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Chapter 1. Prologue.

Chi-chi looked around her small house. She had searched the entire house, but she was not able to find the one she was looking for. She let out an exasperated sigh as she walked into her son's messy room. Books were splattered all over the small wooden table and the sheets from the unmade bed were sprawling onto the floor. Her son was missing again. The worried mother noticed the change in her son's attitude. She smoothed out the wrinkles of her yellow cheongsam while she walked back into the living room. She sat down in a chair and tightened the purple sash around it. A frown appeared on her face as she wondered where her son had run off to this time. She did not know that Gohan was not far away.

"Gohan dear. Where have you gone off to?"

The fourteen year old half-Saiyan was sitting by a river, with his feet dangling below so that he could kick and splash about once in a while. His black spiky hair had grown over the years since his fight with Cell and was now hanging down to his shoulders. He usually tied it in a pony tail, so it wouldn't get in the way during training or when he went out. The half-Saiyan let out a discouraged sigh. He didn't feel like training anymore or wearing his iconic gi. He was now dressed in a buttoned down shirt and black pants.

He knew everyone – especially Krillin and Piccolo – were worried about him. He always smiled whenever Krillin came over to hang out with him. However, that smile tended to fade away when the others were not looking. He always refused offers to spar from Krillin. The monk usually tried to persuade him in a little match, just to find out if the old Gohan was still in there. The young enthusiastic fighter loved to spar as long as it was friendly. But Krillin never got his way, not anymore.

It was the same with Piccolo. Their friendship had gotten very strong over the years. Gohan could always look up to Piccolo for anything and vice versa. However, their relationship had changed drastically since the fight with Cell. In the beginning Piccolo came over once a week and Gohan always greeted him enthusiastically. But within time this changed. Gohan was less excited when Piccolo came over. He did not want to spar anymore. He answered when Piccolo asked something, but never started the conversation himself. Piccolo noticed Gohan's change in attitude and spent quite some time trying to get Gohan back to his old self, without success. But he didn't want to give up on the half-Saiyan.

Piccolo tried to talk to him more than once. He told Gohan that the boy could always come to him when he wanted to talk, that he would be there to listen. But Gohan never took him up on that offer. They did talk once in a while but Piccolo knew Gohan was still holding back. When the Namek asked about this, Gohan told him he was fine and usually ended the spar.

Gohan sighed and fell back into the grass. His mother forced him to go to school called Orange Star High School. He had been going there for three months now and he didn't dislike it. He wasn't looking forwards to going again on Monday either. He met a few nice people there. There was Videl, the pretty but nosy girl with black hair in pig tails. She was the daughter of Hercule Satan - who had been boasting about how he defeated Cell over the years. He met this short haired blonde girl named Eresa. Gohan didn't really know how to describe her. She was nice but very clingy and she kept prodding his muscles much to Gohan's displeasure. Then there was Sharpener. The blonde boy was always glaring at Gohan's muscular body when he first came in the class and had been doing that ever since then. Gohan didn't pay much attention to it though.

Most of the jocks who saw his body and skills during gym class asked him to join a sport. But he wasn't interested in this and they all ignored him since then. He didn't mind this. He went to school, spent the day there, came home, went to his room to make homework and went to bed. The only times Chi-Chi or Goten got to see him was around breakfast and dinner, where he was forced to eat at the kitchen table. Goten was Gohan's little brother. He was five years in the making and already very strong. The boy with short black spiky hair wanted to train with his older brother and he was always wearing his orange and blue gi. Gohan didn't pay much attention to him. This only earned a sad Goten or a mad Chi-Chi. Massive arguments would start because of this. Eventually Gohan would leave and not come back for at least a day. Chi-Chi never knew where she could find him.

His dislike for fighting had always been there. From the moment Raditz landed on the planet Gohan had been forced to train in martial arts. He liked friendly sparring matches, but he hated the fights to the death he had been forced to endure the past ten years. When Cell died Gohan promised himself never to lose his mind like that again. To keep this promise he had to make another promise: Never turn Super Saiyan 2 again. Gohan didn't want to take that risk. He felt like a different person in his second Super Saiyan form. Ascended Saiyan Gohan felt like he could take the world and wanted to see those unworthy suffer. But that wasn't like the normal Gohan, right? Gohan wasn't mean. He didn't want others to suffer.

He closed his eyes tightly, trying to shake away the images that popped up in his mind. Cell grinned at him and pointed towards his Cell Juniors, who were beating up his family and friends. The mutated android attacked the half-Saiyan but he swatted his attacks away like they were nothing. Cell was hanging on a rock by his hand and Gohan stepped on it to push him off. Cell grew in size as he prepared for self-destruction. Goku smiled at his son and...

Gohan jumped up and growled holding his head in agony in his hands. He shook his head and took a deep breath to steady himself. 'No. I am not thinking about that again. I told myself to let go... Why can't I do that?' He thought as he looked up at the sky and frowned, clenching his fists in anger.

The last reason the half-Saiyan's mood had changed so dramatically the past few was speeding towards him at the moment. A force almost big enough as Gohan's in his basic form. The man had been Gohan's biggest fear when he was four. Even though he grew in strength as fast as this man and was even stronger now, he never liked being close to him. There had always been a small hint of fear in the demi-Saiyan's body when the man looked at him and it would probably always be there. 'Vegeta.' Gohan dived in the water and swam away, keeping his power level very low. He felt Vegeta touching down on the ground where he was a few seconds ago and kept swimming.

Ever since the Cell Games, the proud Saiyan prince was trying to make Gohan break the promise he made to himself. The Prince of all Saiyans didn't want to fight anymore at first, but when Gohan defeated Bojack, Vegeta wanted him as his sparring partner. At first Gohan reluctantly accepted this. That was until Vegeta ordered him to fight as super Saiyan 2. Gohan refused this, but it was never a good idea to refuse something Vegeta ordered. The full-blooded Saiyan got mad and attacked him with everything he had, but Gohan managed to get away. Gohan had been avoiding him and his sparring sessions for three years now and he was doing a good job at it.

The problem was that Vegeta was getting tired of chasing him down and his methods got more and more extreme. At first the Saiyan prince had shown up at his house during breakfast or dinner. He showed up in the middle of the night, waking Gohan from his sleep. He even threatened to destroy a city if Gohan didn't come to stop him from doing just that. Bulma made sure the last one didn't happen anymore though. Bulma didn't mind Vegeta harassing Gohan because she knew the teen could take it, but she didn't like innocent humans getting involved.

The demi- Saiyan teenager kept swimming until he noticed Vegeta was far away. The teen gasped for air when he got out of the water and swam towards the edge. There he climbed on it and laid down on the mossy grass as the warm rays of the sun let him dry off. He just had a fight with his mom and ran away. His mother was probably looking for him by now, but he couldn't care less. It wasn't like she missed him or anything. Gohan closed his eyes and let himself drift off into a slumber.

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