19. This is just the start of ever after

Will was in the pleasant state of being half asleep through how relaxed he was. Emma slept soundly on his shoulder, his coat resting on her body successfully hiding how entwined their arms were from the now dozing members of New Directions.

Resting his head on hers he blinked as his sleepy brain finally catalogued the familiar images whizzing past him. They had about an hour away until they were back at McKinley school's car park.

Kissing her forehead lovingly, Will whispered, "Em."

"Hmm?" Emma replied snuggling deeper into his embrace. "5 more minutes."

Will chuckled before trying to wake her up again. "Em, I can't give you another 5 minutes – I need your help."

"What?" She blinked slowly awake. She looked around as it slowly dawned on her where they were. "Oh." She bit her lip. "Hi."

Will chuckled. "Help me wake them?" He gestured to the snoozing teenagers also on the bus. "I need them to contact their parents so they know we're about an hour away."

Rubbing her eyes Emma yawned before nodding. "O-Okay." She yawned making her even more adorable to him and just wishing that he could sweep her into his arms and keep her there. She blinked a few times before regrettably realizing the hold she had on him. She nodded a couple more times before biting her lip.

"What am I doing again?" She asked sleepily as Will laughed.

"Helping me wake the kids up so they can call their parents." Will offered slowly as Emma glared at him.

He grinned cheekily at her eventually causing her to smile at him. His cheeky smile got even wider then.

Rolling her eyes Emma threw his jacket back at him quite roughly as he laughed quietly.

"I'll start at the back and you start at the front okay?" Emma asked glaring at him again as Will smiled lovingly at her.

"Yes dear."

Emma winced.


"Don't call me dear – it makes me sound about 50."

"So you're saying when we're 50 years old I can call you dear?" Will teased as Emma shot him a dirty look.

While he would never confess to her Will had to admit he adored just woke up Emma because most of the time she is as cranky as hell.

"What makes you think we'll be together when we're 50?" Emma shot back triumphant in her answer which didn't even phase Will.

"What makes you think we won't be? You telling me you want to break up with me Em?" Will smirked as Emma sat there speechless; he raised one of his eyebrows as he waited for a response.

"Oh shut up." Emma made a face as Will laughed grabbing her hand squeezing her hand bringing it up to kiss the back of it lovingly causing Emma to suddenly find it hard to breathe. "I... I..I'll just help wake the kids." She stuttered and squeezed his hand gently before releasing it and getting up stumbling slightly as she moved her way to the back of the bus.

Will looked at her as she walked away before he decided it was time to get up. He looked to the seat next to his and Emma's and saw the only student (so far) who knew about his and Emma's relationship. He sighed as he saw Puck staring right at him smirking, clearing seeing everything that happened between his two teachers.

Will cleared his throat as he nodded stiffly to him. "We should be at school in an hour Puck you should call your mom so she knows to pick you up."

"Already done Mr Schue." Puck smirked as his teacher nodded and got up from his seat to start waking up the teenagers behind him. Just before he did Puck spoke up again. "Oh and Mr Schue – I know you are worried that I might say something about what I've seen during this trip but a, it doesn't bother me and b, it took you bloody long enough."

"Puck." Will warned as his student smirked.

"You should also tell Artie he won the bet because the moment you and Miss P get off the bus Coach Beiste will think she won, because it's quite obvious that you and Miss P got it on during this week."

Will sighed at his student's choice of words and stared at him until Puck shrugged unrepentantly. "What? It's true!"

Will just rolled his eyes before he turned to Finn who was asleep resting his head on Rachel's head, his arms around her and Rachel cuddled into his arms, her arms clutching New Directions 2011 National championship trophy. He smirked slightly at them before Puck draw his attention back.

"They are almost as sickly together as you are with Miss P." Puck commented as he un-winded his IPOD earphones, sticking them in his ears. "Almost."

"Thank you Puck." Will rolled his eyes at his student as Puck started to listen to some rock music.

He turned back to see Emma looking right at him, Brittany and Artie behind her rubbing sleep out of their eyes as they fumbled for their phones, and noticed she looked a bit worried but Will just smiled, shaking his head.

"It's okay." He murmured to her, catching her eye as he turned to Finn and Rachel to wake them up.


"Okay!" Will called for attention holding on to dear life as the bus drove on the very familiar route back to McKinley High School. "I just want to say..."

"Another speech Mr Schue?" Finn cheekily asked smiling widely as he teased his teacher.

"Yes another speech and it will be the last until next term so-" He made the "shushing" motion making all the kids laugh along with Emma who was smiling brightly and adoringly at him. "Like I said I just want to say before you disappear for the summer I'm -and I'm sure Miss Pillsbury- am SO proud of you – we did it! We won Nationals!"

He paused as the group around him whooped, cheered and whistle still not completely believing that they did actually win Nationals. He grinned as he continued, "However that doesn't mean we stop when we return to school in September because we will have Internationals to worry about but they are not for another year – they are being held in August."

"Do you know where?" Rachel asked.

"No, not yet – I'm sure a letter is going to be coming through the mail any day now though Rach."

"Erm... could I ask something?" Brittany asked.

"Of course."

"What are Internationals?"

"Well..." Will paused. "In Nationals we are competing against all of the USA while Internationals mean we're competing for the top show choir in the world."

Hush descended as they let that sink in.

"Wow and we thought Nationals was going to be hard!" Finn said the thought out loud. "And what are we going to do? Some of us are graduating next year Mr Schue!"

"We will worry about that when we come back to school Finn." Will smiled again. "Guys I am so proud of you, you are all just so amazing so take this summer to relax, think of things you want to do when we come back – I'm thinking maybe stage another invitationals maybe another musical?"

Emma's head snapped up at him then as did most of their students.

"Maybe one which won't get us in so much trouble this time Mr Schue?" Puck said then smirked. "It's not like you need to get the-" He couldn't finish his sentence much to his teachers delight when the bus hit a pot hole causing the bus to jolt slightly sending Will crashing into Emma.

"Ow." She protested as Will looked up at her.

"Sorry." Will whispered back as he gazed lovingly up into her eyes from his position on her lap. "You okay?"

"Yeah." She grinned. "You have to stop crashing into me though."

"I haven't crashed into you before."


"Ahem..." Puck cleared his throat as all of New Directions were looking at them knowingly.

"Please Mr Schue just snog Miss P already!" Finn stated as his girlfriend hit him. "Ow Rachel!"

"Anyway," Will leapt up but not before catching a glimpse of blushing Emma. "There is actually something Me and Miss Pillsbury wanted to talk to you about."

"About time." Will heard Puck mutter under his breath as Emma looked down in her lap.

"Yes?" Artie asked eagerly feeling that he might be able to win the bet last minute.

"Well we... I mean we want to..." Will paused as he turned to Emma who was now looking at him "we want to wish you a very happy summer and don't ruin your voices during it okay?"

Emma laughed but disguised it as a cough as all of New Directions groaned.

"What?" Puck protested as his fellow club members protested. Will just smirked as he turned around to talk to the driver. He winked at Puck and gave him a small nod before he found out they had about 5 minutes until they arrived at McKinley's car park. He turned back to see Emma looking out the window looking like she was about to burst through the effort of not laughing.

"Right guys." Will gained the kids attention again. "5 minutes and we will be back at school so just make sure you don't leave anything behind okay?" He returned to his seat next to Emma who was working through her breathing techniques.

"Are you okay?" Will asked immediately worried that she was about to have a panic attack.

"Will I'm fine." Emma breathed knowing where his mind was going, "trying not to laugh out loud at the moment – kinda hard, you sure you want to do this?"

"Of course." He grinned as she looked at him. "We don't want Shannon to actually think she got away with betting on us do we?" He whispered so Finn and Rachel behind them couldn't hear the conversation happening at the moment.

"What about Figgins?" Emma whispered back.

"He's our boss, we can't do anything."

Emma snorted and covered it with a cough and Will started to rub her back to make it look even more convincing to any of the kids who were watching them at the moment.

"We can just tell them now." He whispered in her ear.

"No." Emma shook her head. "Let's do it."


Emma watched out of the bus window as it reversed into the car park. New Directions and their chaperones were officially home.

"Okay guys!" Will called out turning around in his seat. "You should know the drill by now – keep to your seats till the bus has stopped, make sure you have everything – don't leave anything behind and then I will help you get your suitcases okay?"

Mummers of agreement came from the students as the vehicle stopped vibrating and the bus driver opened the door to the bus.

"You ready?" Will asked turning back to Emma as he stood up and stretched.

Emma nodded taking a deep breath. "As I ever will be."

"Ready for what?" Finn asked confused about what his teachers were going on about.

"Just to get off the bus." Emma quickly fibbed. "It's been one long bus journey hey?"

"The plane journey was longer." Rachel stated as she got up clutching the trophy to her. "But all in all it was a very long journey."

"Right." Will nodded. "Why don't you give me that?" He gestured to the trophy. "I'll put it in the choir room with the others."

"I was going to..." Rachel started to protest but stopped as she couldn't see the point of it. "Okay." She sighed handing it over to Will.

"I told you Mr Schue wouldn't have let you keep it for the summer." Finn gently reminded hugging his girlfriend to the side as she pouted.

Will and Emma shared a look of not trying to laugh out loud before Will had declared that the kids could start making their way of the bus.

From the moment their feet had left the ground they had raced towards their parents. Emma heard greetings and then quick re-caps of how they had become the Glee club national champions as she went to help Will get Artie of the bus.

Emma smiled as she finally took the final step of the bus and was hit by the cleaner then New York air of Ohio, she took a deep breath before she found herself turning by the sound of, "Emma!" before she turned fully she found herself enwrapped in a hug by Shannon.

"Hey Shannon." Emma giggled hugging her friend back, Shannon pulled back smiling knowingly.

"Something's different." Shannon prodded.

"D- Different? Different how?" Emma asked stuttering wishing Will was around.

"You just seem... different from when you left." Shannon smiled knowingly. "Care to me tell why?"

'Yeah so you can claim you won the bet.' Emma thought as a shot of anger towards her leapt to her mind, counting to ten before answering calming down before she could ruin her and Will's plan she just shrugged. "Nothing's different – not that I know of anyway, probably still on a high from New York – have you ever been Shannon? Oh you must it's just..."

Shannon blocked out her friend's squealing of New York by sighing, she had got this response from Will as well.

She shook her head slightly as she tried to figure out how her two best friends would ever get out of this ridiculous friend zone they have found each other in. She really thought that them chaperoning this trip together would seal the deal as it were but from the sound of it, it did nothing but make them fall in love with New York.

"Em!" Will called making Emma stop and turn around with a big smile on her face. "Got your suitcase here!"

"Coming." Emma smiled as she excused herself from talking to Shannon and walked towards Will.

"So... it didn't happen?" Shannon asked as Artie wheeled towards her.

"No, they kept being lovey dovey towards each other but nothing... they were acting strange on competition day but I think most of us were."

"Bad luck Kid." Shannon sympathized "Hey, you won Nationals!"

"Not the bet though." Artie sulked slightly before wheeling off towards his girlfriend.

Shannon smirked slightly as she realized that meant Will and Emma were now on "her" time – she didn't know what made her get involved in the bet which both students,faculty along with rumours that some parents were now involved about when the guidance counsellor and Spanish teacher finally gave in and got together but she did, she never thought she would have a chance of winning it though – it was clear as day that the two of them loved each other. Take now for example: how Will's whole face lit up as Emma skipped towards him, how their hands touched when Emma took the handle of the suitcase how and how... Will said "Oh to hell with it" loud enough for everyone to hear "I love you Emma!" he cupped her face with his hands and pulled her towards him before he kissed her passionately on the lips.

Shannon blinked as her mind just processed what had just happened and what was happening right in front of her. Will had just pronounced his love for her and now they were kissing each other as if it was the last thing on earth they were going to do.

If she thought clearer she may have been able to see Puckerman trying to laugh behind his hand as the rest of the New Directions blinked at their two teachers.

Emma pulled away first, her breath fully caught in her chest as she looked at Will before deciding that wasn't the wisest of choices and ducked into his shoulder so hopefully the people surrounding them would not see that she was trying her hardest not to laugh out loud. Already she could feel Will wrap his arms around her and lean into her shoulder as he tried to keep his chuckles to the minimum.

The car park was silent until Puck broke it with laughing out loud the New Directions turning to him with dirty looks on their faces as they waited for Miss Pillsbury to give her answer.

Emma pulled away first again trying to keep a straight face before deciding she couldn't and leant up to whisper in her boyfriend's ear.

"I don't think I can reply to that out loud without laughing so please when I pull back smile and kiss me okay?"

She felt Will reply through a chuckle running through his body before she pulled back and with a loving smile, Will brushed a hair of her forehead before kissing her sweetly on the lips before pulling away and pretending that he just noticed his glee club and best friend watching them for the first time.

"I..." Will bit his lip as Emma hid in his shoulder, hoping the club would think it was out of embarrassment and not being she was trying not to laugh out loud.

"Way to go Schuester!" Puck clapped playing along with his teachers as he whistled.

Will thankful for his student since he relaxed his fellow glee clubbers and making a mental note to thank him later gave him a fake disapproving look "Puck." He warned as the student pretended to look repentant.

"Oh no Will." Shannon just shook her head. "You can't reprimand a student since you just made out with Emma a couple of moments ago... can we safely assume you two have finally got out of the friend zone?"

Will rolled his eyes as he let Emma go for a second to pick up his suitcase and shut the trunk of the bus where they were holding all the suitcases and picked up the trophy with his other hand, disappointed it meant that he couldn't bring Emma back into his arms at the moment.

"Come on Em." Will gestured to the door. "Let's put the trophy in its rightful position yeah?"

"Mr Schue!" Puck called out with the others as they passed them.

Will and Emma shared a look before Will spun back on his heel and started to walk backwards.

"Yes, Shannon – it does mean that me and Emma are a couple. Unfortunately for you – you don't win the bet."

"What?" Shannon tried to process this information as quickly as possible as she saw Emma giggle as she looked back.

"Artie." Emma turned to look at the student. "Sorry we didn't tell you before but you actually won the bet 3 days ago."

"What?" Artie laughed as Will winked at him.

"We're just going to go... put the trophy in the choir room." Will smiled. "Have a great summer guys!"

They walked into the school, Emma opening the door for him and they couldn't help but laugh when they saw the dumbfounded New Directions (except for Puck who was laughing so hard he looked like he might have an accident any moment) and Shannon looking after them.


"So exactly how mean was that?" Emma asked as she saw Will putting the trophy next to the others.

Will made the so-so sign with his hand as he spun back to her and then confessed, "I'm quite shocked that they haven't followed us in here."

"Unless they are waiting for us outside..." Emma made a face as Will laughed and pulled her in his arms.

"Thank you for going along with that."

"You know I was just doing that for the award."

"Oh?" Will asked "And what award would that be?"

"Well a kiss to start off with."

Will nodded.

"And then you make me dinner tonight – I don't care at who's place and then maybe we snuggle together on the couch watching one of those chick flic movies which you say you hate but I think you security love but would never admit to."

Will chuckled and shook his head as he looked at her adoringly.

"And why would I never admit to it?"

"Oh that's easy." Emma smiled as she pushed herself into him making him squeak. "It's because you don't want to miss out on how I will distract you during said movie."

"Really?" Will squeaked as Emma laughed before standing on her tippy toes so she was the perfect level to kiss him on the lips.

"Really." Emma answered before leaning forward and kissing her boyfriend sweetly on the lips, sighing as his arms wrapped around her and his fingers threaded in her hair.


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