Bottoms Up

Chapter Three: Some time later…

Here's the final chapter! And you know I couldn't give away how long Axel actually lasted. You'll just have to read to find out! Once again, this story is dedicated to my wonderful Pahoyhoy. I love you so much! Everyone read on and enjoy!

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Roxas took in a deep breath as he stood in front of his boyfriend's door, for the first time ever apprehensive about knocking on the door. He still had no idea how Axel was feeling about the whole idea how Axel was feeling about the whole idea of letting him top. Technically their fight wasn't over yet, and that meant that the blond had no idea how his lover was going to react to seeing him here on his doorstep. After all, Axel had seemed more pissed off than usual when he had left the café. Well, there was no time like the present to find out. Roxas could have just used the key that he had been given to open the door, but something about that felt wrong.

Swallowing down his fear as well as some of his pride, Roxas lifted his hand and knocked three times on the wooden door. He just prayed that Axel was going to actually talk to him. Before he had the chance to let any other fear surface, the door to Axel's apartment swung open, revealing the redhead himself.

"Roxas," Axel said in an almost breathless tone. The blond barely was able to give a shy smile to his boyfriend before a pale hand shot out and grabbed a hold of the front of Roxas' shirt, pulling him into the small apartment and flush against Axel's chest.

Unable to even say a word, the shorter man found himself locked in a deep kiss with the redhead, the taller man's tongue eagerly outlining Roxas' thin lips, desperate for entrance into his mouth. Finding no reason to deny Axel, the blond allowed his lips to part and instantly the questing tongue was inside his mouth and rubbing roughly against his own tongue. Returning the kiss with vigour, Roxas reached one hand up to tangle in the fire red spikes, the other wrapping around his boyfriend's back and gripping tightly on a shoulder, insuring that they were fully pressed together.

Axel let out a deep groan into the kiss as he wrapped his arms around his smaller lover as he began to walk backwards into his apartment, pulling Roxas with him. With a well-placed kick, the door, the door closed behind them and the redhead continued through the single room apartment towards the bed. Neither man broke the kiss as their tongues continued to duel once another, their bodies moving fluidly together. Before they fell down on the mattress, Axel's hands began to pull at the hemline of the blond's shirt, pulling it up just enough to allow him to run his warm hands over the bare skin of Roxas' torso.

The younger man gasped into the kiss at the action, the touch sending a burning desire through his entire body. Fuck, he was horny. As the hands continued to rub against his skin up and under his shirt, Roxas began to thrust his hips harshly against Axel's, smirking when he felt that Axel was almost fully hard within his jeans as well. Swallowing the moan that escaped the redhead, the younger man started running his teeth along his lover's tongue, scraping at it hard enough that it caused the older man's entire body to jerk, effectively forcing his hips even harder into Roxas'.

That action finally was enough for them to break the kiss, leaving them both completely breathless as they stared at each other a passion burning in their features. No words were spoken as hands worked together almost desperately to tear clothing off of each other's bodies. Neither one cared about anything else at the moment, just the need to feel skin pressed against skin. When they were both finally completely naked, hands moved as if they were drawn by magnets to the other's exposed erections, gripping it tightly and starting in on a simultaneous rhythm of pumping. Each man released a needy moan before diving into another rough kiss. Teeth clacked together as they each bit and nipped at their lover's lips and tongue, small ripples of pain jolting through them. Every time one of them experienced that small flash of pain, they squeezed harder on the length in their hold.

With his free hand now buried in blond spikes, Axel could barely hold on to his senses as he felt the tight grip on his shaft moving rapidly along it. Feeling the back of his boyfriend's hand brushing along the back of his own, the redhead felt a sharp sensation appear out of nowhere in the pit of his stomach. It appeared so suddenly and it almost surprised him how quickly it had appeared, but it was expected and inevitable. Pulling away from his lover's mouth, the redhead was not surprised at all to feel Roxas' teeth grab hold of his lower lip, not allowing him to pull away. That final flash of pain caused the ball in the pit of his stomach to explode, forcing an orgasm through his body. A single long line of hot cum burst forth from the tip of his cock, splattering all over Roxas' bare stomach and his own. "Fuck," he moaned out as he began to pump the blond's length with a furious need.

The sensation of his boyfriend's cum splashing against his stomach brought the orgasm that had been building deep within his own body to the surface. As he continued to stroke the still pulsating shaft of his boyfriend, Roxas finally released Axel's lip, throwing his head back to let a long moan of his own ring out into the small apartment. His hips suddenly began to move, meeting his lover's fist with each thrust. Though he could feel the shakiness to the redhead's grip, it was still tight enough and more importantly, it was still Axel. A single moan of the taller man's name was all that he was able to produce before the fire spread through Roxas' body, his own orgasm burning through him. Spurt after spurt erupted from the reddened head, coating both of their hands and getting caught in the coarse red hair that framed Axel's erection.

With a shaky breath, Axel leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on the corner of the younger man's eye before falling backwards onto the bed, pulling Roxas with him. "I declare that we are always say hello like that from now on," Axel grinned, holding tightly onto the smaller man, loving the feeling of the blond trying to catch his breath while pressed firmly against his chest.

"I don't think that's such a good idea," Roxas chuckled, "I think I'd be expelled if you came to pick me up at school and we said hi like that. And I'm too far in debt because of school to be expelled because you wanted to jerk me off."

"But think of the thrill it would be doing it in front of so many people." There was an almost evil smirk on the redhead's lips that Roxas could only roll his eyes upon seeing.

"Do I need to remind you that I have all my classes with my twin brother? When he walked in on us is awkward enough, we don't need to give him more shows than that. Let's just say that when I come visit you here then we can say hello like that," smiled Roxas, not really opposed to the idea of a hand job welcome in this apartment.

"Works for me," Axel grinned, "So, are you ready for more yet?"

With a smirk of his own, Roxas looked up into the vivid green of his lover's eyes, framed by the two inverted black triangle tattoos on his cheeks. "I told you that your dick isn't coming near my ass for three weeks."

Rolling his eyes, Axel just scoffed. "You also told me that you were cutting me off for a week and obviously that didn't happen."

Trying not to blush at the truth of that statement, the blond's mind raced to come up with a suitable retort. "That wasn't sex. That was mutual masturbation."

Laughing loudly, the redhead reached up and ruffled the blond spikes. "Still considered sex, Roxy."

Unable to glare properly after an orgasm like what he had just had, the blond just regarded his lover with a look of indifference. "Well, whatever. Still doesn't mean that I'm gonna let you fuck me."

"Aw, Roxy, come on. I'm not finished yet and I know that you can't be either," The older man said with the barest hint of a whine in his voice.

"That might be," Roxas smiled, finding no reason to deny such a fact, "So the way I see it, we only have one other choice."

Groaning, Axel reached his hand up and pressed it against his forehead. "Not this again."

"Yes, this again," the blond responded with a small smirk. "I was completely serious about what I said at the café. If you want to have sex any time soon, we're going to do this my way."

The redhead just let out a long groan as his fingers began to rub small circles over his tattoos in order to help calm himself down." Haven't you forgotten about that yet?"

Roxas just scoffed. "Axel that was only 45 minutes ago. There's no way that I would have forgotten about it this quickly."

"Well, it's still not going to happen," Axel growled, though he made no more to push his blond boyfriend off of him when the smaller man rolled over and straddled the redhead. With their groins so close to touching once more, Roxas could easily feel when Axel's breathing began to increase once more.

With a snort, the younger man pressed a single finger against his lover's chest, running it slowly and sensually from between the prominent jut of Axel's breast bone down between his pectorals and right down to his belly button. The taller man just shivered at the action, reaching up and grabbing a hold of Roxas' hips. Not quite ready to drop the subject, Roxas locked eyes with Axel, a no-nonsense glare there. "I wasn't kidding when I said no sex until I get to top you, Axel."

"Oh come off it, Roxy. You and I both know that neither of us will be able to hold out for that. You might as well give in now."

With a small growl of his own, the blond pressed a hand on each of his lover's shoulders, pushing harshly as he leaned over the taller man. "No. There is no way that I'm giving in. I'm fully serious that you will be getting absolutely nothing from me until you put out."

Not bothering to fight the firm hold, Axel glared at his petit lover, praying that the blond wouldn't notice the fact that he had recovered from his previous orgasm and his cock was becoming harder and harder by the moment. This new side of Roxas was so hot! "And why should I give into this?" Axel questioned as he continued to glare, hoping that his erection wasn't going to ruin all of this for him, especially because the blond had suddenly began to rock back and forth gently on Axel's hips, creating friction. That wasn't going to help him control himself at all.

"For many different reasons. First because my ass is still stretched and sore from last night. Second because I think it is about time that you spread your legs if you want me to stay with you. Then there is the fact that just the thought of fucking you has me leaking already." With each word, Roxas' voice got quieter and huskier, reverberating through the redhead's body. Along with the last few words, the blond removed one hand from where it was holding his boyfriend down, reaching and grabbing a hold of his own cock, which had returned to its own state of complete hardness. In a move that had Axel shuddering in pleasure, the younger man then began to rub the head of his swollen erection over the taller man's stomach, smearing clear fluid that was beading at the tip of his penis there.

Not allowing himself to groan out, Axel just swallowed harshly as his fingers flexed against the pale hips of his lover. The more that Roxas acted like this, the more his resolve began to crack further and further. Then there was always that little voice in the back of his head asking why exactly he shouldn't give in. with a single harsh grip on Roxas' hops, Axel shook his head in order to rid his head of these questioning thoughts. "No. My ass is exit only. I still don't know understand why this is so important to you."

"Exit only?" Roxas questioned in a state of almost shock. With a disgruntled snort, Roxas moved off of his lover's hips and crawled up to the head of the bed, feeling his boyfriend's eyes always burning into him. He wasn't angry, only slightly pissed off that Axel was being so stubborn about this. Then again, the way that the redhead kept refusing him was actually kind of hot and was sending shivers through the blond's body, easily keeping his erection solid. Pulling the top drawer open, the younger man pulled out three different items, pausing only for a moment before grabbing a fourth item and placing them all on the bed next to Axel's hip. "For something that is exit only, you sure seem to like to put things in my body lately."

A puff of air left Axel as he refused to look at the petit man. "You're just special," he answered, the sarcasm just dripping off of his words.

Rolling his eyes, Roxas lifted the first item up off of the bed and laid it on Axel's chest. "This dildo is 14 inches long, and five inches around," he said, rolling the clear green plastic back and forth on his lover's body, enjoying the sight of Axel obviously trying to avoid looking at the phallic shaped object, obviously having a difficult time of it. "For being an exit only, it feels absolutely incredible when you are thrusting this in an out of my body. Especially when you have it buried right up to the hilt, stretching me and pushing deep into me."

The redhead had to swallow audibly when he heard the younger man speaking. The airy yet huskiness to the normally smooth voice was sending miniature waves of pleasure along his chest where the silicone dildo laid, now free of Roxas' hand. "Our bodies are completely different," he argued, knowing that that didn't exactly make sense. Before his mind could come up with a more appropriate answer, the dildo was removed and placed back on the bed, accompanied by a huff from Roxas. The redhead let out a small sigh of relief, only to gasp loudly as another item was pressed against his chest. This item was smaller, but the addition of a rapid vibration in the smooth rainbow cylinder sent more ripples through Axel's being.

"What about this one?" Roxas whispered, picking it up and tracing gentle circles and patterns around the two dark nubs of his lover's hardened nipples, moving it down to outline the indent of Axel's belly button, trailing along the faint patch of red hair that led down further. Before the vibrator touched his straining hardness though, the blond brought it back up to the redhead's chest to start over again. "If your ass is supposed to be exit only, how would you ever be able to feel this against your prostate? Aren't you the least bit curious as to why I scream out every time you barely brush mine?"

"I…I…" stuttered Axel, unable to actually form a full sentence, hoping that Roxas hadn't heard the obvious squeak to his words. When the vibrating moved to the low point of its journey once more, it was all that the older man could do to resist thrusting his hips upwards in an attempt to get the vibrator to touch him where he needed to be touched.

Unable to hide the smirk that had developed at the absolute need that was apparent in Axel's every action; the blond turned the vibrator off, ignoring the whimper of protest that escaped his lover as he tossed it over by the discarded dildo. Ignoring the final two items for now, Roxas instead reached down and wrapped his slender fingers around the heavy weight of his boyfriend's cock, pumping it gently several times, finally rewarded with a long and loud moan. "For someone who is so dead set against this, you sure are hard," he grinned.

Clouded green eyes attempted to glare at Roxas, but failed as a long moan escaped Axel when dexterous fingers began to rub under his cock, just before his balls began. The thick shaft was still fairly sticky from their earlier greeting, but that only served to allow the blond's hand to slide easier up and down the length in a gentle manner. With heavy pants and gritted teeth, the redhead produced the only sound he could, his boyfriend's name. "Roxy…"

The blond only could smile, leaning in and placing his teeth on the curl of Axel's ear, thoroughly enjoying all of the older man's reactions. "Have you changed your mind yet?" he continued to stroke the length gently, not wanting to bring the redhead too close to orgasm too soon.

Trying to mask the moan that rose up from deep within his body, Axel continued to roll his hips into the tight tunnel created by his smaller lover's fist. Hooded eyes closed completely as Roxas began to softly nibble along the flesh of his ear. He honestly couldn't believe how persistent his boyfriend was. Worse of all, he couldn't believe how fast his resolve was crumbling. Up until not fifteen minutes ago, he would have stood firm on his 'exit only' policy, but obviously the points that the blond was making and insisting on were breaking through the older man's logic. All Axel wanted at this moment was for Roxas to make good on his threats and fuck him senseless. Not that he was anywhere near actually admitting that to the blond. "No," he whispered, his voice so airy that it was barely audible.

A soft chuckle left the younger man as he began to pump Axel's erection even faster, a whimper sounding out into the otherwise quiet room. The taller man's entire torso was lifted off of the bed as he attempted to push further into his lover's hand. "You're lying," Roxas smirked, suddenly releasing the hardened penis from his grip and sitting back up to look down at the panting man. A fiery blush covered the redhead's cheeks, neck and chest proving just how aroused he was. When he received no verbal retort, only a harsh glare, Roxas reached down and picked up the third item he had taken from the nightstand. "Just admit that you want to do this, Axel."

"No fucking chance," the redhead growled in return as he watched his boyfriend bring a tube of lube into his line of vision. Seeing that, Axel couldn't help the twitch of arousal that shot visibly through his body, including his cock which moved on its own accord.

The chuckle that left Roxas early morphed into full blown laugh as he continued to observe the single part of his lover's anatomy that wasn't concealing its excitement at this prospect. Another involuntary twitch happened each time that Roxas did anything: popping the cap to the tube open, sniffing the clear gel that filled the room with a sharp scent of black cherries and again when some of the lubrication was poured onto the blond's open palm. "Are you sure that you don't want to just admit it and give in? You'll make this all easier on yourself, you'll have the fuck of your life and by tomorrow you can go back to fucking me and all that other normal stuff."

Axel seemed to pause and consider his lover's proposal for a moment before shaking his head once more to rid his mind of those thoughts. Though mentally he had already given and was practically begging like a whore in heat for Roxas to just take him now, physically his body was still resisting though Axel wasn't exactly ready to give up that fully yet. As he watched the younger man spreading the gel over his fingers, emerald eyes narrowed into a glare once more as he held firmly to his ground despite the overwhelming urge to let it all go. "No, I'm not going to do that," he said, trying to keep his voice from wavering and cracking. After all, it was his pride at stake here.

"Well then," Roxas replied, the smirk still playing on his lips as he took his lube coated fingers and began to trail them along the redhead's inner thighs, feeling the shudders that ran through his lover's body. "Let's just say I give you a little prostate massage then. With just my fingers of course and if you don't like it, I won't go any further."

His resolve no longer having the strength it once had, Axel let out a light whine and before he could stop himself, felt his legs parting slightly. Shit. He hadn't meant for that to happen. His hands were gripping tightly onto the bed sheets beneath him, sucking in a deep breath that held a mix between fear and anticipation. He could feel the slick fingers running closer and closer to his ass, and the hole that it was going to find there.

The noises continued to pour from between Axel's lips: gasps, sighs, whimpers, whines and moans. While they were normally a source of arousal for the petit blond, tonight he knew that they were being created to serve as a distraction and a means of garnering sympathy and remorse from Roxas. He wasn't going to fall for that though. He hadn't missed how quickly Axel's legs had spread at the offer of a prostate massage, and in all honesty, none of those noises were ones of fear. They were all ones of pleasure and arousal. This was something that the younger man had anticipated though.

Removing his hand off of the pale body, the blond grinned even wider when he was that the moment that the contact had been broken, long legs spread further apart, eagerly wanting more despite his vocal protests. "I don't know why you think I'm going to actually going to go through with this," growled Axel, looking down and expecting to see his lover pouring more lube onto his hand. Much to the redhead's surprise though, the younger man was holding up the final object he had brought out of the drawer. "The fuck?"

"Don't you recognize this?" grinned Roxas, an almost sadistic tone to his words. "It's the ball gag you bought for me after your neighbour was complaining to the landlord that I was screaming too much."

"You wouldn't," Axel glared, not at his lover, but at the black leather strap that had a bright red ball in the centre.

Scoffing, the blond reached up and ran one hand through his lover's hair before leaning down and placing his lips against the redhead's, engaging him in a blood searing kiss. As soon as their tongues came into contact, both men felt a spark fill their entire bodies. That only drove their desire for one another deeper. Just as Axel reached a hand up to wrap around the smaller man, Roxas pulled away with a smirk, quickly replacing his lips with the ball, easily using the opportunity to fasten the gag behind the mane of flame coloured hair.

Predictably, Axel began to make noises of protest, each and every sound being muffled by the rubber sphere. Emerald eyes narrowed into slits, focusing their glare on the younger man. Roxas just gave a small grin, leaning down so that he was now pressed nose to nose to his lover. "This way you aren't going to be able to lie to me anymore, Axel," the blond said, all but purring. Much to Roxas' surprise and relief, though he was able to do so, Axel made no movement to reach up and remove the gag from around his head. In a way, that only proved the blond's statement and made him smirk. Placing a kiss on the very tip of the flushed nose, the petit man then pulled back, staring down appricitively at the body laid out for him. once again, his eyes were drawn directly to the hard cock that stood upright from the redhead's pelvis, though this time the appearance of a clear liquid beading from the slit at the top sent a wave of pleasure and happiness through Roxas' entire body. Despite all of his protests, Axel really did want this.

Green eyes watched his lover's every movement with rapt interest, unable to look away. Although he had a feeling that the blond knew his genuine feelings about this night, the taller man knew he had to continue to put up a front, even just for show. He continued to growl and curse, though the red rubber prevented any of them from coming out as anything more than muffled noises that Roxas just ignored. All of Axel's noises stopped abruptly once again though as he watched the younger man pick up the tube of lubricant once more, flipping the cap open. He couldn't help but be mesmerized by the sight of the blond squeezing a generous amount of the thick liquid onto his hand.

A saucy wink was all that Roxas offered in retaliation of the harsh glare that he was receiving as he moved to sit between the long legs of his taller lover. A single hand not covered in lube was all that was needed to guide the pale limbs up to rest on the petit man's shoulders, creating a good angle of the sweet scented gel, and spreading it well over his fingers, Roxas reached down and began to rub light lines along the exposed crack of his boyfriend's ass.

Said boyfriend began to grunt, growl and gripe at the contact, biting hard into the red rubber ball. His eyes slammed shut as he felt the contact, gripping the bed covers so harshly that his knuckles were visibly starting to turn white. The two fingers that were rubbing up and down between his ass cheeks felt so much larger than he knew they actually were. A muffled sound erupted from the redhead as the tip of one of the exploring fingers finally found the entrance to his body, a sound that Roxas could swear was his name. Offering a gentle smile in hopes of keeping his boyfriend relaxed, the blond began to rub the rougher skin slowly, using the movements for a dual purpose: stimulation and an easy way to spread the lubrication.

"I'm going to slide the first finger in now, okay?" the husky whisper left the younger man as he focused his gaze onto the redhead, hoping beyond all hopes that Axel wasn't having too many second thoughts right now. But to his complete surprise, the tall man just nodded a single time, not acknowledging his boyfriend any further. Smiling at the reluctant acceptance, Roxas pressed his middle finger directly on top of the little pucker, using his free hand to pour even more lubricant on it. With a move that matched none of their other actions tonight, the blond began to gently press his finger into the lanky body. As soon as the barest amount was into that amazing heat, the younger man heard his gagged lover take in a sharp breath despite the ball that was stuffed into his mouth. With that, the entire moist passage clamped down onto intruding the intruding finger. "Axel, you're going to have to relax just a little bit for me."

Counting to five several times in his head, the redhead let out the longest sigh he could manage, forcing his body to relax. As soon as he did that, he took the gasp back in as the entirety of Roxas finger slid into his body. Bracing himself for the anticipated wave of pain that was sure to follow, Axel was thoroughly surprised to feel nothing of the sort. Cracking one eye than the other, the redhead looked down his body, first at the sight of his cock still in an almost fully erect state, not limp like he had expected that he might be. The other things that he saw were that Roxas' finger was indeed inside him and the third thing that he noticed was that the blond was grinning like a fool. A slight glare was shot towards the younger man for his obvious amusement at Axel's discomfort, and that only caused Roxas to laugh even more.

"This isn't so bad now, is it?" Not dignifying that with a noise of response, Axel just fell backwards onto the pillows, signifying his permission for Roxas to continue on.

Roxas sensed that right away and slowly began to remove his finger back into the tight hole, almost overwhelmed by the constrictions already. Hearing the muffled moan that escaped the redhead just pushed the blond to hurry up as he was reminded of his own neglected arousal that was still at its peak, having lost none of its hardness at the lack of stimulation. As he felt his cock twitch in anticipation of its own entrance into the tight hole, the younger man just continued to thrust his finger into his lover's body, moving it in several different directions. He really was hoping to stretch the redhead's hole out as quickly as possible without hurting him. Every muscle inside the slick channel of Axel's rectum was constricting around the intruding finger, trying to both push it back out and pull it in further.

The burning sensation he was experiencing was nothing like Axel had ever expected, the feeling of the impossibly warm finger stroking along his inner walls was something that sent wave after wave of pleasure through his entire body. Whenever Roxas would pull his finger almost fully out, Axel would reflexively clench down as hard as he could on the impaling digit.

"Still don't want this?" Roxas whispered with a grin as he pulled his finger completely out of the hole, not watching his lover's face, but the sight of the little rosebud of skin that was quivering with pleasure and desperation. Hearing the moan Axel released in response and feeling the glare that was focused on him, the blond ignored both before spreading more lubricant onto his fingers, returning them to their previous position. It was absolutely no trouble for him to slip the first finger back into the taller man's body. A gasp erupted from the older man at the action as the finger began to move around inside him in large circles. Finally cobalt eyes locked with the emerald once, both the fully ablaze with intense and extreme desire. It was in that single gaze that Roxas knew that no other arguments or protests that Axel would put up would be truthful. The redhead now wanted and needed this. With a sly smirk, Roxas then began to use his index finger to trace along the pucker of skin that had swallowed his other finger.

Gently as he could, Roxas slowly started to push the second finger into the tight hole, the consequences of his actions felt instantly. First off, the smothering tightness became even tighter, followed by heavy breaths as another long, muted moan came from deep within the redhead's body. Axel also tried to pull his legs closer to his body; effectively pressing his heals hard into Roxas' back. They continued to stare at one another until finally Roxas broke into a smirk, forcing the second finger into the warm cavern right along its partner up to the hilt. The older man was trying to make some form of argument or discomfort, but of course the gag was prevented that.

After giving Axel only a few moments to become acquainted with the new sensations, the blond picked up the pace, once again falling to the familiar motion of pressing his fingers in and out of the lanky body. At the first indication that the redhead was beginning to enjoy this, Roxas began to do something a little different with his motions: turning his hand back and forth as he continued to try and stretch the tight entrance. Much to his surprise, the older man suddenly began to roll his hips downwards, trying to force the fingers into his body. Not wanting to waste an opportunity like that, the blond began to suddenly spread his fingers along with each twist his hand made.

The new feelings shooting through Axel's body filled him with an arousal that he had never expected, and with only the barest of looks down, he was only slightly surprised to see pearly drops of pre cum gathering along the slit at the tip of his hardened member. How could he be so turned on by something as ridiculous as having two fingers stuck up his ass? His jaw was aching from being kept open by that stupid gag and he really wanted to be able to rip it off and kiss his lover senseless but in a way, he knew that he needed to keep it on.

A quiet whisper of 'Where is it?' caused Axel to look up at Roxas in slight confusion, wondering just what the younger man could be looking for. Feeling the fingers inside him pull back together, Axel let out the best moan he could manage through the rubber when he felt the two digits stroking roughly against the upper wall of his rectum. It only took a moment, and instantly Axel knew what the petit man had been looking for and found. The redhead felt his entire body seizing up as the most intense pleasure he had ever felt flooded his entire body, his hips moving instinctively to pull the fingers back to that spot once again.

"See why being bottom is so good now?" Roxas questioned as he pressed his fingers against his lover's prostate once more, thoroughly enjoying the reactions he was receiving for his actions. After massaging it several more times, the response he received from Axel's body becoming more and more amusing each time, the blond gave a final harsh brush to it before removing his fingers completely from the tight heat, a whimper of disappointment accompanying it. "Want more I take it?"

The redhead began to nod vigorously as he attempted to push his body back down. He had absolutely no idea that just the barest touch to a single spot on his body could feel so good! Sure he knew that Roxas loved having his rubbed, stroked, brushed, hit and so on, but he had no idea that it was so intense or amazing. He refused to let go of the sheets in his hold, his grip never letting up even slightly. It was serving as his anchor to this world right now.

Roxas picked up the tube of lubricant, catching his boyfriend's eye. Another grin spread over his fair features as he popped the top, taking in a deep breath of the cherry scent. There had been an array of lubricant in Axel's drawer, but from experience, the blond knew that this had a good formula for a first timer. The irony of using black cherry lube for the night he was going to pop Axel's cherry wasn't lost on the younger man either. A quick glance up caused Roxas to notice the glazed over look of lust on his lover's face. "So, what do you say? Do you think you liked that enough to feel a little more than just my fingers up there?"

The glare that was sent his way said it all. 'If you don't hurry up and fuck me, you're going to regret it'. An airy chuckle left his lips as Roxas then poured even more lube onto his fingers. Seeing the look of utter desperation that was plastered on the redhead's features, the younger man decided to give him something to hold him over while Roxas got himself ready. Grabbing the small rainbow cylinder from the mattress, the blond quickly covered it with the thick gel before turning it on. Not giving Axel any warning, the thin vibrator was easily inserted into the stretched hole, causing a long moan to erupt from behind the red rubber ball. It took only a moment to position it just at the right angle and turn it up to full speed so that it was vibrating against Axel's prostate. The redhead let out muffled noise after muffled noise as the pleasure assaulted him and coursed rapidly through his veins.

Offering a small smirk, Roxas continued to listen to the string of amazingly arousing sounds that his boyfriend was producing as he looked down at his own stiff member. A thick layer of the sweet smelling lubrication was added to his thick cock, the blond hissing loudly at the first true contact that his arousal was receiving since they began again. It only took a few tight strokes to ensure that his length was covered sufficiently. After all, he hadn't ensured that his boyfriend had found pleasure in everything so far just to have that change now just because he wanted to be buried even faster. The sudden stop of the string of sounds that was coming from Axel brought the younger man's vision up to look at his lover once more to see why he had stopped. The reason was apparent almost instantly.

"I take it that this was a little too much for you to handle?" Roxas inquired as he pulled the vibrator out of his lover's anus where only the top inch of the cylinder remained inside the redhead's body. Lifting it up, the petit man ran the tip of the still moving toy through the new puddle of the thick white cum that had been shot onto Axel's chest only seconds ago. After making sure that the redhead was watching him, gave a long and lavish lick to the toy, relishing in the unique flavour mixture of lube, cum and his lover's ass.

With a long groan, the redhead collapsed back onto the pile of pillows behind him, panting desperately in an attempt to regain control of his breathing he had never expected to cum from that stupid toy, but the sensations that the rapid movements created inside his body pressed directly against that spot had been too much for him to handle. The orgasm had hit so suddenly that he had been unable to even cry out or moan through the gag. Not to mention that it had Axel completely astounded that he had been brought to such an intense orgasm with absolutely no stimulation directly to his penis.

"Maybe I should have put a cock ring on you as well," Roxas laughed, unaffected by the hazy glare that was sent his way at the suggestion. "Do you still want to do this?" the question was asked as Roxas gave his own cock another few strokes praying that he wouldn't have to finish this off using only his hand. He would be far beyond pissed if that was the case. All of this preparation only to end by masturbation? Not fair in the least.

To his astonishment though, the redhead nodded shakily, and the blond noticed that although Axel had cum only moments before, his cock still stood almost completely erect. A grin spread over the younger man's lips as he moved so that he was as close as he possibly could be to the stretched entrance of his lover. Axel's legs continued to rest over his smaller lover's shoulders, easily keeping the blond close. Using one hand as a guide and the other to grip on a bony hip, Roxas positioned his cock in line with the older man's asshole, rubbing it up and down along the crack, spreading even more lube over the pulsating pucker of skin.

"Ready?" questioned the blond as he held fast onto his boyfriend's gaze, keeping their eyes locked. A soft groan was heard before Axel nodded, now eager to feel this. The prostate massage and resulting orgasm from the vibrator hasn't been nearly enough. With all of his nerves and emotions so on edge at the moment, every sensation of pleasure was amplified tenfold. When he felt the pressure increasing at his entrance, the redhead took in as deep of a breath as he could manage around the ball gag. Emerald eyes slammed shut in anticipation of the pain as his knuckles turned white from the tight grip had on the sheets. After only a moment, Axel gasped as he felt his lover pushing into his body. The blond's cock felt even bigger than it really was. Although the fingers were awkward at first, they hadn't really hurt but this did. Not enough for Axel to stop everything right now, but enough that he could definitely feel it.

Roxas caught on right away that his lover was in pain. The older man began to claw at the bedding as his breaths became rapid and uneven. "It's okay; I promise it will get better. Just let me get in all the way," Roxas said, his voice shaking as he put as much resistance on his hormones as he possibly could. Everything about this was so much more than he had ever expected. If Axel's rectum had been tight around his fingers, this was absolute suffocation. Each inch that he was able to push in seemed as if it was going to be squeezed to death, the sensations of the inner walls of his lover's passage clinging to his length despite the generous amount of lube he had used was something he never could have even imagined.

The older man continued to allow his lover to push slowly into his body, eyes clamped shut as he willed his body to relax, knowing how easily he might tear if he didn't. Attempting to regain control of his breathing, Axel had to stifle a moan as he felt his asshole begin to convulse already as a result of the over stimulation he was experiencing right now. A hitched breath escaped him in lieu of a sigh when he felt the blond finally stopped push forward. The emotions and sensations that were assaulting the older man were numerous and each one was so different than the others. It felt as if Roxas' length was on fire where it was buried inside of him, sending waves of both pleasure and discomfort rushing through his veins.

"Let me know when you're ready," whispered the blond, his voice unsteady as he attempted to acquaint himself with these new sensations. Both hands were now gripping onto the thin hips of the larger man, holding himself steady and also preventing him from making any movement until Axel was ready. Heavy breaths from both men filled the room as the couple got used to the new feelings. It took several minutes before they were able to look one another in the eye, but when they did, both men felt something like a shock fill them up. It was then that Axel finally nodded.

With a smirk, Roxas pulled out barely an inch before pushing back in, earning a grunt from his lover. Following a slow rhythm, the blond continued to pull out, gaze fixed intently on the older man's face, watching for obvious signs of major discomfort or if the older man would want to stop. The creases along the redhead's forehead slowly began to east as he started to get used to the blond's movements. With each thrust, the blond pulled further and further out, sliding in and out of the tight hole with increasing ease as it became used to the intrusion.

A long moan sounded deep within Axel's body as he lifted one of his hands from its death grip on the sheet to wrap around his own cock. A surprise to both mean was that despite the dull pain, the redhead's cock remained hard. Gentle strokes up and down the shaft sent the last of the thoughts of the pain flying from the taller man's mind as a wave of pleasure was sent through him when Roxas drove deep into his body.

Seeing his lover jerking off as he pounded into him was the final straw for Roxas as the last of his restraint snapped as he lost control and suddenly began to pound relentlessly into the large body. They let out long moans in unison as the blond slid in and out of the tight hole, meeting less and less resistance with each thrust. His end was approaching soon, but Roxas wanted to prolong this as much as possible. Hearing more noises of obvious pleasure coming in nonstop waves from Axel, the blond know that most, if not all the pain must have vanished from his boyfriend's anus at least for now.

With his hand stimulating his penis and Roxas' shaft buried deep within his ass, the redhead needed just a little more. He wanted to feel that unmatched pleasure coursing through his body once more. Tentatively he began to roll his hips down towards the petit man's, hoping to bring the blond's penis deeper into his body. Feeling his boyfriend's fingers flexing against his hips, Axel let out a groan as he was repositioned ever so slightly. Sparing a moment to gaze at Roxas' face, the larger man was not at all surprised to see the younger man's face almost completely distorted in pleasure. Before he could process anything any further, a spike of intense pleasure was sent through his entire body. With that slight amount of repositioning, the blond had created a different angle for them, one that led straight to Axel's prostate.

Loud noises rang put from both of them as they moved together in order to bring pleasure to each other. Axel began to seize control of his body, clamping every muscle he could down on the intruding cock when it was buried deep inside him and against his sweet spot.

"Oh god," Roxas gasped desperately as everything threatened to overwhelm him all at once. Spiked blond hair was now matted down with sweat and exertion, something that Roxas could care less about. Everything was bubbling up inside of him, waiting to be released and it was a sensation that he could no longer ignore. Thrusts swiftly into the taller man's body, the blond ensured that he pounded the tip of his penis directly onto his boyfriend's prostate several times before pulling directly out of the tight and quivering hole. A single hand reached up and began to stroke the long cock which was slicked with both the remnants of the lubricant and the juices that Axel's ass had produced. A grunt followed by a long moan was the only warning as the last few strokes sent him over the edge. His hips thrust forward into mid-air as he shot his load over his lover's stomach, some hitting as far up as the redhead's chest. "Axel…" he panted out as he fought to stay upright and conscious. His boyfriend's legs were the only thing that was keeping him from collapsing.

Several streams of the blond's hot cum hit Axel's hand as he continued to pump at his own erection. All the sensations that he was feeling were completely new to him and those were all adding to everything to push him towards oblivion as well. The most odd of these things was the feeling of his asshole pulsating around air as if searching for the thick cock that had been there only moments before. Wanting to catch the final moments of Roxas' orgasm, Axel looked up into his lover's face, surprised at what he saw: Pure and absolute bliss. Blue eyes shone with pleasure and contentment, highlighted by the fierce flush that covered the blond's cheeks.

That sight along with the thin fingers that wrapped around his own as they worked his cock to its breaking point was enough to push him closer to the edge. The never sated fire burned through the older man once more, sending him into his third orgasm of the night. His entire body became rigid and stiff as his cock pushed the little remaining cum out, his entire length pulsating. Biting down hard on the ball still in his mouth, Axel wanted to scream or call out Roxas' name, but knew it was pointless. So instead he rode the waves of pleasure that racked his body out in silence. No longer able to keep his legs elevated like they were, the redhead allowed them to slide off of the petit man's shoulders.

As soon as he did, the younger man collapsed against his boyfriend's quivering chest, uncaring of the collective ejaculate of five orgasms that was pooled there. Hearing a string of muffled noises, Roxas lifted a shaky hand and wrapped it around the back of his lover's head and undid the straps holding the ball gag in place. With a chuckle, the blond pulled it away, watching as his boyfriend attempted to get his jaw working properly again. "Seeing as you have had three orgasms in less than an hour, you can't tell me that you didn't enjoy that."

Licking his dry lips before reaching one hand up to massage his aching jaw, Axel looked deep into the bright sapphire eyes of his lover. "Fine, so it was fucking hot, but was it really necessary to gag me?"

Roxas just smirked, as he laid his chin on the taller man's breast bone. "Maybe not, but do you know just how hot it is to see you with one?"

Scoffing, the redhead reached up and wrapped his arms tightly around the petit man, holding him close to his chest. "Well, it's a good thing that I love you then or else I would never have let you do that." At his words, both men froze in their movements, eyes locking, each with a slightly panicked expression.

"You…love me?" Roxas whispered, his voice more shaky now than it had been all night. Had that been something Axel had just said in the heat of the moment, or did he actually…

There was a long silence between them, their eyes never looking away from one another. Eventually Axel broke into a soft smile, pulling the small blond closer to his chest. "Yeah, I guess I do."

A feeling that had nothing to do with his recent orgasm spread through Roxas like wild fire, filling him with emotions that he had never felt before. Maybe the emotions had developed a lot quicker than he had ever expected them too, but that didn't make them any less potent. "I'm glad," he smiled, saying the thing that felt the most natural and right. "I love you too."

"Good," Axel responded with a smile as they continued to bask in their shared after glow.

"Though, I kind of wish you had been able to hold out for a little longer, at least through the night," Roxas grinned, snuggling into his lover's chest.

"Why's that?" Axel chuckled, placing a soft kiss on top of his boyfriend's matter blond spikes.

"If you had lasted through the night, Sora said he was going to buy my sea salt ice cream for a year."

Rolling his eyes, Axel couldn't suppress a groan that was laced with laughter. "Glad to know you like sex with me more than your ice cream addiction."

"Especially when you bottom," grinned the blond, drawing the redhead into a deep kiss before he could come up with a response, hoping to get enough rest to be ready for another round shortly.

As usual, Axel and Roxas' turned out a little more spicy than Riku and Sora's chapter, hehe. When Pahoyhoy and I were telling each other what we wanted for Christmas, I said that I wanted Axel in a ball gag, and if I got him, I would even share him with her. That's true love, isn't it? Lol. Thanks so much to everyone for voting in my poll, even up until yesterday people were voting and it kept going back and forth between "At Least A Week" and "Less than an Hour". I knew straight from the start that he wasn't going to last, I just wanted to see what other people thought. I also need to thank everyone for such an amazing amount of support you all have given me for this story! Thanks so very much to all of you and I hope you all like this final instalment of this story. Until next time!