Title: For Pleasure, For Pain

Author: MercerSPN

Author's Note: This is my first multi-chaptered story for Supernatural. Been a fan forever, though. Hope you enjoy it!

Summary: They look for one's that'll make them the most money. The one's that have the potential to handle their line of business. They look for humans, but treat them like animals.

Warning: Will have sexual content. Nothing too graphic, though. Just enough to get the point across and then some. A lot of description.

(Sam's 18 , Dean's 22)

Chapter 1 :

In the middle of the night, winding roads seemed endless. The moon high overhead like a spotlight on the Impala. It's headlights on low, barely making a dent in the thick darkness. Keeping his hands steady, Dean controlled the car at a pleasant 20 miles per hour. They weren't in a rush. They were simply enjoying the ride into Detroit.

Sam's tired eyes shifted onto the clock. The numbers illuminated in deep yellow read 12:08 a.m. Just after midnight. They've been driving since about two o'clock this afternoon, only stopping at drive-thus and gas stations when necessary. Both boys had been unusually quite for a number of hours. Sure, every once in a while, Dean hummed to the radio, but still. There wasn't any tension, though. No, they weren't angry. They were simply enjoying the ride into Detroit.

From the corner of his eye, Dean looked over at Sam. He rested his head on the window, twiddling his thumbs on his lap. Even in this light, Dean noticed his brother yawn. Letting go of the wheel with one hand, he tapped Sam's shoulder. Sam lifted his head and looked over at Dean.

"You wanna stop?"

Sam shrugged. "How far till the next town?"

Dean gestured with his head for Sam to get the map out of the glove compartment. Slowly, Sam unfolded the large paper, yawning again in the process. He folded back the bottom part, knowing they were where near Michigan. "Where exactly are we?"

For a second, Dean thought. "Somewhere between Dayton and Bayville."

Sam traced the paper with his fingernail, stopping on Dayton, Ohio. "I dunno," Sam clears his throat and looks down at the key on the bottom right-hand side of the map. "Looks like 20 to 30 miles until we're at another town."

Nodding, Dean picked up the speed a little. "Fine, we'll find a motel there. You're tired."

Sam didn't even bother to put the map back in where he'd found it. He simply let it slip out of his hands as his head was reconnected with the glass passenger seat window. Over the hum of the engine, Dean heard Sam sigh slightly as his breath evened out and slowed. Looking over, Dean arched an eyebrow.

"Yeah, you're definitely tired."

Cranking his neck, Dean increased his speed by another five miles per hour. They'd be in the next town in no time.

-For Pleasure, For Pain-

"One room, two beds, please," Dean says to the elderly woman at the check-in desk. She looks tired also and is carrying one hell of an attitude on her face. She licks her lips, holding her hand out. Dean hands her his card and signs his name. The woman rolls her eyes slightly, walking in the back for a second. Moments later, she's back with a key and Dean's card. She doesn't even bother to hand it back, she just flops them both down on the table and walks away. Dean sucks his teeth, giving her the middle finger. Shaking his head, he walks back out to the car to where Sam's sleeping.

Knocking on the window, Dean calls, "Rise and shine Sleeping Beauty."

Pulling the heavy Impala door open, Dean shakes Sam's shoulder. "C'mon, we're at the motel."

Sam groans, waking up slowly. His eyes dart around at the halfway empty parking lot. It seems like there's a car in every-other parking spot, something only he would notice. Stretching his arms, Sam yawns again. He exit's the car and heads to the trunk to help Dean with the bags. Once he's about five feet away, Dean throws two duffel bags at him. Still tired, Sam doesn't react quick enough. They slam against his chest, and fall to the wet cement.

"Sam, come on," scolds the older brother when his bag begins to soak up the water from the puddle it just fell into. Sam simply shrugs.

"Stop throwing shit around," was his only reply as he took both bags by the handle and hoisted them into the room.

Dean followed Sam close behind after slamming the trunk closed. They entered the room. Sam lets go of the bags right at the entrance. Dean almost didn't see them, stumbling over his already damp bag. Reaching for the wall for support, Dean kicked Sam's bag a few feet. Sam doesn't even acknowledge Dean's struggles. He'd already collapsed onto the bed furthers from the door, claiming it. He lay face down in the center of the bed, his nose buried into the sheet.

"You're gonna suffocate yourself if you sleep like that," Dean warned, removing his leather jacket and tossing it on the hook behind the door. Taking another glance at his brother, Dean saw that Sam has moved to the top of the bed, his head resting on the pillow now. Shaking his head, he smiled, remember how Sam used to act the same way when he was younger.

Some things never change, he guessed.

-For Pleasure, For Pain-

Damien was sure he'd hit the jackpot with this one. Two guys, one had short-cut hair and wore a leather jacket. He had a look to him that just screamed 'fuck off.' He drove a beautiful car. An Impala, it looked like. But the car wasn't the only thing that caught Damien's eye. It was who was accompanying the guy. He was young… no younger than seventeen or so; but there was something about him that was mature. The first time Damien took notice of him, he was sleeping in the passenger seat of the car.

Five cars over is where Damien was stationed, just watching. That's his job; and he does it well. He's the one that finds people. He sits in places for hours, just looking for the right one. Over the years of being in this business, he's learned how to read people. He could write you a paragraph about someone just by studying them for five minutes. It was a gift.

He watched as the older guy went into the check in room.

To be honest, Damien thought about taking the kid right then and there. But something told him no. Not there. It was too easy. Damien liked a challenge every once in a while. Even though this kid was a little on the scrawny side, there was something about him that told Damien he'd put up one hell of a fight.

It took about five minutes for the guys to enter the room. Damien got out of his four-door red truck to get a closer look. Slowly, he approached the window, keeping his distance, though. He couldn't hear what they were saying, but he saw their actions clear as day. The younger boy was planted on the bed, facedown. Damien licked his lips, cranking his neck a little. The older one was talking, moving around the room.

Damien kept his eyes on the younger one, though. He thought about how proud Nick, his boss, would be. He watches as the boy pushes himself up onto all fours and crawls to the top of the bed before flopping down again. This time he doesn't close his eyes all the way, he's watching the other guy as he unpacks some things from their bag. For a minute, Damien thought he'd been spotted, but he wasn't.

It was apparent that they were going to stay there for at least a night, so Damien headed back to his truck and sat in it. He started the car and moved to a parking space that was at a perfect angle to look inside the room the two guys shared. He cut off the ignition and all the lights inside the car. He sat in complete darkness as he watched the two figures in the motel.

The type of business Damien and his associates were in took a lot a patience… and a lot of sedatives. Sometime it took them weeks to find one that fit their standards. They look for one's that'll make them the most money. The one's that have the potential to handle they're line of business. The one's that are figured to be the most desired by their buyers. They look for humans, but treat them like animals. That's what they are to Damien and his partners. They're nothing but animals used to make them the most money possible.

Focusing back on the two guys in the room, Damien thought about the praise he was going to get for reeling in someone like him. He was young…he was able. Able to handle the needs of the buyers he'd have chasing after him. He had a toughness about him, something that was also a turn on. And to say the least, he was very good looking… Damien took a deep breath, calming himself.

He looked up at the younger one again, watching him even closer, studying him; and the only word that came to mind was perfect.

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