Frank winces against another bump to the head. He was used to it, yeah, but that deffinately didn't mean he didn't feel anything. Frank felt the blunt of every insuly, every punch and every kick, daily. It was something he grew up around. Since pre-school Frank has been the centre of attention for bully's, he was bullied because of his size. Bullied for always being ill. Bullied for anything, anyone can think of at the time. He trys his hardest to ignore the shouts always heading in his direction. But someone screaming in your ear about how much of a pussy you are, doesn't make life fucking easy.

There is one person Frank can count on though, and thats another person just like him. Someone else who gets picked on because of the things they like or the things that that person does. Franks someone is a person who also tries his hardest to ignore anything bullies say. The kind of person, who stands up for Frank, though he knows he's going to get hurt also. And that person is here right now, fumbling with the dial on the locker to get the compacted space around Frank's small frame away. Frank's eyes are watering and his breathing is sharp, though when light meets his eyes and he looks up to find a pair of hazel eyes shining back at him. Frank breathes in a large gulp of air, stumbling straight into the older boys arms whilst gasping his name, "Gee."

"It's alright Frankie. I'm here, I'm here." Gerard whispers into the boys dark locks. Frank closes his eyes and believes him.