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Explosions – Chapter 1

A/N: This is my first attempt at a fanfiction story, so be kind! I guess that by doing this I hope my own writing skill will improve greatly. I accept all advice, so please review. It will probably be a couple of short chapters, with no real plot. Just an incident where he acts as 'knight in shining armour' sort of thing. I'll see how my creative juices flow. I've got a very vague idea of what will occur while I write this note but I'm hoping that the story will flow well...

Italics are for character's thoughts.

It was Potions, first thing on a Monday morning and as Hermione Granger scuttled into the dungeon classroom with her two dunderhead friends, Snape seemed to be in a fouler mood than ever. He didn't even speak, but the instructions for brewing the potion were present upon the board. Hermione groaned, Neville would never cope with this. Gryffindor would surely lose points today, and of course this meant that Snape's oh-so-beloved Slytherin would earn some for just being Slytherin.

The potions room was silent as the seventh year Gryffindor-Slytherin group began their brewing. Occassionally, their professor would glance up from his marking to assess his class. He knew he did not have to worry about the whole class, most of them had managed to gain some sense after six years of potions at the school but Neville Longbottom. Well. What could be said? Snape didn't have the faintest idea how he could've made it into Advanced Potions. Oh, yes, he did. Granger. Little Miss know-it-all.

At that thought, he cemented his gaze on the young girl. Hermione had her hair pulled back but there was still a few loose hairs falling into her face, and though it looked as if they weren't pestering her he could see from her eyes that they were somewhat a bother to her. How he wished to brush them away from her face. She worked so well, her fingers cutting the ingredients precisely and stirring so carefully, as if her life depended on it. Well it did, he thought to himself sarcastically. She had certainly grown into herself, no longer the bushy haired, buck toothed girl of eleven he always remember her as. The Gryffindor Princess, as she was nicknamed. She was not one to blind due to her beauty, but she was no troll either. She had a luscious, flowing mane and deep hazel eyes. What would it be like to wake up looking at those? Severus, what the hell? She is a STUDENT. She is one of the GOLDEN TRIO. Get a grip.

His legs were beginning to stiffen, so he began to walk around the classroom – he kept a close eye on Granger of course as she has been known to whisper tips into Longbottom's ear throughout lessons. Though he was grateful for this as it meant he would have no melting cauldrons or worse, a classroom blown to pieces he did love to take points from her and watch her shy away from his dark gaze. She always flushed, and he wondered why he had this effect on her? Hmm...

Just as he was thinking about her, she looked up from her potion straight at him. She held the gaze with him, as if fighting for victory but he bore in on her and he saw red creep onto her face and she briskly turned back to her potion. She could sense him when he was near her, as if he was the Sun and she the Earth, it was like he had some sort of gravitational pull on her. His eyes were magnificent, they seemed like bottomless black pits but she knew otherwise. Well she didn't know, but she could only imagine. She saw his eyes in her dreams, she saw HIM in her dreams. Everyone would think she was absolutely barking mad, that being part of the Golden Trio had made her lose her mind. She knew she hadn't. He was just so mesmerising.

Hermione didn't realise that she had been lost in her thoughts of her Potions master until she knocked the cauldron over, causing a huge explosion. She was thrown backwards, and hit the floor with a reasonable amount of force. She lifted her hand to her face, and though her vision was blurred she was able to see blood. Oh my god," she murmured, barely inaudible. I have never had an accident in Potions before. Oh god oh god oh god. I'm going to be in so much trouble, but before any kind of punishment he was likely to give her for majorly disrupting his class was pushed to the back of her mind as she heard him approach and crouch down beside her.

"Miss Granger?" he enquired, "Miss Granger, can you hear me?" She was only able to nod slowly, it hurt her to do much more. He noticed her pain and subconsciously wrapped his arms around her and began to carry her away in his arms.