The Killer

By Ashley Selzer

Our skirmish takes place in a forest so dark

In the night nothing will be seen, including shadows; therefore

Tom Redruth never knew when Silver would approach

And so for that fact, he was nervous to the core

With a backbone and a spirit never daring take detours

On the road of life, he stood up to Silver nervous, but angry more

"You, you rascally, unworthy scoundrel"

Tom Redruth said this but nothing more.

So, Silver took his crutch and aimed at poor old Tom

Tom then fell, and a crutch he bore

Right between his back and amidst the blood and gore

Tom Redruth died and saying nothing more

Dear little Jim Hawkins, only fifteen or so

Witnessed an old man's death, in shock as I implore

But even more so in the spirit of a good life and home

And as he once said, "It's this and nothing more."

Burning with a passion, a desire to know more

About the man called Silver, a fractious traitor, nothing more.

Hiding in the shadows, dark and all alone

Hearing cries of terror, angst, and so much more

"Never should've left," said he, curling in a ball

Drifting off to sleep, inhibitions feared no more

For he was very tired, slipping into dreams he sought the more

Blissfully, for evermore.

Although he tried so hard as not to slip away

Nothing could tear him from the sight of total war

All along he knew so well the horror of Silver's name

An anathema, in short, would allow him to abhor

The name in which he used to call himself, placidly, he swore

"Never, ever to deride his presence; or thou shall be ignored."

Aagh! A cry of death is heard through bushes near and far

Jim Hawkins woke and crawling from his hiding place, there came another roar.

This time one of pain as Jim shakes inside

Above all other premonitions, this one killed him for sure

Leaving the doctor and squire was a decision he deplored

For he could have been discovered leaving no savior left onshore.

THUMP-THUMP! Jim's heart went as he came to a standstill

Trapped inside the endless bog, daring not to move, he swore

Scared he was, but never a coward; Jim Hawkins was his name

And although he ran from goodness, that deed he would restore

In sake of all that was sane in a world of hearts so sore

Confident in action, never was he so unsure.

"Trust no one." Jim thought as he meandered through the night

For his actions towards Silver said they had a bad rapport

As Silver treated Jim as though he were one of his own

A prestigious title that was, superficial even more

For Silver was distrusted by the heroes inevitably rational to the core

And Silver's duplicity was something Jim would not ignore

Surreptitiously sneaking around a dark lit place

Jim was a flamboyant mess on the outside, more than he could account for

Why would he venture further in state as such, Heaven knows

But he fulfilled his duty promptly to his captain as he called for.

Unfortunately, he disobeyed his promise to him, therefore;

He felt as such a coward, a traitor, nothing more.

Making his way timorously along, looking for a haven

But no other place than the "Admiral Benbow" was what Jim could ask for.

Desiring his utopia back in jolly old England

With little remuneration for his services, but pride was what he wore

The jaunty, hearty spirit escaped his soul that seemed to last for evermore

Until he saw a face, creating nominal hope he would ever adore.