Chapter 9-Peace at Last

Naruto stared at the origami crane for a second before picking it up and thought about what Konan told him. He knew Pein was an Uzumaki before Konan confirmed it for him, but he didn't want her to know that he knew that fact, and wanted things to be confirmed by his supposed enemy. There was no lying in Konan and Naruto knew that she loved the tormented Uzumaki man behind the image of Pein. The Namikaze thought about what had happened to the poor man and what could have been if Jiraiya had not been such a fearful moron in letting someone like Nagato not be part of Konoha. To give Nagato the feeling of family with the long lost member of the Uzumaki Clan that was Kushina and Naruto's Mother being there. Naruto knew so many possibilities from this action had been closed off and it upset the man how Jiraiya had screwed his family over that far back.

"Roshi! Han! Please come into my office," said Naruto into the communication system on his desk and within a few moments before his two fellow Jinchuriki came in.

"Something wrong Big Boss?" asked Roshi with both Han and himself sitting down in chairs before the leader of Outer Heaven.

"I need your honest opinion about this dilemma I'm in. I can't go to Fu, Gaara, or Yugito because they doesn't have enough experience. Killer Bee will just rap poorly to the point where I'll have a strong desire to become violent," explained Naruto with of his fellow Jinchuriki looking at each other and then back at him.

"What's the problem?" asked Han before Naruto explained to them about Pein seeking to break away from the Akatsuki with an alliance with Naruto and help Outer Heaven win against the organization by liquidating it.

"Part of me wants to keep Jiraiya alive a little bit longer to help make sure the Akatsuki organization become completely removed. However, I'm suspicious of Jiraiya possibly betraying us, and letting a few within the organization slip through the cracks. Should I have him removed from play sooner or later?" asked Naruto with Han and Roshi thinking over what he just told them.

"He's a threat to everyone Big Boss. With his incredible knowledge of the Sealing Arts, his Sage Mode, and spy network...Jiraiya of the Sannin could be a threat to us when this war with the Akatsuki is over. He must be removed," answered Han with Naruto nodding at his response and then looking to Roshi for his opinion.

"Jiraiya of the Sannin is a strong individual. If we remove him now, we risk a key figure granting us victory over the Akatsuki. We also risk the organization getting bolder with the Sannin removed before we can crush them. Still...he is a threat to us and to not even acknowledge it would be foolish," answered Roshi with Naruto nodding in agreement since Jiraiya still had value to the fight against the Akatsuki.

"One for Jiraiya living and the other for his death. Both of you have presented reasonable facts for each side with Roshi even admitting that Jiraiya's still a threat regardless if his value as an ally is there. I know for a fact that Pein wishes to leave the Akatsuki. I know he is an Uzumaki. I know he possibly more powerful then Jiraiya and possesses the Rinnegan Eyes. Jiraiya's loyalty in this war has long since been put into question, as he has leaked information to his spy in the Akatsuki about Outer Heaven, and with the explicit intent of hurting us. In my eyes, I find the trade off of Jiraiya of the Sannin dying for Uzumaki Nagato, and his partner Konan joining us is too good an offer to pass up," said Naruto with the two nodding in agreement.

"Will the others be told about this?" asked Roshi with Naruto shaking his head no.

"The fewer people who know about this decision the better. I hate keeping the others in the dark, but they might not understand, or disagree with the decision. However, I will change that part of the plan if you feel I should let them know," explained Naruto with the two looking at each other for a moment.

"We shouldn't keep this from them. If we keep secrets from them, they will distrust us, and you even more," said Roshi with Han nodding in agreement.

"Very true. Still, you can understand why I'm favoring the idea of keeping them out of this situation?" asked Naruto with Han and Roshi nodding.

"We do. All the same, keeping secrets from them is not healthy, and while you are the leader of Outer Heaven...we all deserve to be trusted to know about every decision you make. If there is anyone, who disagrees with yours decision, they will make it known, and stated their reasons behind the choice," answered Roshi with Naruto nodding and finding the man's words held a great deal of weight to them.

"Again you make a valid point. I don't want to keep secrets from them either. It makes me almost as bad as the Sandaime Hokage or Jiraiya of the Sannin," said Naruto with Han and Roshi smiling since they felt telling the others about this was the wisest course of action regarding his decision.

"You are a good leader Big Boss," said Han with Naruto smirking at him.

"That's only because I have people like you two and the others to help me in that regard," replied Naruto with the two smirking back.

(Konoha-Days Later)

"Hey Tsunade-hime! How is everything?" asked Jiraiya with Tsunade looking over some of her paperwork and a message from Naruto.

"Everything is fine on my end of things Jiraiya. Though I can't say the same for you right now," answered Tsunade with Jiraiya frowning before he saw her make hand signs and saw the room went into lockdown.

Something only a Hokage could do when involved in having a top secret meeting at the highest level, for some personal alone time after doing so much paperwork, OR (in some extreme cases)...kill someone without them being allowed to escape. Jiraiya wondered if one of his fantasies was going to come true between himself and Tsunade while in this very office. However, he saw the eyes the woman had on him, and knew that the woman's intentions for him had nothing to do with sexual pleasure of the flesh.

"Your value in this war with the Akatsuki is not longer high Jiraiya of the Sannin," stated Naruto after appearing from the shadows of the room with his HF sword drawn.

"I see. So you're cashing me out huh?" asked Jiraiya while seeing Naruto and Tsunade nod.

"Konan helped confirmed what we already knew. She and Nagato want to liquidate the Akatsuki and join what is left of the Uzumaki Clan in Outer Heaven," answered Naruto while Jiraiya's eyes widened slightly at hearing the two names from the past.

"I haven't heard those names in years. So they are alive," stated Jiraiya while Tsunade just scowled at him.

"You left a member of the Uzumaki Clan that place. You could have taken them with you back to Konoha. You just left them there knowing one of them was family to Kushina!" exclaimed Tsunade passionately now with Jiraiya looking at her with deadly serious eyes.

"What do you want me to say Tsunade? That I'm sorry? That I should have just taken him and the others with me? Well I'm sorry to disappoint you because I'm NOT going to say I'm sorry. Sure Nagato was of Uzumaki blood, but we already had one in Kushina, and didn't need another, or those other two orphans with him. Kushina needed to be loyal to Konoha. Not to her nearly dead clan! She would have taken off to find him or brought him here. If that happened, she would have been allowed to rebuild her clan, and keep the Kyuubi within it all within the clan. It was too great a risk after what happened with the Uchiha Clan and Madara! Sarutobi-sensei thought so too, which was why he ordered me to keep my mouth shut to Kushina, and Minato to a lesser extent. I had to do what needed to be done in terms controlling Kushina and preventing Kyuubi from leaving Konoha in the event the woman decided to leave to find any other stray Uzumaki Clan members," explained Jiraiya with Tsunade seething at his words while Naruto watched him carefully with calculating eyes.

"And Karin's parents? They were Uzumaki too. They died in a fire caused by an invasion. She had their journal telling of how they contacted Konoha about Kushina and asking to secretly come join the village. They grew concerned when Konoha didn't answer back with a response when they knew it would reach the village," said Naruto with Jiraiya growling slightly while seeing Tsunade looking re.

"I took it to the Sandaime. It was just Months before his retirement and weeks before my former teammate's betrayal. Like with Nagato, he didn't want any remaining survivors of the Uzumaki Clan to pop up, and become a powerful force within Konoha. We needed to control the power of Kyuubi and we wouldn't be able to do that if Kushina had members of the Uzumaki Clan alive to support her," explained Jiraiya with Tsunade looking livid when hearing that.

"So screw the Uzumaki Clan in the name of power and control. Allies mean nothing to you like it did the old man. Use them until they have nothing left to give and throw them away without so much as a thank you," stated Naruto with Jiraiya scowling at him.

"Its the way of the world. Friendships between people in high places does not exist. Only politics and the value of being 'friends' with those in high places is what counts. I lost any and all desire to help out my friends after everything I've gone through. Friendships with others is an archaic concept that shouldn't be embraced in this day and age. If you were smart like me, then you would accept this too, and do the same," explained Jiraiya with Naruto letting out small hollow chuckle.

"Says the fool who only thinks only with his tiny dick!" said Naruto with Jiraiya seething at the insult.

"Shut your mouth boy. Your Father gave me far more respect," Jiraiya shot back with Naruto scoffing at him.

"I doubt it. Between your lecherous ways and leeching off people, its enough to make anyone want to kick your ass," replied Naruto with Jiraiya looking furious at him.

"I trained your Father to be the best and he surpassed my expectation. You! You went against the principles of village, disrespected my sensei, dishonored your family, and speak of things you don't understand," Jiraiya shot back.

"And what did you train me, his only son mind you, in when it comes to the Shinobi Arts you're so proud of? Nothing! Nothing! You disrespected my Father. You betrayed the very principles of this village, and as for your so called sensei...fuck him," Naruto said with Jiraiya charging at him with the intent to kill.

"Die you damn brat!" exclaimed Jiraiya, as he had enough of Naruto's words, and hurtful remarks against him for his actions.

Naruto dodged the open palm with the Rasengan in it. Naruto knew the Sannin was going for a quick kill. The sooner Jiraiya had taken him down, the better it was in his warped mind. Naruto knew that Jiraiya knew that Tsunade would try to stop him within moments of his actions in fighting their shared Godson. Naruto himself got under Jiraiya's guard, as he smashed his elbow into the Sannin's ribs, and hit the man in the face with the butt of the HF sword's hilt. It was followed up with a knee to Jiraiya's chin, then an open palm to the Sannin's face while leaping over him with that momentum, and brought the HF sword down for the death blow.

Only for Jiraiya to substitute with a piece of furniture at the last moment.

"You were so blinded by grief, fear, and maybe even the prospect of power of the fox in my gut back when I was younger. Its hard to imagine the great Jiraiya of the Sannin being reduced to this weak thing I see before me. I honestly don't know who is more pathetic in my eyes. You? Danzo? Orochimaru? Hiruzen? Or maybe its this Tobi character that leads the Akatsuki organization from the shadows?" questioned Naruto with Jiraiya sneering at him with a bloody face before spitting some of it out of his mouth.

"You shut your mouth brat!" exclaimed Jiraiya before being hit by Tsunade in the face and sent him into the wall.

"How about I shut your mouth for you Jiraiya?" asked Tsunade after feeling the jaw of her former teammate's being shattered.

"Damn you. Both of you!" mumbled Jiraiya with his mouth spewing blood and teeth with a massive bruise on the side of his face where Tsunade's fist hit him.

"Damn us? No dam you! Damn you Jiraiya of the Sannin. One of the Legendary Three who fought Salamander Hanzo. One of the three students taught by the Sandaime Hokage himself. Sensei of the Yondaime Hokage of Konoha. Friend of my Father!" exclaimed Naruto with the tip of his HF sword pressing against Jiraiya's neck.

"You forgot to mention that I'm your Godfather! You can't do this to me! It goes against the Uzumaki Clan way to kill off family!" Jiraiya shot back though it was a bit difficult with blood falling out of his mouth like a waterfall.

"You were never a part of my family in any sense Jiraiya. You left me to fight for myself and made sure those that were meant to take care of me never did. Why should I consider you a part of my family when you don't deserve that honor?" asked Naruto while bringing his HF sword up to slice the man clean in two at the skull.

"Because the Yondaime was MY SON!" answered Jiraiya much to the shock of the two in front of him.

"Explain! Or at least try to with the way your mouth is right now," commanded Tsunade while Naruto still kept his sword raised to strike the Sannin down.

"Minato's Mother was a...good friend of mine I knew since the Academy. She was a Shinobi of average potential from what I saw of her abilities when there. She became what you might consider to be a 'friend with benefits' I came to embrace after so many strike outs in getting a date with Tsunade," explained Jiraiya with the Hokage scoffing at him.

"You mean striking out in successfully getting into my pants!" Tsunade shot back with Jiraiya shrugging like he didn't care at this point.

"Whatever. The point is, she felt pity on me one day after a harsh form of rejection from you, and one thing led to another. Soon after, we would hook up in secret after one, or both of us had a long tiring mission. We would joke, laugh, and she'd occasionally hit me for being a pervert like you. But when we were in the mood, she was every bit the pervert I was, and even suggested I go into writing to become a great author on the side. After she got pregnant from our last...encounter together, her family disowned her, and she died in the hospital giving birth to Minato. They didn't want anything to do with him so he went to the orphanage," explained Jiraiya with Naruto narrowing his one seeable eye at him.

"Why didn't you take care of him? Claim to be the Father?" asked Naruto with Jiraiya just scoffing.

"Because I didn't love him like a son. As student yes! What I had between him and his Mother was strictly friendship with a side of physical lust. I would train Minato as his sensei, but I would NOT raise that boy as my son, and we are all better off for it!" Jiraiya said before Tsunade grabbed his face and slammed him into the wall.

"You really are a piece of shit. I'm glad I turned you down for every date you asked me out on. I can only shudder to think what would happen if I had died after being knocked up and having your child!" exclaimed Tsunade before throwing the man back onto the ground.

"What happened to my Grandmother's parents?" asked Naruto with Jiraiya looking away from him.

"He asked you a question Jiraiya. Answer it! Answer it right now or I'll make you wish you had the first time around," Tsunade said while cracking her knuckles.

"I have nothing to say on the matter," replied Jiraiya before being hit right in the face again.

"Tell us!" exclaimed Tsunade with Jiraiya being silent and the woman began to wail on him until Naruto put a hand on her shoulder.

"Stop. I know what happened to them," said Naruto simply with Tsunade looking at him in surprise.

"What? How?" question Tsunade with Naruto just looking down at the bloodied body of his Godfather and now Grandfather.

"From his silence alone I know the answer. He had them killed," said Naruto simply with Jiraiya tensing with what parts of his body still could.

"What? Why would he do that?" asked Tsunade looking from Naruto to Jiraiya and then back at her Godson.

"Because he could. The Sandaime helped you do it, did he? He made all the arrangements for their death to happen. Covered it up without anyone being the wiser. He cemented your undying loyalty with this action. He scratched your back over this problem and you scratched his when called for on this matter. This happened repeatedly since the proof of your infidelity was walking around to one day rise up through the Shinobi ranks until he became Yondaime Hokage. Your son became the leader of the Leaf village and you did not even tell him the truth before his death that night of my birth. All there was between the two of you was the bond of teacher and student. Not that of a Father and a son. You were ashamed despite the greatness of your son. You feared what would happen if people knew, even after my Father was old enough to understand, and possibly be forgiving of your actions," answered Naruto with Tsunade looking hatefully at Jiraiya on the ground with a disfigured face scowling at her.

"Some Father! Some Grandfather!" exclaimed Tsunade before kicking Jiraiya in the ribs for each emphasized word.

"He's no Father of my Father. He's no Grandfather of mine!" stated Naruto before moving Tsunade away, put his foot on Jiraiya's neck, and stabbed the man with his HF sword in the temple region.

"What now?" asked Tsunade with Naruto removing his weapon, flicking the blood, and brains off of it before sheathing the HF sword.

"Now we comes the beginning of the end for the Akatsuki," answered Naruto coldly.

(Akatsuki HQ-2 Weeks Later)

Tobi knew something was wrong. He could sense something was off the entire week! It felt like his enemies were closing in on him. The entire base was quiet. Too quiet! The other remaining members of the Akatsuki were nowhere to be found. The statue holding the one Biju they had acquired was gone and wondered what Pein was up to with Konan? Normally, the two of them talked strategy, but recently things between the two had gotten put to a complete standstill, and Tobi suspected their partnership was at an end.

"Looking for someone?" asked Naruto, as he appeared from the shadows, and stared at the man proclaiming himself to be Uchiha Madara.

How pathetic!

"You! How did you get in here?" demanded Tobi since he wasn't expecting the man with the title of "The Big Boss" of Outer Heaven to be here.

Not yet anyway and that was only to extract the Kyuubi from the man's body.

"How indeed," answered Naruto with a hint of amusement in his voice.

"Pein," Tobi said simply like it was the most obvious answer.

"And Itachi. You really should have killed him sooner. Once I told him about Jiraiya's death and the offer to join Outer Heaven...well the man simply had no reason to stay!" said Naruto with Tobi's one eye narrowing at him.

"And Pein?" asked Tobi with Naruto smirking at him.

"Uzumaki Nagato is family. Family does not betray family. You would know that if you still had any. Do you still have any or have you just forgotten?" asked Naruto seeing Tobi tilt his head slightly to the right.

"I'm a nobody. I've forgotten what my true name was long ago. Along with any family I may have had before now," answered Tobi with Naruto shaking his head.

"Is that why you created the Moon Eye Plan? To become a God and detach yourself from the rest of humanity? With no family, friends, or any basic regret for your past actions, it would be easy for you to just rule over all of us while controlling our lives without any form of sympathy for those you hurt. How can you hurt others and not feel anything? Are you that empty inside? Are you so soulless that you would kill countless people just to rule over and dictate the lives of many more without caring?" asked Naruto with Tobi narrowing his Sharingan Eye at him.

"You don't know anything boy!" exclaimed Tobi with Naruto just staring back.

"I know enough to know you are spiteful man. A spiteful man, who had nothing in life growing up, and wants what others have. You hate that people have what you don't. You can't stand it. It eats you up inside. People have family, friends, and real names that aren't taken from someone else long dead. You have nothing, but want everything, and yet don't know what to do with it. Hence why you want the Moon Eye Plan to succeed. You will have complete control over their lives, their wants, their happiness, and just to spite them'd rip it all away from the very people you intend over. You are a spiteful child in man's body with a God complex," stated Naruto with Tobi looking pissed off despite the mask covering his face.

"And what about you boy? After all the things you've done against Konoha and taking all of the Jinchuriki away from the Shinobi village. How are you any different from me and what I've done Kyuubi Jinchuriki?" shot back Tobi with Naruto smirking.

"How am I different? I'm different because I have people I care about. I have loved ones, family, friends, and a name I am proud to call my own with a few other names rightfully earned. I don't drain Jinchuriki of the Biju to put into a statue and then throw away the dead bodies like they were trash. I don't claim to be someone I'm not. I didn't manipulate a Mizukage with the Sharingan Eye to start the Bloodline Civil War in Mist. I didn't try to interfere with a pregnancy of a female Jinchuriki and then hold a minute old child in my arms with the body of the infant being covered with explosive tags. I didn't rip the Kyuubi out of the woman and use my Sharingan Eye to make the fox go on a rampage. Do you want me to keep going? Because I can!" said Naruto with Tobi growling at him.

"Enough! I'm sick of you and your actions against me. You have denied my right to rule over these mindless insects. They have no direction! They have no stability! I could give it to them. I still can!" exclaimed Tobi with Naruto shaking his head.

"You can't even remember your true name. How can you give them direction or stability if you can't even do that?" asked Naruto with Tobi removing his mask to reveal the dark and slightly gray haired man with a face that looked like an Uchiha glaring at him.

"Simple. I am an Uchiha," said Tobi with Naruto tilting his head slightly to the right.

"You don't remember your real name, but you know you're an Uchiha?" asked Naruto while seeing Tobi smirked at him.

"My Sharingan Eyes are proof of it," explained Tobi with Naruto shaking his head.

"Maybe you are an Uchiha. But who is to say they weren't implanted and you were able to return them to normal? Especially if that room filled with their eyes I saw is any kind of indication. You have no real proof that you are an Uchiha. I can even think of several ways to discredit the claim of you being an Uchiha. So in have no real way to actually prove you're an Uchiha," Naruto simply said with Tobi looking livid at hearing that horrible truth.

"Shut up!" exclaimed Tobi with Naruto laughing at him.

"Or what? Is little Tobi going to cry? Is he going to throw a temper tantrum. Do you want a bottle little baby?" asked Naruto mockingly with Tobi charging him, sword drawn, and the two began to slug it out via Kenjutsu.

"I'll kill you! I'll kill you after I rip Kyuubi out of your body and make him attack Outer Heaven. I'll destroy all you love and cherish. I'll make everyone you care about die slow agonizing deaths and make them know how you died by my hands!" exclaimed Tobi, as he blocked Naruto's HF sword, and dodged several slash attempts with the HF dagger.

"You have to defeat me first Tobi-teme!" Naruto countered, as he outmaneuvered Tobi's sword strikes, and landed a kick to the man's ribs.

'What? He hit me? That's not possible. My Sharingan Eyes should be preventing that,' thought Tobi while seeing Naruto smirking at him.

"Surprised I hit you? You shouldn't be considering my new friends told me of your little dimensional rift you cause to travel and prevent being hit. While you were away doing some Akatsuki related business, Nagato along with Konan, and myself put seals all over the place this underground shithole you call a base to neutralize all forms of dimensional shifting. Meaning that when you get're going to get hit hard!" explained Naruto with Tobi looking even more pissed off.

"Die!" exclaimed Tobi, as he couldn't use Jutsus because Naruto was doing everything in his power to keep the distance between them short, and any attempt of using a Jutsu at this point would result in getting fatally injured.

The two fought viciously against one another with the fight with the battle going from Kenjutsu to Taijutsu when both knocked their enemy's weapons away. Tobi was finding this situation was not to his liking, as he found himself once more being pushed back by Naruto, and his skills with CQC. Tobi had read the report on Naruto's skills and had been trying to devise a means to counter them all. Sadly, the timing of his enemy being here was not expected, and didn't expect Pein to surrender the Akatsuki to his kin on a silver platter.

A hard spin kick to the head sent Tobi flying back and hitting the ground just as hard.

"You are so weak its pathetic. Nagato should have killed you years ago," stated Naruto while walking toward the downed and supposed Uchiha.

"Weak? Weak! How can I be weak when I have the power to be any place I want in mere moments. I have the power to influence the Biju to go on a rampage!" exclaimed Tobi with Naruto letting out a chuckle.

"You also have the power to be a whiny bitch, but that's beside the point right now. What I'm referring to is you being so weak when fighting me right now. You have no one to fight for. You have no true strength. You don't fight for anyone except yourself and that only gets you so far," explained Naruto before dodging Tobi's sudden move to punch him, then the follow up attempt, and several other fists from the shadowy leader of the now destroyed Akatsuki.

Until Naruto caught the fist aiming for his face, his eyes glaring at Tobi (even though one of them was being blocked by the eye patch), and proceeded to painfully break the hand at the wrist. Tobi fought back the urge to scream out in pain before Naruto stuck the arm of the now broken wrist and badly broke it at the elbow. This caused Tobi to grunt at the feeling of his limb becoming and felt Naruto's foot strike his head before it hit the nearby wall. Tobi grabbed the leg with his one good arm and tried to push it away, but Naruto pushed back, and used his leg again to smash the man's head against the cave wall. After Naruto brought his leg down, he saw Tobi's face was bleeding heavily, scars littered his face from connecting with the jagged rocks of the underground base of the Akatsuki HQ underneath Ame, and had one of his eyes closed because of it.

"You think the world will know everlasting peace once I'm gone? It won't! The world will know pain, suffering, and loss from the wars that will come in the future. You may stop it should such a thing happen, but you won't live forever, and even Outer Heaven will fall to the hands of time as we all must do," said Tobi, as he breathed heavily now, and struggled to get up.

"I don't expect everlasting peace Tobi. I never did. What I want is to change the world for the better. You wanted to change the world for your own personal greed. Wars will come and go within the Elemental Countries, but make no mistake when I say Outer Heaven will always remain to help ensure such wars don't spiral out of control regardless of the times. We will not see this world and all the people in it are not destroyed," explained Naruto with Tobi scoffing at him.

"You're a fool! The world will burn without me ruling over it like a God. Only I can keep these people safe by controlling their every action," said Tobi while Naruto shot chakra strings to where his HF sword was and brought the weapon to his hand.

"That's not keeping them safe Tobi. That's enslavement," Naruto simply replied.

"If the system works," Tobi shot back with a sneer.

"That's the problem Tobi-teme. It doesn't work. That's why you've lost. Its why you are about to die," replied Naruto while spinning his HF sword in his hand.

"I'll see you in Hell!" exclaimed Tobi, as rushed forward to possibly take down Naruto in a last ditch effort, but his foe was too fast, and clearly saw it coming.

A quick step back, chakra pushed to the bottom of his feet, Naruto moved forward with blinding speed, and sliced Tobi's head clean off with his HF sword. Tobi himself was shocked at first since the initial act wasn't felt for a few seconds, but moments later the stinging pain of flesh being cut opening, and the icy grip of death took hold. Tobi fell to his knees, clutching his throat for a second, trying to will his body to stay connected, but sadly for the fallen supposed Uchiha...gravity decided to factor into this, and the man's head detached from the rest of him.

"I may one day go to Hell for the things I've done. For the people I've killed and most likely will kill in the future. I don't know for sure. What I do know however, is that level in Hell you will be on will be much higher then my own, and my time in that place will be much shorter too," said Naruto to the dead body of Tobi before burning it into nothing via a Fire Jutsu.

(Outer Heaven-Sometime Later)

"It is done?" asked Nagato with Naruto returning with a nod that Tobi was indeed gone and Ame was now leaderless for now until their red haired Uzumaki returned.

"Yes. How are you holding up?" asked Naruto with the real man behind Pein sitting in the hospital bed with Konan beside him.

"I'm feeling better. Your wife is an amazing medic Naruto-san. Tsunade-sama taught her well," said Nagato seeing Naruto smirk and looked at his wife currently blushing upon eye contact with her husband.

They would definitely be having some "alone time" later.

"That my Godmother did and I'm proud of my wife's skills in healing. She's a healer first and a warrior second, but that's what I love about her," replied Naruto while seeing his loving wife go cherry red in the face.

It was always fun to make her blush.

"It will take a few years, but Nagato-san will regain full control of his body, and won't rely on the chair anymore," explained Hinata with Nagato smiling at the idea of being able to walk on his own two feet again.

Konan was happy too, but for other reasons since she wanted him mobile for other, and slightly more...perverted reasons.

Though she hid it well.

'Soon Nagato-kun will be healed to the point where we can be intimate and I can have his children! I WANT CHILDREN!' thought Konan while the image of her and Nagato rutting came into her mind and followed with the army of children they would have as a result.

Konan had a lot of pent up sexual frustration that needed to be released and by Kami she was going to see to it that Nagato satisfied her in everyway possible. The book she had secretly bought on the black market titled "How to tie down your man and make him a Father of your children" by Nara Yoshino was practically memorized inside her head.

"That's good to hear. I want Nagato up on his feet and leading Ame down the right path," said Naruto with Nagato smiling at him.

"Thank you for everything you've done for us Big Boss-sama," said Nagato bowing his head slightly with Naruto shaking it off.

"There is no need for that. We're family. Just call me Naruto," replied Naruto since he didn't want his kin to bow down to him like that.

"Very well. Konan will need to return to Ame soon to keep the peace there while I am healing here. As my second-in-command, she can make sure there is no anarchy, and keep the people from losing their faith in me," explained Nagato with Naruto nodding his head in understanding.

"I have no problem with that. Also, the Biju you have sealed in that statue needs to be released soon, and you are the only one who can do it. Unless of course you want to just blow the damn thing up," said Naruto though the last part about blowing up the statue was offhanded.

"No! I mean I can set the Biju free in a few days from the statue," said Nagato while Naruto smirked at him and realized the leader of Outer Heaven was messing with him.

"Excellent! I'll talk to you later Nagato. Come on Hinata! Let's give the two love birds some alone time," said Naruto with Nagato and Konan blushing while Hinata followed her husband out.

"I want you," said Hinata huskily into his ear before kissing him.

"And I want you. Meet me at our special place in ten minutes," said Naruto with Hinata looking at him hungrily.

"I'll be there in five and I'll wear the outfit you love so much," said Hinata with Naruto grinning ear to ear.

"Have I told you how much I love you Hinata-chan?" asked Naruto with Hinata giving her own smirk.

"All the time. Though I'm sure you can prove it again when we're alone. See you in five," answered Hinata while walking away with a sway to her hips.

"Damn that woman is cruel vixen for teasing me with her ass like that. She's not walking straight for the next two weeks," said Naruto to himself while planning in his mind how to make his sexy wife pay for that enticing view.

Oh yes. Hinata would pay though he seriously doubted she would hate her "punishment" when Naruto got through with her.

(Epilogue-10 Years Later)

"Uzumaki Yahiko! You get back here this instant young man!" yelled Konan, as a blur ran through Outer Heaven to escape the pursuit of its forces hunting him down for the prank he pulled on Sabaku no Kankuro.

The poor man fainted when he looked into a mirror and saw his face looked like that of a Geisha and the dress to match. How Yahiko did it, only an Uzumaki could figure out, but they weren't talking since they were too busy laughing, and one was on the run away from his Mother.

"Man I wish I learned how to scatter into paper like Mom," said Yahiko while the red haired boy tried fleeing the high ranked pursuers, but was soon caught by his Mother, who had appeared via scattered paper, and was now looking him right in the eyes after lifting him up.

"Anything to say for yourself young man?" asked Konan with Yahiko sweating heavily under his Mother's piercing eyes.

"Uh well...I only did it because I felt the need to defend your honor when Kankuro-teme said he wanted to grope you," answered Yahiko with Konan narrowing her eyes at him.

"For your sake you better not be lying," said Konan with her tone telling Yahiko he was even deeper trouble if his words weren't true.

"I'm not! I'm not!" stated Yahiko frantically with Konan giving him "the look" that all children fear when it comes to their Mother's wanting the truth.

"We will see," said Konan before dragging Yahiko before their host in Outer Heaven.

"I swear pranking is genetic in the Uzumaki Clan," said Hinata from her position with Naruto smirking too at seeing Yahiko being dragged back.

"Maybe. Though we did stress to our kids not to pranks anyone in the family. Everyone else is fair game," replied Naruto knowing his kids from all his wives were like that too.

"I still wonder how they were able to dye Roshi's hair neon blue in broad daylight," said Hinata, as she remembered their eldest son Ichigo pranking the Jinchuriki, and Roshi was chasing him around while spewing lava at him.

"Roshi wondered the same thing too. Bee didn't show himself for a week after Kushina painted him in his sleep to look like a mime," said Naruto knowing his little girl was a real Hell raiser.

"Oh Kami! Don't remind me. When Shikamaru came to visit, those two pranked him by showing Gaara pictures of him kissing Temari. We had to use seals to restrain your friend from killing his future brother-in-law," said Hinata while the two of them laughed while recalling how Shikamaru ran like he never ran before in his life from an enraged Gaara while Temari was chasing after her brother to keep him from killing Shikamaru.

"Anko encourages them and the twins Minato and Jack with their actions. Not that I'm surprised since they have her wrapped around their fingers by bribing the woman with dango to look the other way," explained Naruto with Hinata shaking her head.

"You're one to talk. Enough ramen and you would say 'what prank?'" said Hinata with Naruto looking mockingly hurt.

"Oh! What about you Hinata-chan? One cinnamon bun from them to you and you're in a whole different dimension when they go about causing mayhem," countered Naruto with Hinata blushing.

"Shut up," mumbled Hinata with Naruto chuckling at her.

"Why? Because its true?" asked Naruto knowing he had his wife dead to rights on the subject.

"Maybe. Come on. Let's go inside with the others. I want to see the pictures Anko took of Kankuro in a Geisha clothing again," said Hinata with Naruto laughing.

"Me too," said Naruto before the two went to the main room where his family and friends were talking.

"Happy Birthday Naruto-kun," said Hinata with Naruto smiling and kissing her on the lips.

"Thanks Hinata-chan. Being with you, my other wives, all of my children, and my friends I've made over the years is the best birthday I could ever ask for," replied Naruto with the cake being rolled out by Bee.

"Hey! Its Bee with the cake and no the icing isn't fake. No lady is going to rise so all you ladies in the room don't despise," said Bee with everyone groaning at his rapping.

"You need to wish him to stop rapping," said Hinata with Naruto nodding.

"I've tried that already. That's the one wish I can get granted," said Naruto with a sigh.

"Damn," whispered Hinata with Naruto chuckling.

"Agreed. Maybe I'll get lucky this time though," said Naruto before walking over to the cake with his children telling him to blow out the candles and make a wish.

Though if he was honest with himself...Naruto had everything he needed and didn't want anything else.


(Omake-Naruto's Wish Granted)

"Happy Birthday Naruto-kun," said Hinata with Naruto smiling and kissing her on the lips.

"Thanks Hinata-chan. Being with you, my other wives, all of my children, and my friends I've made over the years is the best birthday I could ever ask for," replied Naruto with the cake being rolled out by Bee.

"Hey! Its Bee with the cake and no the icing isn't fake. No lady is going to rise so all you ladies in the room don't despise," said Bee with everyone groaning at his rapping.

"You need to wish him to stop rapping," said Hinata with Naruto nodding.

"I've tried that already. That's the one wish I can get granted," said Naruto with a sigh.

"Damn," whispered Hinata with Naruto chuckling.

"Agreed. Maybe I'll get lucky this time though," said Naruto before walking over to the cake with his children telling him to blow out the candles and make a wish.

And decided to wishing for Bee to not rap. Just for the Hell of it.

"So what did you wish for. Was it good or bad?" asked Bee before he looked shocked like everyone else that he wasn't rapping.

"He didn't rap!" exclaimed Anko while pointing dramatically at Bee.

"What the Hell? I want to rap damn it! AHHH! I'm talking like a normal person. AH!" exclaimed Bee falling to his knees and crying at the horror of his rapping career going down the drain.

"Holy crap! Its the end of the world!" exclaimed Kankuro before jumping out the nearest window.

"Your wish worked Naruto-kun," whispered Hinata while seeing Bee begin weeping and Yugito doing a little dance.

"Yeah. Just don't let Bee hear you say that or else you'll be turning my birthday into my funeral," Naruto whispered with Hinata letting out a giggle.

"Why must the world be cruel and take my rapping away from me?" whimpered a now depressed Bee while Yugito danced around happily and throwing around flowers.

As for Kankuro? one cared about Kankuro.

(End Omake)

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