I get ready for bed after along day. How could Professor McGonagall do that? Can you get more time from a charm?

I lay in bed, scared of what I could do while I'm sleeping. Kill, Murder, Slaughter, Steal, Kidnap. All those things I'm capable of while I sleep. If Voldemort is controlling me, then who or what would be his next target?

I fell asleep.

I was walking down the corridor, calmly. Holding a silence I break the infusing mist.

"Come out, come out where ever you are." I yell. My echo shadowing my voice briskly. I was fired a curse. I missed it by inches.

"Ha. Now that's like it." This guy thought duel, I thought for the kill of it. I stepped forward so he knew where I was.

"EXPELLIARMUS!" He shouted, giving away his position. I jumped away, so I could miss. I through a charm.

"Stupefy." I said, he wasn't wexpecting this. It hit it in the jar.

"Ha." I said. And another on down, another one bites the dust. I got out a knife.

Wake up.

I gripped the knife carefully.

Wake up now.

I stabbed his brain. Blood trickling down his face. Seamus's. I ran back to the common room.

"Password?" The fat lady asked.

"Lolly chow." I said. I enter the common room, feeling jacked up. I got to the boy's dormitry's. Hid my face, as I got into bed.

I woke up.

I did it.

I did it again. Me. Why couldn't I have woken up when I was telling my brain to? I hate it.

By the way:

When he goes into the where he is when he is sleeping, it's like he's going back to where he started. And that's why Ron wake's up.

TJ l 121