Hey guys! This is mostly another story idea that came up while I was writing my new story The Playboy's Bestfriend, dealing with Sasuke's curse mark and how it could possibly go wrong. Since I saw no other story that gave this idea, I decided to give it a try. After all, I love making my stories original.

This was mostly written for the purpose that it's the day after Thanksgiving, there's no school, my friends are all busy and there's NOTHING TO DO. ARGGG. I couldn't update The Playboy's Bestfriend early because there's the interlude chapter I'm still writing, and I wanted to get this out before I forgot about it XD

Okay… here I go!


Of Dark and Light



Birds fluttered away from their branches at his scream, startled as his agony pulsed in every fiber of his being as the throbbing in his shoulder strengthened with each pulsation. The forest, dark green and murky brown, swiveled around him while his eyes darted for something—anything—that would pacify his pain. His pale hands were clawing at the bark, insistently ripping and pulling, his palms reddening as he continued to make the tree raw and bare.

The sensation grew worse, soon enough his hands were at his throat, nails almost tearing when he felt a pair of cool hands push them down, one of them intertwining with his. The cold was relieving in comparison to his feverish heat, and he gladly accepted the welcome of the person encouraging them to their chest, gritting his teeth as he squeezed that hand, roaring.

They were muttering worried, encouraging words, but all that came to Sasuke's ears were tinkling bells that made the burning much more bearable. His eyes were screwed shut as another throb hit at full force, gasping softly as the other hand gripped his other arm gently. Panting, he attempted to force himself into a place inside his mind where he could be distant from the pain, but ultimately failed once he felt his sight waver, the sight before him blurring into colors in shapes and his mind reduced into mush, unable to recognize or acknowledge anything out of the ordinary.

He could feel himself falling into unconsciousness; the black spots were filling in the blind spots in his eyes as the prickling feeling started from his forehead all the way down to his toes. It was almost as if his soul was being forcibly torn from his physical body into some sort of other dimension, one where he would sleep for an amount of time. The person's voice heightened and was obviously in a panic once he felt the pain suddenly disappear and reappear consistently.

He couldn't take the hurt. It was about to fry his brain, prod his eyes and burst his heart internally if he couldn't stop it soon. Once that one chance of falling into a long sleep of coma showed itself, whispering reassurances that the pain will vanish entirely, he welcomed it with open arms.

Prying his eyes open for a moment, he could see only one thing.

Sakura's beautiful, beautiful face, her pink hair and emerald eyes shining in worry as her lips parted as if speaking incoherently.

The Uchiha fell onto her body in a heap, a resounding thought rumbling in his conscious.


He never knew the risk of the last imprint in his mind, that once he woke up, he would made her involved into his new problem.

A dark pulse shattered his mind, memorizing his thoughts and words as her image came to mind. The dark persona mimicked him curiously, "Sakura…"


Gahhh, this gave me chills XD. Sounds interesting doesn't it? By the way, if you don't know what I'm talking about, this takes place during the Chuunin Exams when Sasuke was bit by Orochimaru. It should be implicit here, but I just wanted to make sure you guys knew:)

How does it sound? Interesting, boring? This will be one of the things I'll work on if I'm stumped on The Playboy's Bestfriend (BECAUSE I JUST KNOW ILL BE BORED). Anyway, I love stories of SasuSaku, or even Team 7 when they were still all together. So, one AU fic and another realistic fic. Alternating between the two should satisfy my writer's block from either of them.