Wow. It's finally finished.

Well, sorta. I've got two sequels planned- but they're each going to be short. Then a new story will follow… But AHEM. THIS story is now done.

It's confession time, dear readers. Hold onto your hats.

Y'see, I'm Alexandria.

Some of you may've guessed it- a few of you already did- but I tried to not make it overly obvious.

There's only a few changes between Story Lexi and Me Lexi, but barring that (and sadly not dating Donatello), she is I and I am she.

This story began as personal therapy for me to get over some very shitty relationships I'd kept myself in. But it built beyond that as I wrote more and more, bringing in my problems relating to my mother (who is very much alive, I might add), my repeated waves of night terrors, and- perhaps most importantly- dealing with the loss of my infant brother and sister as a child, and my intense hatred of the Christmas holiday as a result.

I haven't had night terrors since I wrote the chapter where Raph finds Alex frozen in her bed.
I was able to have the first peaceful Christmas this year (2010) since I was eleven. I'm 27 now.

I almost didn't post this on FFnet- I was extremely scared, since the story was so personal. I finally compromised and decided to not let on that I was the OC, figuring a few people might drop by and get a few moments of enjoyment from my story. After all, that's what writing and art are about- sharing, touching other people. I believe any artistic creation, no matter how beautiful, is meaningless unless it is shared. That is what finally gave me the courage to reach out, on my own, to the public.

I want you to understand, every reader who has come to read my story, and the blessed ones who took the time to leave a comment, have inspired me beyond words. YOU, sitting there reading these words.

Here I was, feeling ugly on the inside and out, feeling useless and uninteresting; yet you showed me that this Alexandria is a neat person that other people enjoy being around. I confess many times I cried over the sweet words about Alex that people gave, because in truth you were telling me that about myself. Mere words cannot express my gratitude and sheer joy you've given me. You are anonymous, you don't know me; yet you gave me back the truth about myself with no thought of getting something in return.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I wish I could give you back tenfold the happiness you've given me. I am eternally grateful, for you've helped me rediscover myself and give my life new purpose, new direction and new meaning.

To Saya, Casey, lil151/emo, Mutant Rebel, ninjalover13, Ilovehugs94, Piratecheif, Curly-Mop, Emily-twilight and Estar;

Bless you beautiful people. For you are beautiful, inside and out. I thank my lucky stars I published this story just so that I could reach out to you, and you reached back.

Stick around for sequels! I hope I see all my wonderful new friends there, and I hope I don't disappoint you! :3

Much love, luck, and lollipops,

P.S. Email me anytime, dear friends. And I consider you a friend if you've slogged the entire way through my story!