A/N: Well, it's time for my annual Christmas Crackfic. Remember last year's fic one of the disjointed plots involved the S.O.S. Brigade making a Christmas Special? Well that's this year's fic. Enjoy! Also remember this story also take place during the movie they made so any reference to Itsuki's sister is really Kyon's sister.

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Haruhi: The S.O.S. Brigade however owns Mikuru Asahina.

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Mikuru Asahina Saves Christmas

By Emma Iveli

Last Year the SOS Brigade produced a Christmas special. However it wasn't showmen The Christmas Special was up to Haruhi's par. In other words it was extremely bad. The reason why it wasn't shown is become the ending was shot on Christmas Eve. And now for the tale of saving Christmas!

Chapter 1: Yuki's Message

It was a wonderful Christmas Eve, Mikuru and Itsuki were shopping, the two found a cute tea pot. Mikuru giggled.

"Christmas had come. Mikuru was used to her own future holiday X-Mas, she was happy since the people of this time did not live in fear." Said the Snarky Narrator that the story's in written Narrator could not interact with.

"How is Christmas different than X-Mas?" asked Itsuki.

"We live in far of Robot Santa." Explained Mikuru, "Every year he attempts to kill people but then gets into a fight with real Santa."

"Really?" asked Itsuki.

"That holiday sounded ice something from an American Sci-fi cartoon." Said the narrator, "In fact I'm sure that I've heard it."

The two looked at each other and blushed.

"Mikuru… would you like that?" asked Itsuki looking at the teapot.

"I don't know…" said Mikuru, "I don't want to bother you."

"Nonsense…" said Itsuki.

"I don't need it really." Said Mikuru blushing.

And so they headed back to Itsuki's house.

"After a rather forced romantic scene they headed back to Itsuki's house." Said the narrator.

Man… this narrator wishes that this one can interact with the other one… that would be pretty funny.

They got back to Itsuki's house where Itsuki's little sister was waiting for them.

"Oh did you get me anything?" asked the little sister.

"You'll just have to wait and see." Said Itsuki.

"Okay… why did they have to bring her back? I know she was just a bit part in the movie, but now she's outright said to be Itsuki's little sister? Really? Did they just want a cute kid to here since it's a Christmas special?" asked the Narrator.

Later the two were watching Christmas Specials while wrapping presents for other people when this Special came on.

"You think that's bad Charlie Brown?" said the TV Announcer.

"Change the Channel Now!" yelled an off screen voice.

"What?" asked Itsuki breaking character.

"I can't stand that Christmas Special so change it now!" yelled the off screen voice.

Itsuki gabbed the remote and changed the channel.

"There, are you happy?" asked another unseen voice that sounded a lot like the narrator.

"Quiet you." Said the first unseen voice.

"That was strange, but then again the movie had the same kind of editing so it makes sense that it would be in there, but really, did she really have to run the shot like that?" asked the narrator.

As they were watching TV, the channel began to go strange and it showed a picture of Yuki Nagato, Mikuru's archenemy.

"What's Yuki doing on TV?" asked Itsuki.

"I don't know." Said Mikuru.

"Yuki was an Alien, but she was also a witch. She and Mikuru were arch enemies." Said the Narrator.

Yes, I already said the archenemies thing.

"Mikuru Asahina I am challenging you to a fight." Said Yuki on the television screen.

"Mikuru was unsure why Yuki would take over the television like that." Said the narrator.

"If you do not I don't know what will happen to my hostage." Said Yuki.

The camera pans to her hostage. Santa… who for some reason looked rather young.

"Please save Mikuru!" cried Santa.

"If it sounds like I'm Santa, I'm not! Really!" said the Narrator, "It's strange I know… but bear with me."

"You have 12 Hours to choose. That is all." Said Yuki.

The television went back to what they were watching before the Fox Animation Christmas Special! Which combined The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad! (it was made before The Cleveland Show went on the air).

"What will Yuki do?" asked Itsuki.

"I don't know…" said Mikuru.

"This being a Christmas of course there's singing involved." Said the Narrator.

Oh god… signing? I have to write songs?

"There's something's we have to we have to do… no matter what the cost." Sand Mikuru, "But right now I have to find where they are..."

That was when Itsuki's sister ran into the room and she began to sing, "Mikuru! Mikuru! Are you going to save Santa?"

"Yes." Sang Mikuru.

"Oh wow." Said Itsuki sister, who began to wing, "Mikuru, you're going to live the dream, you will, you will save Christmas."

Mikuru looked at Itsuki who smiled and began to sing, "You see children everywhere all have life long dream to save Christmas."

"Mikuru, Mikuru please Christmas! Save if I can't it's all up to you!" sang Itsuki's sister, "Mikuru please save Christmas! Please, please save Santa!"

"It's all up to me, I know… so yes, I will save Santa. In the future protects us all." Sang Mikuru, "So don't worry… I will save him… who else can? It's all up to me."

That was when the song ended.

"Thank you Mikuru!" said Itsuki's sister.

"What am I supposed to do?" asked Mikuru.

Itsuki and his sister became silent.

"Oh I have an idea! Get help from Santa's elves." Said Itsuki's sister.

"That's a good idea." Said Mikuru.

"Wait… how are we going to contact them?" asked Itsuki.

"The internet." Said Itsuki's sister.

The three went to the computer in order to find a way to contact Santa's elves.

"I know Santa is real in this universe but seriously. I don't think you can find ways to contact him online." Said the narrator.

The three searched the Internet for any way to contact Santa's elves.

"Here's a phone number." Said Itsuki's sister.

"No… that's a 900 number." Said Mikuru.

"I don't want to know what kind person answers that phone." Said Itsuki.

"It hopeless." Said Mikuru, "Maybe I should just fight Yuki with out the help of Santa's elves."

There was a bright flash of light and Mikuru disappeared.

"What was that?" asked Itsuki.

"It was Santa's Elves, I'm sure of it." Said Itsuki's sister.

"Itsuki wasn't sure what he should think of it. What with time travelers, alien witches it did seem plausible." Said the Narrator, "And now a word from out sponsors… wait… there's commercials?"

Next time: Mikuru gets to the North Poll where the Elves (which for some reason are much taller than they should be) help find ways to rescue Santa from Yuki. Will they be of help and why do they look so familiar? Find out after these messages!