A trip to the castle

I desperately tried to catch my breath as I tried to keep up with Lava Girl. Her hair burned brighter than usual and her foot prints created deep gashes and horrifying burns in the ground. I have never seen anybody so angry. Within seconds she reached the bridge to the castle. Her chest heaved with anger. Ten minutes later I stood next her. Lava girl I said slowly. I want you to calm down. But she didn't seem to hear me. Her fists clenched and it burned horribly to stand next to her. Without warning she lifted herself off the ground and flew over the bridge. My mouth stood agape and I ran as fast as I could. I honestly feared for the Ice Princess's life. When I reached the castle she didn't even bother to knock. She melted down the door and stormed in. I found her lingering towards the stairs she looked extremely pissed off. I followed her up the stairs and my jaw practically hit the ground as she burst through the door that read: THE PRINCESS'S ROOM. I held my breath for what was soon to come as she stormed in and slammed the door shut leaving scorch marks behind.