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And now for the Conclusion of Mikuru Asahina Saves Christmas

Chapter 5: Merry Christmas to All!

They had just finished explaining what happened to the girl elf.

"Really? It was all a robot? That's a stupid twist." Said the girl elf.

"Yes, it really was…" said Santa.

"That wasn't your line!" yelled the unseen voice.

Santa rolled his eyes.

"Oh no!" yelled the girl elf realizing something.

Santa checked his watch, he began to pale.

"We barely have time to get ready for to deliver Christmas!" yelled the taller elf.

"Mikuru, do you think you can help me deliver the present tonight?" asked Santa.

"What about your elves?" asked Mikuru.

"Two of them I'd rather not bring along." Muttered Santa.

"What was that?" asked the girl elf and the taller one.

"I wasn't talking about you two." Said Santa.

"Who else would you talking about? Bob from accounting?" asked the taller elf.

Santa whispered something into the taller elf's ear.

"I whole heartrendingly agree with Santa." Said the Elf.

"What's gotten into you?" asked the girl elf.

"Sexy Santa outfit…" said the taller male elf.

"What?" asked the girl elf.

"So Mikuru, will you help me in my sleigh?" asked Santa.

"If no one else will." Said Mikuru.

Santa snapped his fingers and Mikuru was in a sexy Santa costume.

"So cute…" said the taller elf with hi nose bleeding.

"Um… Haruhi… him having a nosebleed isn't the script." Said the shouter elf.

"Damn it Taniguchi!" yelled the unseen voice.

Santa snapped his fingers appeared and the sleigh appeared.

"Let's go Mikuru!" said Santa.

"Okay…" said Mikuru.

They two went into the sleight and it began to fly (with horrible green screen effects).

And so the last song began to play.

"It's Christmas Eve and everything's ready." Sang Santa.

"We have to hurry for Christmas morning." Sang Mikuru.

"Flying over on Christmas Eve, flying over all the houses, the little boys and girls are going to be happy tomorrow morning." Sang both of them.

"Flying all over the world watching the stars." Sang Santa.

"Traveling the world, seeing what's far." Sang Mikuru.

"Flying over on Christmas Eve. Flying over all the house, the little boys and girls are going to happy tomorrow morning." Sang both.

"Flying over China and the pandas." Sang Mikuru.

"Flying over Russia, seeing the sites of the world's biggest country." Sang Santa.

"Flying over France seeing the Elfie tower." Sang Mikuru.

"Flying over England sand seeing the queen." Sang Santa.

"Flying over on Christmas Eve, Flying over the all the houses, the little boys and girls are going happy tomorrow morning." Sang the two.

"Flying over New York seeing all the sites." Sang Santa.

"Flying over San Francisco where the author can see us." Sang Mikuru.

Down the ground in an apparent building.

One Emma Iveli who couldn't get to sleep saw a sleigh in the sky. Santa and what looked to be Mikuru Asahina.

She pinched herself, flinching at the pain.

"That's it! I've finally snapped." Said Emma.

Back in the sleigh the two exchanged looks then got back to the song.

"Flying over on Christmas Eve. Flying over all the houses, the little and girls are going to be happy tomorrow morning." Sang to the two.

"It's almost time for morning." Said Santa.

"Okay." Said Mikuru.

They got back to Santa's workshop where the elves were waiting for them.

"So how was it?" asked the girl elf.

"It was a lot of fun." Said Mikuru.

"You know it's been hours since you left?" asked the taller elf.

"What?" asked Mikuru, "But I was supposed to spend Christmas with Itsuki!" cried Mikuru.

"That's okay I have a time machine." Said Santa.

He pointed to the window and saw a DeLorean.

"A DeLorean?" asked Mikuru surfside.

"Uh… yeah… I'm sort of a fan of the Back to Future Trilogy." Said Santa.

"Sort of a fan?" snorted the taller elf, "He often used quotes from the movies in everyday conversations."

"And to the real Santa, I know we made up that fact about you… but the director really wanted that joke in there… please don't get mad." Said the director.

The two went into the DeLorean, where Santa put on the theme to the movies, after hitting 88 miles and hour, they went back in time and thanks to the fact the made it so it could fly they got back to Japan.

After all this is Santa we're talking about, he has magic that can do anything.

They got back in time so Mikuru can spend Christmas with Itsuki.

"Your back." Cheered Itsuki's sister.

"I am." Said Mikuru.

Santa came in after Mikuru. Causing Itsuki's sister to smile… that for some reason seemed slightly evil.

"Santa!" said Itsuki's sister happily.

"That's right, I'm safe." Said Santa, "And it was thinks to Mikuru."

Mikuru blushed when he said that.

"That's good your both okay." Said Itsuki.

"Well Merry Christmas, I may have a time machine but I have to get back, Merry Christmas." Said Santa leaving the house.

They all went to the window, and watched Santa leave in his time machine.

"So Santa's a Back to the Future fan… didn't see that one." Said Itsuki.

"And so… Mikuru got her gift from Itsuki… which was that teapot from earlier. Yuki spent Christmas alone, which she didn't care about, Santa got back to the Elves and had a good Christmas Day. Yuki's robot on the other hand survived." Explained the narrator, "As it turns out that evil Robot Yuki would one day to be the evil robot Santa that will terrorize Mikuru's time… if only she knew… But still other than that… it's a very happy and so I will say, Merry Christmas to All and to all a good night!"

The End!


The S.O.S. Brigade and the three that played the elves were shocked… well all expect for Haruhi.

"So how was it?" asked Haruhi.

Kyon blinked, "How… how were you able to get it on national TV?" asked Kyon in shock.

"Now that is a secret." Said Haruhi.

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