Reflecting Alcohol or Reality

Here I go...

I walked along the corridors of the 5th floor, it was afterhours. Wind gushed through the halls, and my footsteps echoed. I was in my Hogwarts uniform, a bottle of beer clutched in my fists. I was merely in my own world, lucky to not hit the low gargoyles that surrounded. Let's say that I was hardly drunk, but enough to let my self trip over.

I fell down, my head hitting the steel ground. I heard footstep, not my own but others. I crept around to see Snape, bloody bastard he is. : *You mustn't tell him I said that.* I stood still. I put my hand on the gargoyle next to me, I was by the corner were Snape had just passed. I stood silent. I smiled happily as Snape left the hall to the 4th floor down below. I began to walk; slowly I had entered the common room.

I froze. But walked forward to Harry's corpse. My hand on his heart, that wasn't beating. I looked at the grazes and cuts marking Harry's body. I looked up, to see George holding a sword, blood smudging the outline.

"George?" I asked. George let go of the silver sword, his mouth wide, in shock.

"What have I done?" George asked, as he looked at me, his eyes wide open. I gaped. What had he done? What had he done? Murdered my best friend. That's what he had bloody done. I stared at Harry's body.

"HELP! HELP!" I shouted. Footsteps came closer.

"I'll go to prison!" George muttered madly. The fat lady's door flung open: to see Snape

"What?" He said, looking at me. His eyes followed down to the dead corpse. Snape's eyes drifted to the sword, that was closesed to George.

"Out of my way!" Snape shouted as he walked close to Harry's body. "He's dead, and who's the murderer?" Snape said, his eyes twinkling. 'The dark lord will be happy.' Snape thought. Snape sneered, and smirked slightly.

"I did." George said, taking the blame for his unforgivable actions. Snape turned at looked up at him.

"You." Snape said. "Will become a death eater!" Snape chuckled. My eyes widened. A Weasly, a death eater? But what, was me, Harry and Hermione right, was Snape a death eater? I guess so.

I rubbed my eyes, and counted to three. I had to wake up... But I wasn't asleep, or it wasn't the 6 beers (Alcohol) affecting me. I'm afraid to say, *GULP*, it was: rzzeawlfy ... Reality.

Sadly, I weakly kneeled next to Harry, crying on his grazed corpse.

"What's so sad? This is good." Snape said blankly. I ignored Snape. Snape was smiling. Why? How? Harry Potter is dead. I was lost in my drunk thoughts, right? 'I'm drunk.' I repeated to myself. I AM drunk.


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