After a tear filled meal that helped the King clan absorb the grace of Felix's safe return to the King Farm, the smell of roasted chestnuts and popcorn both cooked over the warm and crackling fire at Rose Cottage filled the air. Even with the war, it did finally feel like Christmas.

The sparks that ignited in the open flames of the fireplace reminded Felix of the bombing and fires he saw on the battlegrounds of Germany. The reality was that Elbert would never see another Christmas on PEI and Felix would never forget his promise to his friend.

Felix was startled by the hand that gently shook his shoulder. "Felix, Felix, where are you?" Felicity's voice snapped him front and center again. Felix tried to put on his best front, placed his hand over hers and answered, "I am right here, Felicity."

Felicity kneeled down beside him, so her body would block their conversation from the elder family members. "Felix, have you spoken to Izzy yet?" Felix flinched with concern at the thought of his precious Izzy still somewhere in Europe, no doubt healing and protecting other soldiers.

"Felicity, I don't even know where she is right now. The last I heard from her she was planning on serving as a nurse in Europe with the Red Cross."

"Felix, she was only over in Europe a short period of time. She wanted to go as close to the front lines as possible and after only a few weeks her camp was destroyed by mortar fire. Very few survived. She wasn't wounded physically beyond some minor scratches and a concussion. They wouldn't let her stay and sent her back to Halifax."

"How is she?" Felix felt a sense of relief that he had never felt before in his life. The thought of losing Izzy as well as Elbert was too much to even comprehend.

"Well, physically she healed quickly, but I called her when you went missing and she was devastated. No matter what water has passed under the bridge between you two, Izzy cares about you deeply and she deserves to hear about your return from you."

"You are right and if you will take a dictation, I will write to her tomorrow." At least he could provide her the comfort of his safe return without having to physically see her and tell whether she had found someone else.

"No, Felix, you have to call her, tonight!" Felicity told him with her usually older sister order tone.

Felix's brain went wild. "Why is she married?"



"No, nothing like that, but she will be here in two days."