Which One Am I?

My first name is very common, as the Dursleys in the Harry Potter series would say. Back in the seventh grade, there were three Megans in my homeroom and my civics class, including myself. One of the other two Megans was also in my English class that year. We both have Irish last names that are close to each other alphabetically. In the eighth grade, one of my friends in gym class also happened to be named Megan. She also has an Irish last name, which coincidentally started with the letters Mc, like my last name. That way, our teacher could not call one of us Megan M., like we could in the seventh grade. But, in both grades, the situation for us always was: "Can anyone give me the correct answer? Megan, can you?" "Which Megan are you talking about?"

Lucy Pevensie was always my favorite character in the Narnia series. I sometimes wish that I could have been Lucy instead of Megan. I have a friend named Lucy in one of my classes, so I guess we would get confused if we were both Lucy. But, if I was Lucy and I did end up getting confused, I would probably wish my name was Bob. Maybe not Bob, actually, but I would want a less common name.