"Where did the airplane go?"

Over the summer, my family went down to Disney World in Florida. The last time we had been down there was when my sister and I were really little. The second park we went to was Disney Hollywood Studios. When we first got to the park the first thing we did after going through the park entrance process, we got Fast Passes, little cards that let you go through a shorter line for a ride or attraction, for the Indiana Jones Stunt Show. Since we had time to kill before the Fast Pass entrance time for the show, we went to the Star Wars Star Tours ride. At the end of the ride, we passed through a Star Tours gift shop. First, we saw "Darth Goofy" dolls. Then, we passed by "Mickey-Wan Kenobi" dolls. My sister then asked, "So, what about the Princess Leia version of Minnie Mouse?" Sure enough, when we turned around, a Princess Minnie statue was sitting on a shelf above the checkout counter.

After taking a couple pictures, we went back to the stunt show to get good seats, even though we had the Fast Passes. When we were going through the line, I ran into a dividing bar that was about waist high. I told my dad, "If I wasn't a girl, that would have hurt much worse." When we got into the audience, I thought the seating arrangement seemed darker and closer to the stage. I thought, "The stage is probably closer since there is some new attraction being built between here and Star Tours, but why is there a roof over the audience?"

I looked onto the stage, which was set up for the scene where Indy takes the jewel and almost gets squashed by the boulder. I asked my mom, "Where did the airplane go? I thought they had a stunt involving an airplane at some point in this show." "I think that the airplane was part of another show here." "There was definitely an airplane here," I thought. First, the actors performed the scene that was set up and they explained how it worked while the scenery was being moved by two big tractors. The next scene they showed was Indy's fight and escape from the bandits in the town. The last scene that they did was the escape from the German camp, which included, of course, a German fighter airplane. My mom told me, "OK, I guess you were right about the airplane." I'm still surprised that I remembered that after not really remembering anything about Disney World except for what pictures show.