Haruhi's P.O.V

I stared wide-eyed at the giant building before me. It held the key to my future, and every step I would take would bring me closer to my goal in life. I let out an anxious deep breath, pushed up the glasses on the bridge of my nose, fixed my ratty old sweater, and headed towards to grand school. I am attending Ouran Academy as a first year honor student. Ouran is a high school where the children of rich business owners attended, preparing to become the heir of their parents' successor.

But me, I'm just a commoner. A fish out of water attending this brilliantly designed school, a girl who's just looking for her path to success. And that path starts here. I walked through the grand 15-foot tall doors to be greeted by a gorgeous ballroom with a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. There were two sets of stairs, both opposites from each other on their own sides with red velvet carpets leading up to the balcony, which separated into opposite corridors. To my left was the way to the boys' dorms and to my right was the passage to the girls' dorms. There were servants running about here and there, attending to their master's every whim. They were no more then my age, a year or two older, nonetheless. But these kids weren't here to attend school, they were here to get paid for a job and hopefully go to a public school soon. I sighed as I headed up the left grand staircase, journeying to the Headmaster's office. I passed by humongous windows that revealed a clock tower and doves flying by. It was a crystal clear day and I absentmindedly said in a hushed tone, "How are things in heaven, Mom? I still can't believe it's been ten years already…"

I sighed and just pressed forward, when I finally spotted the Headmaster's office. I hesitantly knocked on the large wooden door and pressed forward when I heard an answer.

When I entered, I was greeted by a man is his late 30's, possibly early 40's. He was tall with faded brown hair and wore a crisp clean white business suit. He had a perfect red rose tucked into his pocket and a warm smile plastered on his face. He ran up to me and vigorously shook my hand, saying, "You must be Mister Haruhi Fujioka! I've heard great things about you, great things!"

I gave a nervous smile and said, "Why th-thank you, sir."

"Well, I will give you your dorm number and class schedule now!"

He handed me a couple of forms and I thanked him as I headed for the door.

I glanced down at my paper that said, "Boy's Dorm: Room 133.

Class: 1A.

Name: Fujioka, Haruhi.

Grade: First Year.

Age: 15.

Gender: Boy."

Well, they got everything right, except for the fact that I'm a girl and I'll be living in a boy's dorm for the next three years. (A/N: They return to their daily classes after summer break, the just change their years.)

I headed down the very fancy hallway, back to where I was standing when I first entered, and turned right, since I was walking from the staircase.

I counted all of the dorm numbers, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132…

And I came up to Room 133! I quickly put in my key and when I opened the door a bright white light greeted me (A/N: Ha! Unintentional rhyming! )

I walked in and found…

A/N: So, I just left a cliffhanger. Don't worry! It'll get better soon!