change anything about this relationship. He had never been happier.

As he reached forward to replace his cup back on the surface of the table after taking a long drink from it, Sora winced again at the pressure on his backside, renewing the loud laughter that came from the two older men. "It's not funny!" he exclaimed, wincing once again when his outburst cause him to shift again.

The movement caused Roxas to shift as well as his twin's action's moved him, his whole face contorting in discomfort. "God dammit, Axel! I swear, your dick is not coming near my ass for at least three weeks," he hissed as the jolt was sent up along his spine.

"I don't know what is funnier," Axel laughed, "Your expression or the fact that the both of you are having the exact same problem. You're going to raise questions of twincest again you know."

Sora and Roxas just groaned in complete unison, leaning back into the couch again before wincing at the change of position.

"Guys, this is almost pathetic. I can't believe that you've both been out since you were 17 but you still can't take it that well," Riku smirked before taking a long sip of his own coffee.

Twin sets of sapphire eyes narrowed in the frostiest glare imaginable, focused solely on Riku, the silver haired man completely oblivious of the duel glare he was receiving.

"I know right? You'd think that after this long they'd be used to shit like this," piped up the redhead, laughing the entire time. He was just as oblivious as Riku when the icy glare was turned to focus on him.

"Used to it?" the twins questioned in disbelief as one, eyebrows raised so far they just about disappeared into spiky hair. They were so appalled by the situation, their shared thoughts instantly formulating a plan to help them exact their revenge.

"You'd think that, right?" smirked Riku, looking over his cup with a mischievous glint in his sea green eyes at the twins he had known for over 15 years.

Both blue eyed youths leaned forward and slammed their open palms on the wooden coffee table, anger burning on their features, only broken by the expected wince at the movement. "You guys really don't know what it's like," Sora glared.

"Yeah! Have either of you ever bottomed in your lives?" growled Roxas. He was not going to put up with any of this bullshit today.

"Why would I have ever bottomed? I'm just so obviously a top that there has never been a reason for me to bottom to anyone," Axel scoffed, dismissing the notion with a wave of his hand.

"Oh, give me a fucking break and get over yourself, jackass," Roxas said, rolling his eyes in disbelief at his boyfriend's arrogant words. "You couldn't handle even half the shit that you put me through."

Riku began to laugh but was suddenly stopped when Axel turned to glare at him. Instead, he tried to hide his laughter by pressing his palm firmly against his mouth.

"And what's your excuse?" Sora turned the question to his own boyfriend, none of the bubbly exuberance the brunet was known for anywhere in the stiff words.

"Never dated anyone who wanted to top me before," Riku shrugged, trying to avoid eye contact with his petit lover to no avail.

Rolling his eyes, Sora continued to glare. "Did you ever bother to ask them? And exactly how many guys have you actually dated, Riku? After all, I've been your best friend since you were six and even I didn't know you were bi until you confessed to me."

The silver haired man winced as he heard his boyfriend use his full name for the first time in months. It was always just 'Ku' now. "Well, two, but neither of them seemed to be the topping kind of guy."

Huffing out in exasperation, Sora and Roxas fell back against the couch once more, but due to their building anger, neither of them winced. How could they be dating such arrogant assholes? Not that either of them were considering ending their relationships or anything like that, they just needed to show Riku and Axel that they weren't to be trifled with and wouldn't put up with this idiocy.

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Roxas tried to decide how best to put their plan into action. "How the fuck are we supposed to even respond to you guys right now?" he questioned, looking over at their boyfriends with a single raised eyebrow.

Axel let out a huff of air that that could easily been heard as a breath of laughter. "Oh like either of you would ever have it in you to try and top."

Riku finally seemed to catch on to what he assumed was formulating between the twins. "Wait, wait. Are you two trying to say that you want to top us?" At his own statement, the silver haired man's eyes went wide, Axel's finally following suit.

Sora finally let out a little smile, "Now you're catching on."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa," Axel said, looking over at his boyfriend in disbelief. "What the hell is all this about?"

"It's about equality," Roxas snapped, "about being together in this relationship."

Axel's wide eyes narrowed into a glare. "The fuck? Since when has that ever been an issue? And I thought you LIKED bottoming!"

The brunet shrugged as he took another sip of his coffee. "Just because we both prefer to bottom doesn't mean that we want to bottom every time. Why does there have to be roles like that in the relationship anyway?"

"Oh come on, what has brought this on so suddenly? If this has been an issue before now, why is this the first time you're bringing it up?" The redhead continued to glare at the twins sitting across from him.

Rolling his eyes, Roxas took a few deep and calming breaths before answering his boyfriend. This really was completely infuriating. "Let's put it this way then, Axel. Until I get my chance to top, you'll be as celibate as a priest."

Axel was completely taken aback. His jaw dropped as his mind processed the words. First he was being cut off for a week, now he was being threatened with celibacy until he agreed to spread his own legs? What the fuck was going on?

Riku once again began to laugh at his friend's misfortune before being silenced by the uncharacteristic glare that Sora sent his way once more. "You know, Roxy. I think that is a good idea."

"Hey!" exclaimed the silver haired man. "I haven't been arguing with you about any of this like he has!"

A grin spread across the brunet's face. "No, but you haven't been very nice to me about being able to sit properly. You also haven't been outright offering to let me top."

"This isn't fair!" Riku and Axel exclaimed in unison with glares of disbelief plastered on their faces.

Scoffing as one, the twins leaned back with their arms crossed over their chests. "And neither is the fact that we both probably failed our midterms because you just had to fuck us last night!"

"Like you ever tried to stop us!" argued Axel.

"You've both seen us studying for weeks for this exam! You should have tried to stop us!" Roxas spat back.

Axel just threw his arms up into the air and huffed out in frustration. "I cannot believe that we are having this conversation right now!"

"Believe it, Ax. Because starting right now, I'm not putting out until you agree to spread your legs." The blond continued to glare at his boyfriend.

"I don't have to deal with this shit," growled Axel, standing up and staring down at his blond lover. "I'm out. Call me when you've come back to your senses."

Without another word, Axel walked away from the table, leaving Sora and Riku staring wide eyed after him. Roxas just continued to stare at his half-finished coffee.

"You two are serious about this, aren't you?" Riku sighed, looking over at his own boyfriend with a pleading look.

Sora just nodded. "Yeah. It's not that I don't love having sex with you, Ku. I just think that you've been avoiding the topic of me topping for once. We've been together for nine months and never once have you ever even considered me doing anything the least bit dominating."

"So you think that this is the best way to go about this?" Riku's voice held scepticism as he tried to figure out his boyfriend's thoughts.

Shrugging, Sora chanced a glance over at his twin, noting the dark look in his brother's eyes. "Every time I try to bring it up, you change the subject or do something to make me forget about it."

"Isn't this just a little bit extreme though?" There was desperation now lacing the silver haired man's voice, and hearing it almost made Sora go back on his word and throw himself across the table and into Riku's arms.

The sound of Roxas clearing his throat served to strengthen his resolve though, and the brunet shook his head a little to help gather his thoughts. "Sorry Ku, I'm holding firm on this. It's the only way that we can be sure that we don't drop the subject this time."

"I can't believe this," Riku sighed, running his fingers through his shoulder length hair, pushing it away from his face. It fell back down instantly, partially covering his aqua eyes, but Riku didn't care.

Before Sora could respond, a figure flopped down in the chair next to Riku with a loud huff. "I forgot. Riku drove me here. And like hell am I taking that loser cruiser of a bus home," grumbled Axel. The reappearance of the redhead almost caused Sora and Roxas to both burst into laughter and ruin everything. Thankfully both twins were able to hold in their amusement at the redhead's return and hold their ground.

Shaking his head at his best friend's stupidity, Riku calmly stood up, looking over at his brunet lover with a small smile. "I'll call you a little later, alright, Sor?" he said softly, so many things running through his mind at the moment.

"Alright," Sora said, returning the gentle smile. With an almost predictable wince, the brunet pushed himself off of the couch, holding his arms out for a hug. The silver haired man instantly complied, embracing his boyfriend tightly. With his lips pressed close to the curl of Riku's ear, the brunet began to whisper, "Don't think that any of this means that I don't still love you, Ku. Because I do. I just think that this is the only way that I can get this across."

The taller man just squeezed Sora tighter. "I know. Don't worry, I completely understand. I just need a day or so to think things over. I love you too." Placing a soft kiss on the brunet's lips, Riku finally pulled away, ushering Axel to follow him out of the small café. There was no emotional or sentimental departure between Axel and Roxas and as soon as the twins heard the door slam behind their boyfriends, the brunet slid back down onto the couch beside his brother.

"Man, you and Riku are far too mushy to be natural. You're worse than Kairi and Tidus, and they're newlyweds!" Roxas chuckled, grabbing his coffee off of the table again.

"Oh shut up," Sora grinned, "but do you think that we may have taken this too far?"

The blond just snorted into his cup. "Hell no. This is something that should have happened months ago. This just happened to be the perfect opportunity to bring it up."

Raising his eyebrow, Sora reached forward and grabbed his own coffee as well, cradling the warm ceramic in his hands. "You sure? I mean Axel seemed pretty pissed off. You sure that everything is going to be fine between the two of you?"

The comment caused Roxas to laugh loudly. "Are you kidding me? This is nothing! Fights like this don't mean anything to either of us."

"Why does that not surprise me?" chuckled Sora as they lapsed into a comfortable silence, each finishing off the last little bit of their coffees.

"So, who do you think is going to cave first?" Roxas questioned suddenly after several minutes. His empty cup now sat on the table in front of them and he stared blankly at the empty seats across from them.

"Give me a break, Roxy." This time it was Sora's turn to snort loudly into his almost empty cup. "If Axel lasts through the night tonight, I'll buy all your sea salt ice cream for a year."

"Is that a challenge?" grinned Roxas.

"A fool's bet, yeah," the brunet laughed, "Do you honestly think that he will last longer than that?"

"No, if he lasts longer than that I'll be surprised," agreed the blond. "I wouldn't be surprised if by the time I get over there tonight, his ass is up in the air, lubed and waiting for me."

"Not a mental picture that I really wanted, Roxy," groaned the elder twin.

"You're welcome," smirked Roxas. "So how long do you think Riku will hold out? He seemed pretty remorseful there."

Shrugging, Sora finally finished off the last of his own coffee. "A couple of days? Maybe? No more than a week I don't think. He'll think about it to death before finally agreeing to it."

"Why do you say that?" The blond had to admit, he was slightly curious to his brother's thoughts.

"Well, I'm Riku's first real boyfriend. He's never considered the fact that being bi means that he'll probably eventually have to take another guy's dick up his ass. To him, he feels that will make him more gay then bi. If he ends up chickening out, I'll know that he wasn't really that serious about me and we weren't actually meant to be." Unable to look at his brother, Sora just leaned into the arm that was instantly wrapped around his shoulders in support.

"Dude, you guys are far too complex for my likes," Roxas laughed.

"Excuse me if my relationship actually has depth," Sora responded, laughing just as hard.

"Meh. Fucking and fighting. That's all Axel and I need right now." The laughter still hadn't left Roxas' voice. "Feelings will come along soon enough, I'm sure."

"You're retarded," the brunet said, roaring with laughs of his own.

"Only because I have you for a twin," smirked Roxas. "So, are you almost ready to go?"

"I guess. Why, what's your hurry?"

The blond just grinned, "Because Axel should be home by now. Fighting with him like that was fucking hot. So now I'm horny and hoping he is ready to put out."

So here we are, the first chapter of a threeshot. Obviously there is going to be a couple of lemons in the next two chapters, and if you can't guess the couples, well, you should be shot, lol. I won't be changing the couples before then, I promise you that, lol. I dunno why I suddenly wanted to write something like this. The idea just kinda hit me one night at work, and I couldn't wait to write it. I have only ever written Riku as a bottom once, and Axel has bottomed twice in my stories, and neither time was to Sora or Roxas, so we will see what happens and how they turn out! How long does every one think that Axel and Riku should last? I'm curious to hear all of your thoughts!

This story does come with a funny story of its own though…I sent Pahoyhoy a message asking her how long she thought that Riku and Axel would last during the no sex til Sora and Roxy get to top rule…only to find out that I accidentally sent it to my mother instead….Now, my mom knows that I write, and that I write erotica, but she doesn't know exactly what type of erotica….needless to say, I was freaking out. My mom then calls me and asks me about the message, but thankfully she read it wrong and thought it said til Sora and Roxy get to THE top. Me and my quick thinking brain came up with the excuse that it was supposed to be SARA and Roxy is short for Roxanne, and that they were competing for a top spot in class…I have never been happier when she just sighed and said that I write weird stuff and then she hung up on me. So, for that reason, and because it made you giggle, this story is dedicated to you Pahoyhoy, lol.

A special thanks goes out to Tifa-san for betaing this as usual, and I hope to have another chapter out really soon! My goal is to finish this story, get a chapter of Accidental Infatuation and a new Dexion one shot out all before the new year…let keep our fingers crossed and until then!