Authors note: Set AU Season 6 – Sam was pulled from the Cage by God when he restored Castiel and he still has his soul. The brothers are back on the road hunting and doing Post Apocalyptic clean up. Castiel is still the new Sheriff in Heaven. Oh and Dean never went to Lisa's.

Post Swan Song - AU: At the end of a case a chance encounter finds Sam and Dean pulled into an ancient prophecy and a fight to prevent the rebirth of a terrifying evil hellbent on destroying everything that they had fought to save.


The Chosen

A young man hurries quickly down a long corridor, his long black robes flowing behind him. His eyes alight with joy, his excitement palpable. He stops only when he reaches the doorway to his Masters study. Taking a deep breath he knocks softly and waits.


On hearing his Masters call the young man pushes open the large twin doors and steps into the study. He took only a few steps inside before stopping and standing silently, waiting for his Master to speak. No one spoke to the Master without having been addressed directly.

"Has the Chosen been located?" his Master asked quietly from deep within the dark windowless room. His profile illuminated only by candlelight; its golden light flickering softly from the altar giving him an unearthly glow.

"We believe so Master. Your son has taken a team to recover her now."

He took a step back as his Master walked out of the darkness into the light shining through the open doorway.

"You believe so?" His master said. His eyes as black as midnight. "We have but two weeks remaining to complete the ritual. It will be another five hundred years before another will be born. I will not tell our Lord that we have failed yet again. Be sure that it is her and bring her here. Do not fail me."

"No Master, we are sure. We will not fail."

Leaving the room quickly, he ran down the corridor all the while praying to his Lord that the team would not fail and that the Chosen would at last be returned home.

The Master turned and walked slowly and silently towards the altar. Taking a knife, its ornate handle heavy in his hand he ran the tip of the razor-sharp blade over his palm slicing deeply into his flesh. He watched dispassionately as his blood, deep and red fell into a bowl of pure gold and mixed with the water blessed in the name of his Lord. The incantation that allowed him to speak with his Lord falling easily from his mouth, the words familiar and comforting as a mothers lullaby.

He could feel the power build and the air begin to crackle and hum as the words flowed; his Lord was coming. An unearthly wind filled the windowless room. Its intensity seemed to pull him in all directions making him feel that at any moment he would fly apart and become part of the vastness of the Universe.

Falling to his knees hands outstretched he called "My Father, I beseech you, grant an audience to your most faithful servant."

Suddenly the wind stopped and stillness fell across the room.

"Speak my child." His Lord spoke softly, the sound melodic in its beauty.

"I have news. We have located the Chosen." The Master's said reverently.

"The Chosen has evaded you for many years. I trust that you will allow nothing and no one to prevent the ritual from taking place?"

"No my Lord, my best team is recovering her as we speak. Preparations for your rebirth have begun I have no doubt that when the time comes we will be ready to welcome you into this world."

"You have done well my child. Your rewards will be great when I return."

The Master felt the power leave the room as his Lord left this realm and returned to his own. He slumped to the floor a smile on his lips, a tear slipped from his coal-black eyes.

"Soon" he whispered reverently into darkness "Soon."


Dean watched his brother as he stared across the room at the petite redhead behind the bar. They had just finished up a case and were having a few celebratory drinks before heading back to the motel for the night, and then on to the next case.

The crowded bar was loud and filled with hot women. He had his eye on the sweet blonde who had served them their drinks. Her saucy smile had indicated her interest and he intended to take her up on her offer of a little one on one time when she got off of her shift. The Apocalypse had left little time for sex, but now they were back on the road doing regular hunts he was looking forward to some quality time with a pretty girl and not with his own right hand for once. Sam it seemed had his sights clearly set on the redhead.

It was the first time he had seen his brother show any interest in a woman since he'd gotten back from Hell. He knew that Sammy was suffering, agonizing over the decisions that he had made before his brief trip into the Cage with Lucifer and Michael. He'd watched these last months as Sam became the hunter that his dad had always wanted. Never stopping, focused only on getting each job done and moving on to the next, his need to atone for his perceived "crimes" driving every decision he made. It killed him to see the changes in his brother and to know that he'd been partly responsible. That with every rejection and harsh word he had broken a piece of his brother's soul.

Watching his brother, Dean vowed that he would do everything in his power to restore the bond between them. It may not ever be the same and they may never get an apple pie life, hell their lives were so far beyond apple pie that you couldn't see the normal, but they were family and that was all they had ever fought for. As Sam's eyes once again wandered to the redhead, Dean knew that it'd do Sam some good to let go and just have some fun.

Grinning Dean thought now's a good time to start with the fun.

"Sammy." He said. Getting no response he nudged his brother with his boot under the table "Sammy!"

Dean laughed as his brother dragged his eyes from the redhead. "Dude, come on you with me?"

"Sorry." Sam said, a flush rising over his cheeks. His eyes fell briefly to the table before he looked up and pushed his hair nervously from his face.

"Why don't you go get us another couple of beers?" Dean instructed with a grin. "Talk to the girl. You never know sasquatches could be her thing, Besides all hunting and no getting laid makes Sammy a very dull boy."

Sam considered his brothers words for a minute then without a word got up and made his way through the crowd towards the bar his eyes never leaving the redhead as she worked. He could tell that she was petite, no more than five foot three in heals. Her slight frame encased in the uniform of the bar, a black shirt and a pair of tight hip hugging jeans that displayed her curves perfectly. Reaching the bar he waited patiently as she finished serving a customer, her smile wide as she handed over a beer.

"Thanks Zee, you keep the change sweetheart." The customer said as he handed over enough money to cover his drink and a generous tip.

"Cheers Tony, enjoy your beer."

Sam watched amused as at least a half a dozen of the men at the bar followed the movements of the petite woman as she turned away, her ass swaying as she maneuvered the tight space behind the bar. Nice he thought.

Leaning on the bar, Sam waited as the young barmaid made her way over to him.

"Hi, what can I get you?"

Sam felt his heart stutter as the soft honeyed tones of her voice washed over him.

"Umm Just a couple of beers thanks."

Sam watched as she pulled two beers from the refrigerator under the counter and popped the caps before placing them in front of him.

"There you go, two beers. Anything else?" she asked a slight flush from the heat of the bar staining her cheeks.

Without thinking Sam held out his hand. "I'm Sam."

She laughing softly as she took his hand. "Zee... nice to meet you Sam."

"Zee?" Sam asked "Just Zee?"

"Just Zee." Zee replied, eyes glittering softly with unrestrained amusement. "So I've never seen you in here before Sam... new in town?"

"Been in town for a few days with my brother Dean working a job." Sam replied, gesturing to where his brother was sitting at the table watching the exchange with interest.

Zee looked over in Dean's direction and threw him a quick nod and a grin. She took in his relaxed pose and cocky grin before turning her gaze back on Sam.

"So Sam, did your brother send you over here to see if you could pull the redhead?"

Sam could feel a flush rise up his neck as Zee looked at him intently, her grey eyes holding a hint of laughter as she took in his discomfort.

"No, I-"

Zee looked thoughtful for a moment her grey eyes trailing over him before beckoning him forward.

"Sam, not that I don't think your cute and all. You definitely got the tall, dark handsome vibe going for you, but you see I have this rule. I don't ever let strange men pick me up at work-" Disappointment coloured her tone as she added "Mores' the pity."

Holding out her hand. "I'm sorry Sam I've got to get back to work, but it was nice meeting you."

Sam once again took her hand in his. Looking down he noticed for the first time the tattoo etched there, a simple design of a crescent moon surrounded by three stars. A feeling of recognition washing over him as he took in the design. Looking up he noticed that she had gone perfectly still, her face had lost all colour and was now as white as fine porcelain.

"Nice tattoo."

"Thanks, I've had it forever." She said breathlessly as she pulled her hand from his. "I really do need to get back to work"

Sam watched as she rushed to the other end of the bar a confused expression on his face.

What the hell just happened? he thought before picking up the two beers and making his way back to the table.

"Crashed and burned with that one Sammy boy." Dean said with a laugh as Sam sat down opposite him, his green eyes glinting wickedly in the dull light of the bar.

"Shut up jerk." Sam snapped back good-naturedly.

He picked up a napkin and pulled a pen from his jacket and began sketching Zee's tattoo. He couldn't shake the feeling that he'd seen that design before. There was something about it that was familiar. Finishing he handed the sketch to Dean/

"Do you recognize that?"

Dean picked up the napkin and looked at the sketch and shook his head.

"Nope, should I?"

"I know I've seen it before, I just can't place it."

"Beats me. Come on Sammy shut that brain of yours down. We're here to have some fun."

Sam nodded. Folding the napkin he placed it in his pocket. He would figure it out later.

"Okay Dean who's your playmate of choice for tonight?"

Dean turned, his gaze searching the bar for the blonde barmaid. He frowned as he caught sight of the redheaded barmaid that had Sam's attention moving quickly through the packed bar towards the door, a backpack slung over her shoulder.

"What the hell did you say to the redhead Sammy? I know it's been a while but don't those puppy dog eyes of yours normally work a treat on chicks?"

At Dean's comment Sam turned, his eyes landing on Zee as she reached the door. Sensing his gaze she turned and looked directly at him, her eyes widening as she saw the brothers staring at her. A flicker of fear passed over her face as she turned back to the door and quickly left the bar.

"SON OF A BITCH!" Dean swore loudly as he got up, pulling his jacket on "Something's got that girl scared shitless and by the looks of it you triggered something that's making her run. Come on Sammy let's make sure she's okay."


Zee's POV

Moving quickly towards the end of the bar; Zee ignored the other customers as they tried to get her attention. Her focus only on getting away.

She had seen the way that Sam looked at her tattoo and not in a 'hey that's cool; kind of way. He'd seen it before. So either he was into some freaky shit or he was part of something that she had to get away from.

"Hey Paulie, can we talk?" Zee said as she reached the man at the end of the bar.

Paul had been her closest friend since she had gotten into town. He'd given her a job behind the bar, never expected her to work the tables with the other girls and had looked out for her when customers tried to take things a little too far. At over six-foot Paul was an impressive sized man, but he was dwarfed by Sam.

Looking briefly over her shoulder she saw that he had moved back to his table and was chatting with his brother. Both of them looked relaxed and seemed unconcerned with her. She could only pray that was true.

Paul turned the smile on his face falling as he took in her pale features.

"What happened?"

"I need to go." Zee said anxiously, only her eyes conveying the panic that was bubbling up inside of her. "I think they're coming."

There was no need to explain further; Paul had forced the truth out of her not long after she had arrived. She had been so jumpy and he knew that she was hiding something and wanted to know if she was in trouble with the law. Zee hadn't known what it was about Paul but she had found herself spilling every detail of her life and at the end he hadn't laughed or thought she was crazy. He'd simply said "There's some crazy shit going on in the world just now and that sounds about as crazy as it can get"

At the time it had felt like a weight had lifted off her shoulders but now she had to go she wouldn't put him or anyone else that she cared about in danger.

Paul looked at the girl who had become very dear to him over the last months and felt a swell of protectiveness wash over him; turning to the cash register he pulled out a handful of bills and handed them to her.

"Take this."

"Paulie, I can't take that it's too much." Zee said shaking her head. There must have been more than a thousand dollars in the bundle of cash.

"Take it, you can't go back to your apartment. You're gonna need to pick up some things on the way. Just go and don't stop until you get somewhere safe. Do you hear me Zara?" he said firmly as he pressed the bills into her hand. "You get yourself safe then find a way to let me know you're okay"

Zara nodded anxiety etched on her face as tears welled up and threatened to overflow from the grey orbs. Grabbing her backpack from behind the bar she stuffed the bills inside before turning back to Paul.

"Thank you for everything Paulie. I promise I'll find a way to let you know where I am and that I'm okay."

"You do that girlie, you do that." He said brokenly as he pulled her into a tight hug pressing a chaste kiss on the top of her head.

Zara returned the hug enthusiastically. A single tear escaping to run down her pale cheek. "Thanks Paulie."

Wiping the tear away Zara hauled on her backpack and made her way quickly through the bar, her eyes darting nervously as she looked for strangers in the room. Reaching the door she turned and found herself meeting Sam's soft hazel eyes from across the room. Her heart dropped and fear trickled down to her stomach. Dragging her gaze away she slipped quickly out the door and into the night.