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'Inner Sakura'

One look and I'm done

One glance from your eyes

And I'm captivated

The taste of your skin

The warmth of your hungry lips

Has me so taken and I love the way you can make me dance

From miles away

When I'm with you I'm so sedated

I'm captivated by you

-Lady Gaga

Innocent Seduction

The hidden village in the rain was a dreary sight to say the least. It was so dark and gloomy with unpredictable amounts of rain that never seemed to cease from falling. The only reason the top medic and apprentice of the fifth hokage was here, a mission of course.

It was a simple mission in Sakura's opinion. Go to Amegakure to gather herbs and other medical related information to add to Konoha's medical records.

Although there were some unwanted complications, the pinkette finished the mission in two days time and wasn't expected to be finished for another day or so.

'Maybe we can find some eye candy in this god awful place,' her inner suggested as she walked the dim streets.

'In this place,' she thought back as she glanced around, 'I highly doubt it.'

Her inner sighed, 'Then let's at least go get a drink or something.'

After the day she had she thought she deserved it, 'I can do that.'

She spotted a local bar, although it looked a bit run down and dark, she figured it wasn't going to get much better then this fine establishment.

The gravel streets could be heard crunching under the heels of her ninja boots as she approached the front door of the bar. Her hand grasped the door handle and pulled it open letting the warmer air brush across her cheeks and shoulders.

She'd soon discover that coming into this bar, was a big mistake.

"I'll take a bottle of Sake," Sakura told the bartender as she took a seat at an empty bar stool.

He looked at her questioningly, "The whole bottle miss?"

"The whole bottle," she told him with a sweet smile.

'We're on the road to becoming an alcoholic,' inner Sakura decided, 'I like it.'

He brought what she asked for shortly after and she took a big drink. After letting the alcohol slide down her throat she looked around at the people in the bar.

They were mostly villagers out for a couple of drinks, more so men, but a few women out looking for attention or an easy lay and the occasional off duty shinobi here and there.

But out of all the familiar faces she could see, she saw some she wished she hadn't.

Entering the bar from the back entrance quietly, but not quite stealthily enough, were six famous missing ninjas and members of the feared gang, Akatsuki.

'Well this has been fun but I feel as though I've just over stayed my welcome,' she thought to her herself as she turned around quickly and took another large swig of her drink.

'Oh come on, they're not a threat to us!' her innered protested, 'Plus we just bought a whole bottle of Sake and we shouldn't let it go to waste on account of them.'

'There's six of them for Kami's sake!' she told her inner, 'Although I'm strong, I can't take on six Akatsuki by myself. Especially not in a place like this!'

"Welllll hello," the voice stopped to hiccup, "there beautiful."

That same night some members of the most well-known criminal organization were finishing up their missions and meeting up to discus their future mission status.

It was rare that they all met up in person but when waiting for a meeting with leader, they had to be close by. Their current spot was at the local, remotely busy, bar in a booth near the back of the establishment.

"Why the fuck did we have to get here so damn early?" the irritated jashinist asked as he slid into their large booth near the back of the bar.

"You do realize we have a summons from leader-sama very soon, or has your minuscule brain already misplaced that bit of information?" his stitched partner questioned as he slid into the booth with him, taking a seat to count his recent earnings.

"Fuck you Kakuzu!" Hidan yelled, "I don't need to hear your fucking shit."

"Can you two not fight like a married couple for two seconds, yeah?" the blonde bomber asked as he molded spare clay between his artistic hands.

Hidan glared, "Fuck you too pansy! I don't want to hear you're pussy voice."

"All of you be quiet."

With no questions asked, the quarrel silenced besides a few deathly glares from the group.

Itachi had that kind of effect.

Kisame grunted and took a drink of his Sake, "Seriously, I can't get a drink anywhere with out you pansies fighting."

Not that they were concerned about causing a scene. This was Akatsuki territory anyway.

"I don't give a shit about drinking," Hidan spoke again; "I just want to find a hot bitch."

"Shut up Hidan, I'm really losing my patience with you at the moment," the red-headed puppeteer grumbled from his spot in the booth.

"Fuck you Sasori! This is exactly the shit I didn't miss when you're dumb ass was dead."

"And your arrogant voice is something I will never miss," Sasori replied with a small smirk.

Deidara snorted before he took a drink, "I second that statement, yeah."

Kisame grunted and finished off his glass, looking at the empty container, "I need another drink."

At that moment there was some sort of commotion at the front of the bar involving a woman and a man, who was currently flat on the ground holding his face in pain.

"I fucking need some of that," Hidan said letting out a throaty groan as he signaled to the female.

All the men turned their attention to the new commotion and let their eyes scan over the woman's face and body. Flawless milky skin, well toned body, bright emerald eyes, vibrant pink hair, and a Konoha head band.

"A familiar face," Itachi's voice spoke up.

A gorgeous familiar face, to say the least.

Deidara let out a laugh as he looked from the girl to Sasori, "Hey Danna, isn't that the girl who killed you, yeah?"

Sasori hardened his look into a glare but amusement was evident in his brown eyes as he continued to scan the kunoichi.

Kisame let out a deep laugh as a sharky smile move to his lips, "What are the odds her pretty little self would be here the same night as all of us. Kakuzu, isn't she worth quite a bit in the Bingo books?"

The stitched man moved his gaze over to his bingo book, looking between her and her full page of information, "Quite a bit indeed."

"Then why don't we get acquainted with Miss Sakura Haruno, shall we?" Kisame decided as he called over a waitress, never taking his eyes off the pinkette.

In fact, none of them did.

Sakura sat back down from the current scene that she had just caused and brushed some stray pink locks from her eyes.

Her inner laughed, 'He really shouldn't have tried to hit on you then grab your ass. I still think you should have let me deal with it.'

'Am I giving off a vibe that says, 'I really want to deal with your pathetic shit today?' she asked herself as more Sake made its way past her lips.

'Nope,' her innered replied with a smirk.

'I didn't think so either.'

"Excuse me ma'am," a voice spoke briskly from her left.

'Ma'am? We don't look that old!'

She looked up to see one of the waitresses, with a slightly jealous look on her face, next to her with her hand oh her hip. The pinkette raised her brow at the female, "Yes?"

"The gentlemen at the back table are requesting your presence," she told Sakura with a roll of her eyes, "Now."

'Oh fuck. Just when I had begun to forget about them…'

'I say we go over there.'

'What? Are you crazy?'

'What? They're hot, and if they wanted to kill you don't you think they would have attempted to by now?'

"Just tell them I'm not interested," she told the already ticked off waitress as she took another drink.

"Fine with me," she replied with a bored tone and quickly walked back over to the booth.

'Ok, so I'll finish this bottle and quietly take my leave,' she told herself as she peaked back over to the waitress who was just now breaking the news to the table of criminals.

She saw the blue man, Kisame, smirk then look over at her with a predatory glint in his beady eyes.

'Great. Leaving now.'

She left her bottle at the counter and stealthily moved over to the door, trying not to bring to much attention to herself. Grasping the handle and pulling the door open, she thought she was free.

Of course it couldn't be that easy.

A black tendril of what looked like hair pushed the door shut again and completely covered the door, preventing her from leaving.


Her head whipped back around to glare at the table, also noticing the tall stitched man being the culprit behind the inescapable exit. Suddenly she felt an almost familiar pull on her body, like small strings moving her. It was weak at first then it got stronger, making her whole body move.

'No way! This can't be happening,' she thought to herself as she recalled a fight with a, known to be dead, redheaded Akatsuki member.

The strings made her legs move to bring her over to the back of the bar, right to the dreaded booth.

"Pleasure to have you join us tonight Sakura," Sasori told her with a devilish smirk as she stopped in front of the table.

She absolutely hated the way he spoke her name. All she wanted to do was wipe the smirk off his face and then pummel it into the ground, again. Sounded like a great idea in her mind, it was more so being able to pull it off with the situation she was currently in.

"I would say the same to you but during our last meeting, we were trying to kill each other," she began, attempting to keep her temper in check. "And if I also recall correctly, I succeeded in killing you."

He continued to give her his smirk, "Akatsuki has their ways."

She continued to glare with her piercing emerald eyes, "I'm sure."

"Why don't you take a seat pinky," Kisame told her as they made room in the middle of the booth then looking over to Sasori to give her a little push. Before she could protest, her body began to move with the help of Sasori's puppet strings.

'Shit, shit, shit! I'm so screwed now!'

'I hope you're talking about literally being screwed and not just metaphorically.'

Sakura's body squeezed through the space between the table and the laps of several missing ninjas. She was moved to sit between the familiar blonde artist and the all to stoic, and familiar, Uchiha.

'Just breathe,' she told herself. 'Deidara might try something, Itachi on the other hand won't. I hope.'

If there was a smell for murder, power, and criminal intent, it would be overflowing in the area in which Sakura was seated. The aura was over powering and made the pink haired kunoichi feel a bit light headed.

"Why does this pussy get to sit next to the hot bitch?" Hidan questioned signaling to Deidara. "Shit! Does he even like chicks? Seriously."

"Shut the hell up Hidan, yeah," the blonde huffed as he turned his attention back to the woman sitting next to him, throwing his arm around her shoulders. "You're obviously jealous that women are more interested in me, right Sakura, yeah?"

'Don't say it. Don't say it. Don't say it!'

"Why would women be interested in pricks like you? You kill for pleasure, have absolutely no attractive qualities, and are generally a bunch of sick fucks with no sense of loyalty or a brain for that matter. I can honestly say, you disgust me."

'You said it.'

She was seriously expecting to be attacked in some way but received the exact opposite, a roar of laughter. Kisame's deep laughter, coming from the other side of Itachi, filled her ears sending shivers down her spine.

"And she's got spunk, I'm impressed," he announced taking another gulp of his drink. "You can't find many women with beauty, brawns, and spirit."

Sakura looked shocked, 'What the hell?'

With the attempt to move again failing, she tried to think of what the possible outcomes could be for her right now.

"We aren't planning on killing you kunoichi."

Said girl looked to her right at the Uchiha who had not only just spoke, but told her that she wasn't going to be killed by the most dangerous group of criminals.

Like a normal person, she didn't believe it.

"Then what the hell do six Akatsuki members want with a Konoha kunoichi at this point in time?" she spit out heatedly.

Something lit up in the missing ninja's eyes.

"What would be the best way to put this?" Kakuzu inquired with a smirk as he gazed around the table.

"Amusement," The puppeteer spoke.

"Entertainment," The bomber added in as his fingers traced patterns along her shoulder.

"Your fine ass," Hidan spoke up as he gave her a seductive look.

She chose to ignore that comment.

A familiar laugh was heard from the blue missing ninja, "What we want is a little bit of...," he paused to think of the right words then let a smile return to his face, "Pretty company."

Her eyes held the emotions of shock, confusion, and pure hated for the men.

"And why would you pick me instead of some cheap whore lurking around the bar that would be on you in a heartbeat?" she asked as she tried to shake he blonde's wondering hand from her shoulder with no avail, again.

Hot breathe fanned across her pale neck leaving goose bumps, "We enjoy a challenge."

'Scratch the previous thought. Itachi might try something.'

'We can only hope!'

Sakura looked around the table and gulped nervously, "W-well whatever you guys are planning you should really forget it. You won't be getting anything from me."

"I don't think you're in a position to be making demands," Kakuzu told her as he sent his chakra laced strings around her legs and torso, keeping her in place even more than she already was.

The puppet master loosened the amount of chakra flowing through his strings giving the pinkette a bit more room for movement, but not too much.

The pinkette tried to break the strings with her own chakra but the strings Sasori still had in place were preventing her from doing so along with the ones Kakuzu just added.

'Fuck this right now!'

She growled in frustration and tried to struggle from her restraints, "You bastards are really starting to piss me off. Let me go already!"

"Man this bitch is feisty," Hidan spoke up as he allowed his eyes to roam over her body as she tried to move in her restraints. "I fucking love it, seriously."

Her head whipped around letting him see how her eyes help a murderous intent. That was enough to send him over the edge and all he wanted to do was jump her bones right then and there.

"Aw fuck," he cursed and looked over to Deidara, "Pansy boy quit hogging her and move the fuck over."

"Yeah right," the blonde snorted as his hand drug across the kunoichi's bare arm. "Sakura and I are enjoying ourselves, yeah."

She raised an eyebrow and glared at the bomber, "You may be enjoying you sick and perverted self but when I get out of these restraints I'm going to rip out your vocal cords, pummel your face into the ground, and rip your arms clean off the rest of your body."

"That's fucking hot," the violet eyed man groaned.

Kisame chuckled, yet again, and took another guzzle of his drink, "Sounds to me like she's not enjoying herself."

Deidara gave the female a twisted smirk, "We can change that, yeah."

Before she could insult something about him again she felt a wet sensation slide up her arm.

Her reaction was quick as she jumped a bit and looked to the arm that Deidara had his hand on. The mouth on his palm was tracing its tongue along the skin of her arms.

'I would love to see what else he could do with those hands.'

Trying to break away, she still couldn't take her panicked eyes off the artists wandering, and continuously licking, hands. The blue eyed male took the chance to move his mouth to the pinkette's slender neck and kiss and suck on the pale flesh.

A surprised gasp escaped Sakura's plump lips as a pink tinge made itself known across her already rosy cheeks. She tried to move away from him but his arm kept her in place also giving her skin a little nip to try to send the signal not to try escaping him again.

"What the hell do you think you're d-" another gasp escapes her mouth as he found a sensitive spot against her neck. He smirked against her skin.

The feeling of a new warm hand made itself known on her exposed thigh, tracing fingers up and down lightly over the sensitive flesh.

"Uchiha," she growled out trying to distract herself from the blonde attacking her neck. "What do you think you're doing?"

The smirk was small but it radiated off his handsome face.

"Relax princess," Kisame told her as he leaned against his elbows in the table. "I think you'll enjoy it."

Struggling again, she glared at the blue man, "Shut up you overgrown sha-ah!"

Deidara chuckled against her skin again as his hand had moved from her arm to her small waist and gave it a nip through her shirt.

'How the fuck am I going to get out of this one?'

'Simple; you don't and you enjoy yourself,' her inner told her with a smirk as she looked around the table, 'Is that really so difficult to understand?'

'This is why I really hate having you around all the damn time.'

Her thoughts were cut off as the no longer stoic Uchiha buried his nose in the crook of her neck that wasn't being assaulted. His hot breath blew against her neck making her shudder while strands of his long raven locks brushed against her shoulder and collarbone. Slender fingers continued to caress the skin along her thighs and brushed up her hips to her waist. Her eyes were shut and her mind was trying to tell her reassuring phrases.

It wasn't working out so well.

'This has to be a dream-Nightmare!' she corrected herself, 'This isn't real. It can't be.'

"This isn't an illusion Sakura," Itachi whispered in her ear, breaking her from her thoughts. "This is real."

"You know what's real?" she asked breathily to the Uchiha, "The fact that my fist is going to implant itself in your face; permanently."

"How about we make a deal?" Kakuzu proposed as he watched the girl struggle between his comrades.

Her emerald eyes narrowed dangerously at him, "What kind of deal?"

He leaned his elbows on the table and rested his head against his knuckles, "An exchange of some sorts."

She tried to shrug the two men off her person again but continued to have her attention on Kakuzu, "Continue."

"With pleasure, yeah."

"Not you!"

Kakuzu smirked at the flustered yet curious female, "Your reward would be information, regarding our organization."

Her tone was hesitant, "In exchange for?"

"You," Sasori answered for the stitched man.

Her breathe hitched in her throat, "What exactly do you mean when you say me?"

"We want you to spend the entire night with us, yeah," Deidara told her between kisses. "And us alone."

"Speaking of us," Sasori stated lowly turning his attention to Deidara. "You need to move, now."

The blonde looked irritated but didn't say anything as he gave Sakura one last kiss on the neck and traded places with the red haired puppet master. The pinkette let out a sigh of relief, but it was short lived at the red head made his presence known by taking hold of her chin and making her face him.

"Think of it as," he paused for a moment and moved his mouth to her ear, "A seduction mission."

A shiver came before her well thought response, "And how do I know you'll actually give me any information. Why should I believe you when it's obvious that you could just take what you want at this very moment without a fight from me?"

The quiet Uchiha's smirk returned to his god like features as he whispered in her opposite ear, "We prefer to have it from you willingly."

Hidan snorted and looked the kunoichi over again, "Shit, says you."

Sakura tore her chin away from the puppet master's hold and looked over to Itachi, "Again, how do I know that I'll get my end of the exchange?"

Kisame took a drink the smirked at the pinkette, "Sakura, do we really look like the kind of guys that go back on a deal?"

She raised an eyebrow at the ex mist ninja, "You're sarcasm isn't appreciated. In fact, you are the people I would expect that trait the most out of anyone."

"I'm hurt," he told her with the same grin on his gilled face.

Swallowing nervously she looked around at the predatory glint in the men's eyes.

'So let me get this straight, they want me to pretty much 'seduce them' for information. It can't be that easy. There has to be some sort of catch!'

'Hell, do it for the hot male attention. The information is just an added bonus!'

'You're such a pervert, you know that?'

Her inner chuckled, 'I'm fully aware.'

"Let's just say I were to…do this," she started as she finally let herself relax in the bindings, "What…what are you expecting me to do exactly?"

If it was possible, their expressions were more mischievous than before.

Deidara let a lopsided grin play across his handsome face, "Whatever you want, yeah. Just make sure it's exciting."

Sasori chose that moment to run his nose along her jaw line, "I'm sure that won't be hard for you though, doll."

Inhaling sharply at the enemy's close contact she thought carefully about what she was considering doing.

'Is the information worth it? Yes, no one else has ever gotten this close. If I say no, are they really going to let me just walk away? Probably not. Am I stupid? Extremely…'

'I second that last statement.'

'Fuck off.'

Taking a deep breath she faced the men with her eyes fierce and determined, "I'll do it."

"I always did enjoy a challenge," Sasori whispered against the shell of her ear.

Kisame let his pointed teeth show in a large grin, "This ought to be fun."

'Kill me now.'

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