Red Dragon Archfiend

"Carly... I'm so sorry..." my master kept repeating.

What is wrong, my friend? I try to ask, but I know it's futile.

My master and I work as one, fluidly as a snake with it's charmer. I fight for him. Fend for him. I feel what he feels. He feels what I feel. We are one. I am his soul. Without him, I serve no purpose.

"Why didn't you let me go with you... why did you leave me like this?" he asked a pair of broken glasses that was owned by a reporter girl. I remembered her. She changed my friend into a better man. I can only guess her name was Carly.

What happened to her? I asked myself again. I wondered why we could only communicate in battle.

"I didn't mean to hurt you, Carly. Why didn't you let us both fall? Why did you sacrifice yourself for me? I'm sure the other signers would've been fine without me. I don't think i'm even worth saving anymore." Jack's voice said sadly.

What? How can you say that, friend? You couldn't. We will get her back. I promise to you. I will help. I said, shocked at what my master was saying. I could feel my soul glowing, begging for my friend to look at me.

"What the-" Jack said, and I could feel him pick up my imprisonment. He looked at me with questions.

My friend, Jack Atlas. Do not give up hope. We will keep fighting for her. We will never give up hope. With your friends at your side, nothing will be impossible. We will work as one. We will free her from her Dark bounds. My master, my friend, my soul! Never give up hope. For you and I hold the key to freeing the world from these dark monsters. We will free our land of this dark scurge, and free Carly and the others as well. I said desperately, trying to see if he could understand me.

He looked at me for a while, and his eyes tightened. His face became set. I could see that he understood me.

"Yes. I understand you. I cannot just sit around here, hoping for something to happen. I must do it myself. For me, Carly, and the rest of the world. She saved me twice, nowit's my turn! We can do it. I trust in us. I will never again question myself. For you and I are one. You are my burning soul. Red Dragon Archfiend!"

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