Chapter One - Omaha Beach

Blue eyes scanned over the surrounding men, sea sickness was claiming a vast number of them. The small solider cringed as the vomit hit the steel floor and made a trail towards the door of the boat they were on. They were preparing for the perils of landing on Omaha beach, knowing that the Germans were waiting to unleash hell on them.

The eyes landed on Captain John Miller and watched as he took a long drink from his canteen, his right hand shaking.

Feeling a pair of eyes on him Miller looked up meeting the gaze of Private Lewis, he allowed a small smile and a nod before looking away. Lewis was one of his best, a good soldier with a great mind. Miller was fond of Lewis and a smile lifted the corner of his lips as he remembered the day he found out the big secret of Private Chris Lewis, he remembered the shock, the arguments, but also the joy. Chrissie Lewis was a normal 19 year old girl living in Brooklyn, she had everything. A great job, a great family and the best friend a girl could ask for - Richard Reiben. Shortly after her birthday news arrived of the war and Richard was deployed. Cutting her hair Chrissie managed to work her way through basics and became a solider. She kept her secret for many months until she saw Richard who immediately recognised her eyes and destroyed her secret. Captain Miller and the rest of the squad became increasingly used to having a woman around, many looked at her as a sister and Reiben was over-joyed at being united with his best friend again. With much persuasion Miller was able to get Lewis transferred to Charlie company where she currently was sitting waiting to storm the beach. The long blonde hair she had to cut for basics had since grown out and flew wildly around her face in the wind. Her face was soft with eyelids closed hiding blue eyes as she thought about her squad, her brothers. She knew storming the beach was near suicide, that most of the men wouldn't make it out of the water, but she had hope that she'd be reunited with the men that mean the most to her. A voice broke through her thoughts and her eyes snapped open.

"Clear the ramp. 30 seconds. God be with you."

Lewis listened closely along with the men around her to the breif being given by Miller and Horvath.

"Port side, stick. Starboard side, stick. Move fast and clear those murder holes."

"I wanna see plenty of beach between men. Five men is an opportunity. One man is a waste of ammo."

"Keep the sand out of you weapons. Keep those actions clear." Miller's eyes locked with Chrissie's as he voiced the last order. "I'll see you on the beach."

He would see her on the beach, she would make it up there. She was strong, a fighter, as was the rest of the squad. Unlike some people, she had one thing. Hope.

A hand grasped Chrissie's and upon feeling the long slim fingers she knew exactly who is was, Private Daniel Jackson. Their eyes locked and he squeezed her hand, a small smile flickered over both faces and for just a moment they were in their own world together, just the two of them. Bringing her hand up to his lips he kissed a finger softly, giving one last squeeze before letting go. Chrissie watched as he pulled the cross from around his neck, kissed it and whispered prayers.

"Open motor holes." A voice screamed bringing Chrissie back to reality as bullets rained down upon them.

"Over the side!" Miller ordered and Chrissie took once last look at Jackson before throwing herself into the ice cold water. She hit the bottom hard and panic overtook her as she struggled to get to the surface. Her pack was weighing her down, with the water stinging her eyes and not much breath left Chrissie finally managed to release herself and rise to the surface. A gasp of air was all she got before she felt someone grab her arm and pull her along.

Bullets flew past her head but she had no time to think as the man in front pulled her forward. The solider fell taking Chrissie with him and as she was once again submerged under water she saw the red liquid pouring from the wound in his forehead. Chrissie pulled herself back up and continued moving forward

She finally reached the beach and immediately wished she was back home. Bodies were everywhere, blood stained the water red. Suddenly, all the hope she had been habouring had disappeared. She wouldn't make it. They were fighting a loosing battle.

Miller fell to his knees. He had made it through the water, unlike many of his men. Soldiers were dropping all around him, some crying, praying, giving up. He couldn't give up, as he scanned the beach his eyes landed on Lewis, he could see she'd had enough. He needed to get to her. Since she joined the company she had been like the daughter she never had. He couldn't lose her.

"I said, what the hell do we do now, Sir?" a solider screamed at Miller, breaking him out of his trance.

"Captain Miller! Captain Miller!" Horvath was near. He needed to get the men off the beach.

"Sergant Horvath. Get your men off the beach. Go!"

Horvath nodded in Miller's direction and looked to the soldiers gathered. "Ok, you guys! Get on my ass! Follow me!"

Back with Miller someone asked where the rallying point was. Miller looked around, "Anywhere but here!" he shouted back before moving towards Chrissie. He saw her fall to her knees.

"Lewis, get up! MOVE!"

Chrissie looked up at the sound of her name and saw the Captain struggling to get to her. He was going to get hurt. He was going to get hurt trying to save her. This realisation gave her new motivation. She wouldn't let him down. She couldn't.

Pushing herself to her feet glanced around before running to meet him.

"What the hell do you think you were doing Chris! Come on, Go!"

Once again, Chrissie found herself being pulled up the beach, the bullets still raining down. Miller dragged Chrissie along til they reached a group of soliders, dropping to the floor he surveyed the situation.

"The sea wall. Move up to the sea wall!"

"Sir, I'm staying!" one of the soldiers agrued. Miller heard the distress in his voice.

"Clear this beach! Make way for the others!" Miller ordered.

Still the soldier agrued. "This is all we got!"

Miller had enough. "Every inch of this beach has been pre-sighted! You stay here, you're a dead man!"

Chrissie followed Miller up the beach, letting out a sob as she passed a friend, Jack. He was trying to hold his internal organs in his stomach. Tears escaped her eyes as he yelled for his Mama. She couldn't help him. No-one could.

Miller and Chrissie came across another group of gathered soliders.

"What are you guys?" Miller asked.

"104th Medical Battalion, sir!" was the reply. "Here to set up field operations!"

"Get rid of that crap! Grab yourself some weapons. Follow us!"

Chrissie looked around her and saw a dead soldier with a rifle hanging around his neck. Gently she pulled the rifle out and handed it to one of the medics.

"Come on, guys! We've got to move!" She shouted moving up to flank Miller.

As they moved, Chrissie heard a voice that made her stop.

"Captain! Briggs!" Miller looked around, spotting Briggs laying on the floor.

"Briggs!" a squad member and a good friend, Miller and Lewis rushed to his side.

"Get me out of here! I'm hit low. God!" He screamed in pain as Lewis grabbed his face.

"Briggs, look, look at me. You're going to be fine. I promise. You're gonna be ok. Medic!" Crissie's eyes searched frantically for a solider with a cross on his helmet.

"Chris!" Briggs screamed, grabbing her arm. She once again screamed for help.


A soldier approached the trio.

"Navy Beach Battalion, Sir! I've got to clear these obstacles for the tanks."

"All the armour's foundering in the channel!" Miller pointed.

The solider shrugged. "Orders, sir. You go somewhere else. I'm clearing this one!"

Miller turned to his two soliders. "Chris, grab his arm."

Miller and Lewis continued making their way up the beach, pullinf Briggs with them.

"Medic!" Chrissie screamed as they went. "Where the hell is Wade? MEDIC!"

Behind them an explosion erupted, knocking them to their knees.

"NO!" Chrissie screamed as she saw Briggs's legs had been taken off! "NO!"

"Lewis, get yourself together. Lets move!" Miller odered pulling her along.

They ran towards the sea wall, and threw themselves against it.