Copper had returned to his time in the time machine Calvin lent him. After that he sent it back to the moment he'd left.

Then he peered at the world he'd known, and noticed something. He was on the Mastership, and not earth. Earthlings and Galaxoid and Nebular's people had already lived in peace, but before he left, they didn't live on the Mastership together due to the overpopulation problem.

"This must be the effect of stopping the Supreme Potentate," thought Copper. "Wait, if this changed, then-"

Copper took the teleporter to the top of the Mastership, but to see it was no longer the top. He went to the same floor anyway and saw there, a statue of Calvin, Hobbes, Galaxoid, Nebular, and himself, and below it was a plaque that read "The saviors of both the Earth and the Mastership."

"It's good to know that hadn't changed," thought Copper to himself.

"It's also good to know you made it back safely," said a voice behind Copper.

Copper turned around to see a android replica of an adult version of Calvin.

"What did I change by helping Calvin? Why are we on the Mastership? And why are humans living on it? And is it bigger because humans live on it now?" Asked Copper.

"You forget, child. By stopping the Supreme Potentate, Earth and the Mastership live in peace. It is bigger because Galaxoid and Nebular suggested to the rest of the Supreme Council (which formed after the downfall of the Supreme Potentate) to enlarge the size of the Mastership rather than conquer other worlds to avoid overpopulation. That is also why some humans live here now," said the adult robot Calvin.

"In the world I left, people were so scared of the Supreme Potentate's return after Calvin's death that some people worked themselves into extinction to find him and kill him," said Copper. "And all I had to do to change that was go back in time?"

"Yes, I still can't believe they still acted as if he's dead while I'm practically him," said the robot.

"That is weird Program Calvin," said Copper.

"Why do you insist on calling me that? I prefer Uncle Calvin from you," said Program C.

"Well for one, you're not Calvin. For two, you're also my boss and it just doesn't feel right to say "Uncle Calvin," said Copper.

But before their conversation could go on any further, a kid that looked like Calvin but with brown hair and a blue striped shirt ran over to Program C and yelled "Daddy!" and hugged him.

Then adult Susie came by and greeted Program C with "It's good to see you're home, honey. Hobbes II has been waiting for you to come back from work."

"It's nice to be home. Being a supercomputer that controls a planet-sized spacecraftthat controls an entire spaceship is cool, but I like to be home as well," said Program C as he picked up Hobbes II.

"Same here, except for the supercomputer part. Obviously I'm not a supercomputer," said Copper. "I just can't believe I won't be able to go on any more of Calvin's adventures with him."

"Who said anything about that?" Asked Program C.

"Well, I naturally assumed from having brought an entire alien race bent on destroying the human race to life would've been enough damage to the time stream," said Calvin.

"Well, you also helped destroy their leader, helping Calvin save two entire races. I think that deserves a second chance," said Program C.

"Really? Thanks man!" Said Copper as he high-fived Program C.

Then he heard a voice from a nearby house next to Program C's.

"Copper! Time for dinner!" Said future Hobbes.

"I gotta go! See you tomorrow boss!" Said Copper as he took off his robot armor since he was off duty, revealing he looked exactly like Hobbes in six-year-old Calvin's time period.

But before he could go, Hobbes II had reached for Copper's leg.

"Do you want to play tomorrow? I got a wagon to ride!" He asked.

Before Copper could say no, he saw from the reflection on his armor that they both looked like Calvin and Hobbes I.

"Sure, during my lunch break," said Copper as he shook Hobbes II off of his leg and made his way toward his house.

To the loving memory of Calvin and Hobbes

November 18, 1985-December 31, 1995

Bill Watterson may have stopped writing about you, but I and like hundreds of other authors on this site haven't.

Author's Note: So what did you think of Calvin and Hobbes's Epic Tale? I intend on making other C & H fanfics too if you liked it. If you didn't then too bad for you.